Chicago Outfit

The Chicago Outfit is still a major organized crime syndicate in the United States. The Chicago Outfit runs the Las Vegas casinos and use the cash flow for laundering their criminal profits. They control Vegas through the Nevada Gaming Commission and politicians like former Mayor of Las Vegas and defense attorney for the mobsters Oscar Goodman and his wife Carolyn Goodman who is the current Mayor of Vegas. The Chicago Mob have many organized crime associates who are Jewish and used as their front men to manage their businesses in Vegas and Hollywood like Frank Rosenthal who was from Chicago and ran various casinos in Nevada. They made a movie about it called Casino. The Jewish mobsters have always been subordinate to La Cosa Nostra which authorized their formation of Murder Inc. through their Commission. Most of the top Jewish gangsters like Mayer Lansky and even Al Capone served Italian bosses like Big Jim Colosimo. Louis Capone was a boss of the Jewish Mafia known as Murder Inc. The Capone family are really a branch of the Florentine House of Capponi which is currently headed up by Count Neri Capponi today. The Chicago Outfit is primarily owned by the Colonna family and Florentine noble families like the House of Medici and House of Capponi. John Roselli was a top gangster in the Chicago Mob. The Rosselli del Turco family are a Florentine nobility with Marchese Niccolo Rosselli del Turco as the current head. The Colonna family also own the Colombo crime family of New York City. Both the Colonna and Colombo names mean column. Hollywood is a joint operation infiltrated by the Chicago Outfit and Five Families. Albert Warner was a founder of Warner Bros. and married to Bessie Siegel who was likely a relative of Bugsy Siegel. Bugsy Siegel was a co-founder of Murder Inc. and was friends with Dorothy DiFrasso a member of Hollywood. Dorothy DiFrasso married Count Carlo Dentice di Frasso and she even introduced Bugsy Siegel with Benito Mussolini. The Frasso family are Sicilian nobility that have residences around Rome. The Five Families are competitors with the Chicago Outfit and also business associates at times. The Colombo crime family are the link between the two mafia factions.

The Chicago Outfit have alliances with the Mexican drug cartels which the Five Families are in competition with. The Chicago Mafia’s alliance with Mexican drug cartels is related to their owners relationship with cartel owners in Spain like the Aragon and FitzJames families. The Colonna family have family branches in Spain and ruled as Viceroys in Aragon, Valencia, and Catalonia. New York factions want a wall at the border to disrupt their networks. The Detroit Partnership work with both the Chicago and New York factions and the Balistrieri crime family are the Chicago Mob’s reinforcement. Several top Mexican bankers went to the University of Chicago like Agustin Carstens the Governor of the Bank of Mexico and Francisco Gil Diaz the former Mexican Secretary of Finance. The Clinton and Obama families are in league with the Chicago Outfit and that is why Barack Obama was a professor at the University of Chicago. Rahm Emanuel is a front man politician for the mob as the Mayor of Chicago and former Chief of Staff under Obama. Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago. Barack Obama was president under the ATF’s Project Gunrunner which ended up supplying weapons to the Mexican Mafia and drug cartels which were used in various murders of Mexican citizens. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed by cartel associates and weapons found related to the crime traced back to the ATF’s Operation Gunrunner also called Fast and Furious. The Chicago Outfit operate in Arizona which is located next to Las Vegas. This is why the city of Tucson, Arizona is really named after Tuscany. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, Italy. There is a Florence, Arizona about 40 miles north of Tucson. The Florentine nobility run the Chicago Outfit and the remnant of the Jewish Mafia. The Chicago Outfit is involved in weapons, drugs, and human trafficking across the US-Mexican border. John DiFronzo is a top boss of the Chicago Outfit along with his brother Peter DiFronzo. Joseph Andriacchi acts as a consigliere. John DiFronzo owns car dealerships in Chicago. They use car dealerships for concealing stolen vehicles used for criminal trafficking and for obtaining dealer plates which makes it easier to move around stolen vehicles. The Italian Mafia are also involved in waste disposal and construction companies which are both used for disposing of bodies.

Osorio Crime Syndicate

The House of Osorio are a very powerful criminal nobility in Spain that have major influences and family branches in Mexico and all over South America. The Osorio family have princely ancestry that goes back to the 12th century. They are intermarried with the Spanish royal family as well as Italian, Papal, and Spanish nobility. Marquis Manuel Luis Osorio gave the name to the city of Osorio in Brazil which has the largest wind farm in Latin America. Don Joaquin Osorio gave the name to the city of Acatlan de Osorio in Puebla Mexico. Mariano Osorio was a former Governor of Chile and Spanish general. Oscar Osorio Hernandez was a former fascist President of El Salvador and was educated in Italy and was a Grand Cross Knight of the Italian Order of Merit. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong is Mexico’s Secretary of Interior today. The Spanish and Italian nobility still have a great deal of control over Latin America and they are the ones covertly financing, managing, and enabling the organized crime and drug cartels which they are profiting from. They are the ones directing the Mexican billionaires to make criminal pay offs and finance groups like Antifa. The Osorio and Borja families control MS13 which were founded in El Salvador. Spanish nobility have part ownership of the Mexican Mafia. Alvaro Alfredo Magan Borja was a former President of El Salvador and the Borja family are currently the Dukes of Escalona and Dukes of Frias in Spain. Spanish nobility use MS13 as the Mexican Mafia’s street soldiers inside the United States. The Society of Jesus was founded in Spain by the former Spanish soldier Ignatius of Loyola. The Jesuits were financed by the monarchs of Spain and Portugal to Romanize and Christianize South America known as the Jesuit Reductions. These Jesuit settlements were communistic and the Jesuits and Black Nobility profited off of the natives who were put to work on plantations.

The House of Osorio have a non princely branch in Portugal and today the very wealthy Antonio Horta Osorio is a Portuguese banker and the Group Chief Executive of the Scottish based Lloyds Banking Group which has assets estimated at 817 billion. Prince Carlo Massimo of the Black Nobility is married to Princess Elisa Osorio of Moscoso Estagna from the Osorio of Moscoso grandee line that hold Galician titles as the Marquis of Astorga. Amancio Ortega is from Galicia Spain and is worth over 70 billion and owns Inditex with a store chain called Massimo Dutti. Amancio Ortega partly serves the House of Osorio as a Court Factor and they are working closely with the Italian House of Massimo. Amancio Ortega has made large donations to the Caritas Internationalis located at the Vatican City. Inditex is being used for laundering the Spanish nobility’s profits from their organized crime operations in Mexico and South America. Don Juan Miguel Osorio and Bertran di Lis is the head of the House of Osorio today and a businessman involved with horse racing. There are various members of the House of Osorio like Don Jose Maria Ruiz of Bucesta and Osorio of Moscoso and their bloodline is mixed in with most of the Spanish noble lines. Don Juan Miguel Osorio and Bertran is the Duke of Alburquerque which uses a dragon on its coat of arms. Don Juan Osorio’s mother was from the Bertran family. Bertran is a variant of Beltran. The Osorio family have ownership of the Beltran-Leyva Cartel which operate in the Sinaloa region which was settled by the Jesuits. They also have a portion of ownership of the Sinaloa Cartel as well which has a criminal network going into Albuquerque, New Mexico named after the Osorio’s Dukedom of Albuquerque in Spain. O-Sorio may refer to the Latin word Sauri for lizard. Their Ducal coat of arms uses a dragon and their family coat of arms uses wolves. The dragon symbolizes imperial authority and that is why their family members have governed all over Latin America.


Bourbon Crime Syndicate

King Felipe VI of Spain is the head of the Order of Montesa which is the continuation of the Knights Templar of Aragon. The Knights Templar Cartel in Mexico and others are controlled by the House of Bourbon and other Spanish nobility with Italian connections like the Osorio, Aragona-Escobar, Borja, and FitzJames-Alba families. Drug cartels are drug merchants and the Templars were also merchants and bankers. When Pope Benedict XVI visited Mexico the Knights Templar Cartel welcomed him. MS-13 is like a branch of the Mexican Mafia and they operate in the United States ruthlessly serving their interests. Luis Flores founded the Mexican Mafia. Flores means a flower. The Bourbon family use the “fleur-de-lis” on their coat of arms. Fleur means flower. Mexico is controlled by Spain and some Italian-Spanish nobility like the Gaetani, Colonna, Massimo, and Ruspoli families. Jeb Bush was the former governor of Florida and Duke Francisco de Borbon of Seville was the CEO of the Bank of Miami. Jeb Bush is a 4th degree Knight of Columbus and his wife Columba Bush is from Guanajuato Mexico where the Knights Templar Cartel are located. The House of Bourbon established Banco Santander under Queen Isabella II which has over 1.3 trillion in assets and owns its subsidiary Santander Bank in the United States. Louis Alphonse Bourbon the Duke of Anjou is a French-Spanish banker and the great grandson of Francisco Franco. Louis’s father in law is Victor Vargas who owns Banco Occidental de Descuento with 17 billion in assets. Francisco Franco the 2nd Lord of Meiras, Spain is another grandson of the dictator and just as wicked.

George Bush owns large amounts of property in Texas near the border. King Juan Carlos of Spain spent Thanksgiving at the Bush ranch several years back. The Bush family are working with the House of Bourbon and use their power and wealth to assist the cartels and Mexican Mafia in trafficking drugs, weapons, and humans across the border. Former president Vincente Fox was Jesuit educated. The Jesuits settled in Sinaloa where one of the largest crime syndicates the Sinaloa Drug Cartel is located. King Felipe VI was Jesuit educated at Georgetown in Washington DC. The political leaders in Mexico are deeply connected with the Vatican and Spanish Crown. Organized crime is involved with trafficking women and children. The Mexican Mafia and MS-13 are also connected with a Satanic Aztec cult of blood drinkers that are inside the United States and involved with a child kidnapping ring. In Spain an estimated 300,000 babies were stolen from Roman Catholic Spanish hospitals under Franco and the House of Bourbon. The House of Bourbon traffic babies. The Bourbon family own the Gulf Cartel and are working with their cousins the French House of Orleans which own the New Orleans crime family. They have a criminal trafficking network from Mexico through the Gulf of Mexico to New Orleans, Louisiana. They are ruthless criminals and nothing more.

The Spanish House of Bourbon is intermarried with Italian Black Nobility and Holy Roman nobility like the House of Battenberg and House of Habsburg-Lorraine. Juan Carlos’ father Count Juan of Barcelona was born in Rome. The royal families are all working together to dominate over society. When the people of Spain wanted to get rid of the monarch the royal families propped up the fascist dictator Francisco Franco whose revolt caused a civil war and he then reestablished the House of Bourbon as the rulers of Spain. They use war and chaos to regain their control or their order. The Latin phrase Ordo ab Chao is the motto of the Freemasons and it means Order out of Chaos. Juan Carlos even shot and killed his older brother to steal the Spanish Crown. When the Bourbon family started getting exposed like this Juan Carlos stepped down and they passed many fascist laws restricting freedom of speech. Alumbrados is the Spanish word for Illuminati and they existed more than two hundred years before the Bavarian Illuminati and were connected with the Jesuits. The Spanish royal family also controls the Latin Kings in the United States and finance criminals and gang stalkers. A man named Jose Francisco Ruiz or his street name Bigs is an associate of the Latin Kings and a paid off gang stalker. He has a reaper tattoo on his arm and is a paid killer. King Felipe VI of Spain holds the official title of King of Jerusalem and this makes him very high level.

Members of the criminal Spanish House of Bourbon include King Juan Carlos I of Bourbon, Queen Sofia of Spain, Duchess Pilar of Bourbon, Duchess Margarita of Bourbon, Duke Carlos of Zurita, King Felipe VI of Bourbon, Queen Letizia of Spain, Duchess Elena of Bourbon, Princess Cristina of Bourbon, Duchess Simoneta of Gomez-Acebo and Bourbon, Prince Luis Beltran of Gomez-Acebo and Bourbon, Prince Bruno of Gomez-Acebo and Bourbon, Prince Fernando of Gomez-Acebo and Bourbon, Prince Alfonso of Zurita and Bourbon, Duchess Maria Sofia Emilia Carmen of Zurita and Bourbon, Prince Felipe of Marichalar and Bourbon, Duchess Maria Cecilia Walford-Hawkins and Bourbon, Donna Mary Helen Walford-Hawkins and Bourbon, Don John James Walford-Hawkins and Bourbon, Don Michael Walford-Hawkins and Bourbon, Don Francis Walford-Hawkins and Bourbon, Don Hugh Walford-Hawkins and Bourbon, Duke Alfonso of Bourbon and Sanchiz, 4th Duke of Santa Elena, Duke Francisco of Bourbon and Escasany 5th Duke of Seville, Prince Francisco of Bourbon and Hardenberg, Princess Olivia of Bourbon and Hardenberg, Duke Alfonso Carlos of Bourbon and Escasany, Duke Louis Alphonse of Bourbon-France, Duchess Marie Marguerite of Bourbon-France, Princess Alejandra of Bourbon and Yordi, Prince Alfonso of Bourbon and Yordi, and Prince Enrique of Bourbon and Lobez.