GoodFellas and Armageddon

Prince Nicolo Boncompagni-Ludovisi is a top authority in Rome and a part owner of the Italian Mafia. Prince Alessandrojacopo Boncompagni-Ludovisi is another member of this family and he runs the Fiorano Wine Company. The Ludovisi coat of arms uses a golden dragon as a symbol and their Pope Gregory XIII’s coat of arms is displayed at the Vatican Museum. Gold and dragons are symbols for imperialism and the gold dragon is also on the Greek royal family’s coat of arms. The Ludovisi family’s ancestors were likely the Isaurian Dynasty of the Byzantine. Sauri is an Italian word for lizard. Gold finances empires. Pope Gregory XIII or Ugo Boncompagni purchased the Duchy of Sora for his family to govern over. The Boncompagni family frequently married in with the Sforza and Chigi families and through marriage with the Ludovisi family established the current Boncompagni-Ludovisi line. The Ludovisi family ruled over Venosa. The Casalesi Camorra Mafia clan in Italy have influences in Sora and one of their factions was ran by a man named Raffaele Venosa. The founder of the Casalesi Mafia Clan was from Caserta right near Sora. Prince Nicolo Boncompagni-Ludovisi is an owner of the Casalesi Clan which create a defense around Rome and a defense for the Casamonica and Magliana Mafias. The Casalesi Mafia are believed to be one of the wealthiest Camorra clans. Police have seized billions of their assets and estimate their overall earnings around 30 billion. These larger earnings go to their owners. The name Bon-Compagni means “Good Company” or “Good Fellows” since Compagno is translated to fellow in English. Boncompagni is where the term Goodfellas derives from which means a gangster or made man in the Italian Mafia. They made a major Hollywood movie glorifying the Italian Mafia called Goodfellas. The Boncompagni-Ludovisi family are part owners of the Bonanno crime family in New York City and have used the former San Jose crime family in California to set up some criminal operations in Texas. Vincent Badalamenti is a top boss of the Bonanno crime family and he is truly evil.

Prince Niccolo married Rita Jenrette and she is an American actress and real estate executive who sold the General Motors building to Donald Trump. Her family is from Texas and they own an oil company and are considered ancestors of the American Founding Fathers. Prince Nicolo Boncompagni-Ludovisi has been given authority over Texas through Rome’s network of power and is the one commanding Infowars and Alex Jones. Alex Jones former father in law is Edmund Lowe Nichols who worked at the US embassy in Rome and was knighted by the Italian president. Alex Jones is an FBI COINTELPRO agent operating under the FBI’s Project Megiddo which was a report about apocalyptic cults and militias and their response to Y2K. Alex Jones did a live video broadcast on Y2K claiming that the Russians were attacking, nuclear plants were being shut down, and basically claimed that society was collapsing. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh wrote Project Megiddo and is a devout Roman Catholic and US-Italian dual citizen. Alex Jones has had the Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan as guest on his show. Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley is a frequent guest on Infowars and is a Knight of Malta, Knight of the Order of St. John, and was a member of the Roman Catholic Mass Media Commission. Alex Jones went from being a fake Libertarian that told some truths into becoming an extreme right wing fascist pushing political division. Prince Nicolo Boncompangi-Ludovisi is pure evil and he has been using Infowars and other COINTELPRO controlled Alternative Media to try and instigate a civil war in the United States and bring about Armageddon.

Ruspoli Crime Cartel

The Ruspoli family is one of the most wicked criminal bloodlines and they are part owners of the Vatican with princely titles all over Italy and Spain. The family claims to have ancestry from Scotland through their Marescotti lineage and they have some covert authority over Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Ruspoli family are also intermarried with the Giustiniani, Corsini, and Massimo families and are involved with Italian banking and military. Many members of the Ruspoli family are Knights of Malta. Prince Alessandro Ruspoli was the a direct descendent of the Mattarazzo family of Brazil. The Mattarazzo family originated in Italy before immigrating to Brazil. Count Francisco Matarazzo founded Industrias Reunidas Matarazzo S.A which was one of the largest companies in Brazil and Prince Alessandro “Dado” Ruspoli inherited a portion of its wealth through his mother Claudia de Conti Mattarazzo. The Ruspoli family have some authority over the South American drug cartels through former princes like Marcantonio Mario Ruspoli III of Brazil and Don Carlo Maurizio Ruspoli of Argentina. Prince Dado Ruspoli was also an actor and in the movie Godfather III which is one of the many examples of Hollywood glorifying the Italian Mafia. Tao Ruspoli who is the son of Dado Ruspoli is in the entertainment industry and was married to the actress Olivia Wilde. Dado’s other son Bartolomeo Ruspoli not to be confused with his cousin also named Bart Ruspoli from London is married into the Getty family which established Getty Oil Company. Jean Paul Getty was considered the wealthiest man in America in his time and they descend from the founder of Gettysburg. The British knight banker and multi millionaire Mark Getty was born in Rome. Forbes estimates the Getty family’s wealth at over 5 billion. The official head of the Ruspoli family Prince Francesco Ruspoli is married to Angelica Visconti Ferragamo of the wealthy Ferragamo family. The House of Ruspoli are intermarried with Brazilian, Italian, and American billionaires. Prince Francesco Ruspoli is friends with the Sturdza family of Romania and they own a bank in Switzerland called Banque Eric Sturdza.

Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli-Marescotti was a top executive for Banca Romana and worked under the Italian Bank of the South. Prince Lilio was also the Italian High Commissioner of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and ambassador for the SMOM. Marquis Luis Ruspoli who died in 2011 was a Knight of Malta and Duke Carlos Ruspoli of Alcudia and Sueca who died in 2016 was also a Knight of Malta. The Ruspoli family have two grape vines on their coat of arms. Grapes and wine are often used as metaphors for blood by the Illuminati. The Roman Catholic Church drinks wine as a metaphor for the “Blood of Christ” and the Illuminati really do drink human blood and adrenochrome. The Ruspoli family are deeply involved with satanic ritual abuse and mind control. The Blumenthal and Lichnowsky families of the Holy Roman Empire use the same grape vines on their coat of arms and likely have a blood relation with the House of Ruspoli. The Ruspoli family are also all honorary princes of the Holy Roman Empire. They financed and ran small military regiments for the Vatican to gain higher level nobility. Don Enrique Jaime Ruspoli is a Count of Banares in Spain and Princess Giacinta Ruspoli holds titles in Spain as well. The Ruspoli family are married with the Spanish Houses of Bourbon, Alvarez, and Arteaga. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia and her son Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia were born in Spain and reside there today covertly serving the Ruspoli family. Russia takes its name from Rus. Russia is Ruspoli territory. The word Ruse derives from the Ruspoli family because they are highly deceptive. Donald Trump’s “Russian Collusion” is a ruse and distraction from Trump’s Roman Collusion. The Members of the extremely wicked Ruspoli crime family include Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli, Prince Francesco Ruspoli, Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, Tao Ruspoli, Bart Ruspoli, and Don Enrique Jaime Ruspoli, 19th Count of Banares.

Unholy Armies of the Vatican

Benito Mussolini established the Vatican City as a nation in 1929 through the Lateran Treaty. Mussolini was the head of the Fascist regime in Italy which was unified with the German Nazis. Both the Italian Fascists and German Nazis used the Roman salute from ancient Rome which is now known as the Nazi salute. In 1933 the Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen signed the Reichskonkordat with the Vatican under Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli and he later became Pope as Pius XII. The House of Pacelli were architects of Nazism and today this family is headed up by Prince Francesco Pacelli, Prince Filippo Pacelli, and Princess Giorgia Pacelli. The Pacelli family made connections with the Black Nobility and Vatican and then later were granted their princely titles and ownership of the Palazzo gia Lavaggi Pacelli in Rome. The Nazi Franz von Papen was also a Roman Knight of Malta and a Vatican Knight of Order of Pope Pius X. Adolf Hitler was quoted while referring to Himmler as “my Ignatius of Loyola.” Ignatius Loyola was a co-founder and the first Superior General of the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus or Jesuits. The Nazi’s Schutzstaffel was structured off the Jesuit’s ideology of absolute obedience to its leader or general.

The Vatican planned and enabled the escape of the Nazis and Fascists in Europe known as the Nazi Ratlines at the Vatican City State and worked with Fascists in Spain. The Vatican used its connections with Switzerland to obtain fake passports and identifications for the Nazis and Fascists to flee to Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and especially to South America and to Argentina where Pope Francis was born. The OSS and CIA Operation Paperclip brought Nazis into the Untied States and this was overseen by CIA founder William Donovan who was a Vatican Knight of the Order of St. Sylvester and Knight of the British Empire. Joseph Ratzinger or Pope Benedict XIV was a Nazi youth member and there has been evidence removed that suggests that Pope John Paul II worked for IG Farben which produced the deadly gas Zyklon B for the Nazis. The Italian Fascists were the basis for the German Nazis and Italian royalty and nobility directly involved with the Fascists include the Savoy, Torlonia, Borghese, Pacelli, and Ruffo di Calabria families. The Savoy family put Benito Mussolini into power. The Torlonia family rented out their palace in Rome to Mussolini. Junio Valerio Borghese was a Naval Commander under Fascist Italy and Fulco Ruffo di Calabria was an Italian Senator under the Fascist regime.

The British Crown established modern Israel after it seized Palestine during WWI and through its migration contracts under British law of “Mandatory Palestine” with the World Zionist Organization which was headed up by French and Swiss Zionists. Prince Edward VIII was a Nazi supporter. The British royal family are involved with both Nazis and Zionists. Napoleon Bonaparte was the first modern political Zionist who proclaimed for all “Jews” to settle in Jerusalem. Christian Crusaders were the first group to attempt to dominate Jerusalem. Zion is a hill in Jerusalem which represents a military stronghold. Crusaders were Christian Zionists. Buckingham palace is a royal court and the British Rothschild family serve the House of Windsor. Alan Greenspan was a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and is a Knight of the British Empire and Knight of the Bonaparte’s Legion of Honour. The Roman Curia is the Papal Court and the French Rothschild family work under the Black Nobility which they are intermarried with. It is the Roman Catholic King of Spain that holds the official title of “King of Jerusalem” today. The Spanish Fascists fought along side the Nazis known as the Blue Volunteer Division. Other claimants to the title of King of Jerusalem include Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy, Patrick Guinness the Count of Neuchatel, Prince Charles-Antoine Lamoral de Ligne, and Archduke Karl von Habsburg.

Section 1 of Article 10 in the 1993 Fundamental Agreement Between The Holy See and the State of Israel states “The Holy See and the State of Israel jointly reaffirm the right of the Catholic Church to property.” Section 1 of Article 3 states “The Holy See and the State of Israel recognize that both are free in the exercise of their respective rights and powers, and commit themselves to respect this principle in their mutual relations and in their cooperation for the good of the people.” The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is a Vatican knighthood founded during the first crusade under the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem was reestablished in 1847 before the State of Israel as a continuation of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Today the Vatican which is the smallest nation on the planet owns large amounts of property in Jerusalem and based on their agreement it suggests they operate as sovereigns in their estates since their agreement says they have the right to property and exercise power. Section 3 of Article 3 in the Holy See and State of Israel Agreement states “Concerning Catholic legal personality at canon law the Holy See and the State of Israel will negotiate on giving it full effect in Israeli law, following a report from a joint subcommission of experts.” The ‘it” in this section is referring to Canon Law. This seems to say their intent is to implement Canon Law through Israeli Law.

The Pacelli family originated as a nobility from Viterbo near the region of Tuscany and Siena. Viterbo had a large Jewish population which was banished by Pope Pius V around 1569. The Pacelli family were premeditatedly brought into Rome for the purpose of making an alliance between the Nazis and Vatican. They work for higher level Black Nobility like the Medici, Pallavicini, and Lucchesei-Palli families which all have connections with Tuscany. They are also in alliance with the Chigi family of Siena which is near Viterbo. Viterbo was closely connected with the Vatican and the Orsini family ruled as dukes in that region. The Galli-Zugaro family likely originated from Gallese, Viterbo and the family shares a similar coat of arms with the city’s flag of a rooster. Baron Emilio Galli-Zugaro was a former recent head of Allianz Group which is an international insurance company that worked with Nazi Germany. The Nazis originated in Austria where the Pallavicini family established a branch. The Milanese branch of the Pallavicini family converted to Islam and their name Pallavicini originates from Parthia and their lineage originates from the Parthian royalty. Pahlav is the old Persian variant of Parthia. The Pahlavi Dynasty ruled Iran in the 20th century and were the continuation of the remnant of the ancient Persian royalty.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the last Shah of Iran and a Vatican Knight of the Order of the Golden Spur. Palestinians are mostly Persians taking their name from Pahlav as well. Rudolf von Sebottendorf was a convert to Islam, Islamic mystic or Sufi, Freemason and founder of the Thule Society which influenced the Nazi ideology. Amin al-Husseini was the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Muslim. The Pallavicini family have a British branch using the variant Paravicini and are married with British Peers. During WWII Adolf Hitler met with Amin al-Husseini and incorporated him and his following into the Nazis. This is why today Hamas and Hezballah use the Nazi salute. Hitler created Hamas and Hezballah which branched off from the Nazi’s Azerbaijani Legions. The leaders behind these Nazi-Islamic groups are Arab-Persians and they set up Palestinian Persians to be killed by IDF in order to cause conflict. The Pallavicini family formerly ruled as the Marquisate of Bodonitsa in Greece. The royal family of Norway are the House of Glucksburg which ruled Greece. Norwegian representatives mediated the agreement between Palestine and Israel known as the Oslo Accords as well as the Vatican and Israeli agreement. The creators of Zionism and Nazism which are the royal and noble families want a holy war centered around Jerusalem between Talmudic-Fascists and Shariah-Fascists and then to rebuild their Universal-Catholic Canon temple in Jerusalem out of that chaos.

Engineers of War (Knights of Malta)

The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is located in Rome at the Palazzo Malta. The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations. The SMOM also has extraterritoriality within Italy similar to an embassy. The Knights of Malta and Orders of Saint John are the engineers of war. Many members of the royal families and heads of constitutional monarchies are members of the SMOM. What makes the SMOM different than all other knighthoods is that it is a sovereign entity. The SMOM has a higher authority than the Vatican. Members include Juan Carlos of Spain, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Karl von Habsburg of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Paola of Belgium, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy Prince of Naples, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Elizabeth von Thurn and Taxis, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, Prince Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz and Prince Jaime Count of Bardi. The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is a Knight of Malta. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of the island of Malta and she runs the related Protestant branch called the Order of Saint John. The Bailiwick of Brandenburg Order of Saint John also related to the Knights of Malta is ran by Prince Oscar of Hohenzollern-Prussia. Peter Freiherr of Furstenberg is Vice President of the German Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Prince Carlo Massimo is President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta and is covertly overseeing the SMOM. Prince Carlo Massimo is extremely militant and murderous. The Massimo family are part owners of the Holy See and Order of Malta. The Austrian Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein is the current acting leader of the SMOM. The Massimo, Torlonia, Lucchesi-Palli, Pallavicini, and Odescalchi families control the Order of Malta and grant a form of “sovereignty” in society to high level members like the monarchs. The Austrian Nobility are in league with the Italian Nobility. The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta is a top military council in the world. Members include Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Hospitaller Dominique Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, and Receiver of Common Treasury Count Janos Esterhazy de Galantha. Rochefoucauld is a name of French Peerage. The Esterhazy family is a Roman Catholic Austrian Nobility. Prince Erich von Lobkowicz is President of the Association of German Knights. The Austrian Nobility have always been connected with the SMOM and most of them are Roman Catholic. Prince Galeas von Thun und Hohenstein was a former Grandmaster of the Order of Malta.

William F. Buckley Jr. was a Knight of Malta and Conservative political commentator in the US. Pat Buchanan is another Conservative political commentator and Knight of Malta. J. Peter Grace was an American businessman, politician, member of the Council for National Policy and a Knight of Malta. The Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen was a Knight of Malta. The Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen was a Knight of Malta. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only officially known Knight of Malta that has been President of the United States. The Knight of Malta Joseph Schmitz was Inspector General for the Department of Defense under George Bush and also an executive for the private military company Blackwater Worldwide now renamed Academi. Joseph Schmitz was a professor at Jesuit Georgetown and worked as a political adviser for Donald Trump during his election campaign. The founder of Blackwater Erik Prince is a suspected Knight of Malta. Other Knights of Malta include former CIA Directors John A. McCone, William J. Casey, and William Colby who was nicknamed the “warrior priest”. The Knights of Malta have a hidden operation at Georgetown and work with the Society of Jesus in overseeing the US Pentagon. Joseph Kennedy was a Knight of Malta and married Vatican Countess Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy of the Irish Fitzgerald nobility. Adrian FitzGerald is a Knight of Malta and ran the Irish Association of the Order of Malta.

The Knight of Malta Alexander Haig was a US Army General, US Secretary of State under Ronald Regan, and White House Chief of Staff under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Haig was also Jesuit educated from Georgetown University. He was the one covertly running the Pentagon and White House during the 70’s and 80’s. The CIA was founded by William Donovan who was nicknamed the “father of central intelligence” and he was knighted by two Vatican orders and likely a Knight of Malta. Jesuit educated CIA Directors include; Robert Gates, George Tenet, Leon Panetta, Michael Morell, David Petraeus and John Brennan and they are overseen by the Order of Malta. The Jesuit Order was established by the Farnese family under Pope Paul III or Alessandro Farnese through the papal bull called Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae (Military Regiment of the Church). The House of Farnese lived in a pentagonal fortress called the Farnese Caprarola. The Farnese bloodline evolved into the Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Bourbon-Parma families. The Vatican and the Knights of Malta are deeply involved with the US military and intelligence. The Knights of Malta oversee the Sacred Constantinian Military Order of St. George headed up by the Knight of Maltas Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma and they oversee the Jesuits. The Knights of Malta are the engineers of war and there is an American Association of the Order of Malta with Peter J. Kelly as the President, Richard D. Milone as the Chancellor, and James F. O’Connor as the Treasurer.

Greco-Roman Merchant Marine

It is former Greek nobility that dominate over the global shipping industry and they work closely with British Peers and London merchants. The Greek’s monopoly on shipping is known as the Greek Merchant Marine. Some top Greek marine merchant families include the Onassis, Livanos, Latsis, Mavroleon, Constantakopoulos, Kulukundis, Vagliano and Niarchos families. Eddie Kulukundis is a Greek-British merchant marine owner of Rethymnis and Kulukundis Ltd. Spiros Latsis is a London educated Greek billionaire banker whose father Yiannis Latsis ran a massive merchant, shipping, and banking company called Latsis Group which still operates out of Greece, London, and Switzerland. The family also created the Latsis Foundation. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation is a charity front used for making criminal payoffs disguised as donations and grants like most major charity organizations. Spyros Niarchos and Philip Niarchos are the heads of this family today. Georgios Vernicos is a London educated Greek politician and businessmen running a large Yachting company. Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece worked for Charles R. Weber, a ship-brokerage firm located in Greenwich, Connecticut.

The brothers Vardis Vardinogiannis and Yiorgos Vardinogiannis are wealthy Greek businessmen involved in the oil, shipping, and energy industries. John Angelicoussis runs a large shipping company and is worth over 2 billion. Georgios Ekonomou is a billionaire and CEO of DryShips Inc. located in Greece. The Angelicoussis are a Greek shipping family that later established themselves in London. Leon Patitsas is the British-Greek owner of Atlas Maritime an oil shipping company. Many Greek merchant families are really ancestors of Arab-Turkish invaders that have blended into the Greek culture after the Byzantine nobility migrated to Venice. The Greek Merchant Marine companies are covertly involved in the Black Market and use the Greek Mafias to carry out criminal activities involved with shipping like illegal arms, drugs, and human trafficking. They enable the mafias to do the dirty work. In the United States the Velentzas crime family and Greek Philly Mob work with La Cosa Nostra. Velentzas may refer to the Latin word Velum which means a sail. The Velentzas crime family manage criminal operations at the ports.

The International Maritime Organization is headquartered in London today with Efthymios Mitropoulos as a recent Greek born Director of the IMO. The International Maritime Law Institute is located on the Island of Malta a commonwealth of the United Kingdom and is an agency of the United Nations for the purpose of training marine merchants in maritime law. Maritime Law is the law of the seas and has been governed by monarchs that authorize and fund marine merchants and explorers. On the island of Malta is Fort Satin Angelo a former Knights of Malta base that included a military port and today Fort Saint Angelo is sovereign from the Government of Malta today. The Knights of Malta and Order of St. John oversee Maritime Law. The reason that the Venetian nobility dominated over shipping and trade for centuries was because they were Greek-Byzantine merchants that moved their operations to Venice and also to Genoa. Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark went to Hellenic College of London and worked as an investment banker also in London. The Greek royal family oversee the Greek marine merchants. They also oversee the Greek fraternal orders and use them for recruiting agents. Greek fraternities are secret societies.

The Giustiniani family are one of the top Venetian-Genoese banking and merchant families and also involved with the Vatican and Black Nobility. The Giustiniani family are a continuation of the Justinian Dynasty which ruled the Byzantine Empire. The Italian word Giusto means Good or Just. The Pallavicini family are also a top banking and merchant nobility that has married with Venetian bankers. During the Crusades in Greece the Pallavicini family ruled as the Marquisate of Bodonitsa located in Greece near Athens. The Italian Pallavicini family married in with the Cromwell family creating the variant Paravicini. More recently Camilla Paravicini married Greek merchant mariner Manuel Basil Mavroleon with Charles Vincent Somerset Paravicini as a current member of this family. The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea is headquartered at Montego Bay in Jamaica. It was Oliver Cromwell that conquered Jamaica from the Spanish for the English Crown. Horatio Pallavicino was a North Italian banker who financed the English Crown’s shipping and naval enterprises and several of his children married Oliver Cromwell’s children. Greece is Pallavicini and Giustiniani territory through their Byzantine ancestry.

Technocratic Mafia of Rome

The Odescalchi family are a top bloodline of the Black Nobility with princely titles and palaces in Rome, Italy, and Hungary. They are the Dukes of Syrmia in Hungary and still have a castle in Croatia. They hold titles in Como, Italy and established a wealthy bank in Genoa. The House of Odescalchi is involved with the Roman Catholic Church producing Pope Innocent XI or Benedetto Odescalchi as well as several Catholic bishops. Pope Innocent XI freed Jewish prisoners in Venice and then also banned Jewish banks from making loans which benefitted his family’s Genoese bank. It was believed that Pope Innocent XI and his family’s bank financed William of Orange who overthrew King James II. Henry Sydney, 1st Earl of Romney was the one who wrote and negotiated the terms with William of Orange. The name Romney means Roman. The Dutch invasion occurred under Pope Innocent XI’s reign. The Protestant Dutch House of Orange-Nassau are currently intermarried with the north Italian Bourbon-Parma family and have close connections with Rome and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. The Odescalchi family were involved with Italian Jesuit factions and were also opposed to the Spanish Jesuits.

Carlo Odescalchi was the son of the Odescalchi and Giustiniani princely banking families and ruled as the Archbishop of Ferrara, the Grand Prior of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Judge of the Roman Rota, and then later became a member of the Society of Jesus. The Odescalchi family are working closely with the Pallavicini family to this day. The Pallavicini family were bankers from Genoa which merged a family branch with the Rospigliosi Papal nobility, and also established a principality in the Austrian-Hungarian territory. The American Daniel Odescalchi is the president of Strategic Advantage International which is a political consulting firm that has done work for Hungarian politicians. The Odescalchi family own some Slovak mafias like the Cernakovci crime family as well as the Detroit Partnership which run the Teamsters unions currently headed up by James Hoffa. The Romney family are a political bloodline of Michigan and also involved with the auto industry. Mitt Romney’s father George Romney worked for American Motor Corporation which absorbed into Chrysler. The Romney family and Detroit Partnership’s agents in the teamsters extorted and manipulated the auto industry to cause the government bailout.

The family often uses the name Erba-Odescalchi for a family merger with the Erba family that ruled in the town of Cernobbio, Italy. I believe that CERN was cleverly named after Cernobbio which is on the Italian and Swiss border. Fabiola Gianotti is the Director General of CERN today and she was born in Rome. There have been various Austrian and Hungarian nuclear physicists like John von Neumann. The House of Odescalchi’s role from Rome is overseeing the development and use of advanced technologies and weapons in society. CERN is overseeing most of the particle accelerators around the world and Swiss bankers are financing them. There is a statue of Shiva at CERN. The nuclear physicist Robert Oppenheimer was involved in the development of nuclear technologies and the creation of the atomic bomb. Oppenheimer quoted Vishnu-Shiva stating “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Particle accelerators are a type of nuclear weapon that are enhancing gravity which is like magnetic pressure in the lower atmosphere. Along with HAARP they are able to direct these magnetic emissions over targeted areas. With HAARP and other similar tools controlled by the USAF they can ionize parts of the atmosphere. When the magnetism is released from a particle accelerator they can ionize pathways to move around this magnetic pressure through the vector.

The word gravity derives from the Latin word gravis which means weight or heavy. Scalchi in Ode-scalchi refers to scales which measure weight. Ode refers to poems and in ancient times odes were used along with harps. They are also using HAARP for individual and mass mind manipulation. HAARP antennas can ionize the atmosphere and also emit radio waves used for electronic harassment. The Pallavicini family of Austria have a statue holding a harp on their palace in Vienna. Prince Moroello della Vittoria Pallavicini and Prince Carlo Odescalchi can be seen socializing together. These families are targeting areas and individuals with magnetic pressure while they also radiate them with mind control frequencies. The actor and Scientologist Tom Cruise was married at the Odescalchi castle and serves them as a Knight of Malta. Scientology is involved with using electronic witchcraft on society through brain hacking software like GENESIS and NEURON operating through most modern electronics and smart devices. They are oppressors and dictators. Prince Carlo Odescalchi is the current head of the House of Odescalchi and his son Prince Baldassare Odescalch is active in his family’s criminal operations. Prince Carlo Odescalchi is a fascist tyrant.

Massimo Crime Family

Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio is a top owner of the Vatican and has high authority over the Sicilian Mafia like the Corleonisi Clan. The Massimo family use lions on their coat of arms like Corleone, Sicily uses a lion on its flag and the Massimo family frequently take the name Leone. Brancaccio is a neighborhood in Sicily where La Cosa Nostra originated named after the Brancaccio family that later merged with the Massimo family. The Massimo family are one of the oldest families of Rome and claim to be the ancient Fabii-Maximus dynasty. They likely have a portion of Maximus ancestry. The Fabii family were known for using the “scorched earth” military tactic in ancient Rome. Scorched Earth is a ruthless tactic where they burn everything down that can aid the enemy like food, resources, and people. The communist Fabian Society uses the wolf in sheep’s clothing as their logo. Fabii like Fabian. The Massimo family are married with various royal bloodlines including the House of Savoy, House of Bourbon, and House of Osorio of Galicia, Spain. The Osorio family use wolves on their coat of arms. Prince Carlo Massimo is married to Princess Elisa Osorio of Moscoso and Estagna. Amancio Ortega is from Galicia and he is works as a Court Factor for Spanish nobility including the Osorio family. Amancio Ortega is one of the wealthiest billionaires on the planet and worth more than 70 billion. He owns Inditex with the store chain called Massimo Dutti which is high end fashion. Prince Stefano Massimo married into the British Foxwell family and he is a fashion photographer and his mother was the English actress Dawn Addams. The Massimo family of Roccasecca own the Clerkenwell Mafia of London also called the Adams crime family. The district of Clerkenwell is known as London’s “Little Italy.” Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News is a Vatican Knight of the Order of St Gregory. Fox was covertly named for Foxwell. The fox is considered a cunning animal. Prince Valerio Massimo founded SCM Capital Partners and an aerospace company called Auctus Industries with Duke Edward Spencer-Churchill who is a relative of the Windsor family. The Massimo family and other Italian Nobility have deeply infiltrated the United Kingdom and work with the House of Windsor and some British Peers. The Massimo family has married in with the Lucchesi-Palli, Savoy-Genovese, and Bourbon families. All of these families are mafia owners. I believe the billionaire Bulgari family of Rome work for the Massimo family. The Bulgari family were recently investigated for tax evasion. They originated from Bulgaria which uses a coat of arms with two lions similar to the Massimo coat of arms. I believe the term Black in Black Nobility refers to the Black Sea along the eastern coast of Bulgaria. The words mass and bulge can be synonymous.

The House of Massimo is the nucleus of the Black Nobility. They are the primary owners of the Holy See corporation. The Massimo family control most of Cosa Nostra which pay dues back to them. Prince Carlo Massimo oversees the Sovereign Military Order of Malta as the President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta. The Order of Malta was involved in various wars and many top military and intelligence leaders in the United States like Alexander Haig, William Colby, and John McCone have been Knights of Malta. The Massimo family have authority over a faction of the Jesuits through their Massimiliano Massimo Institute in Rome. The Black Nobility use Jesuits as Roman intelligence and infiltrators. The Roman born Mario Draghi is President of the European Central Bank and Draghi was educated at the Massimo Institute. Black Nobility have control over vast wealth through private Swiss bank accounts. There are three members from Rome on the Bank for International Settlements’ Board of Directors including Mario Draghi, Fabio Panetta, and Ignazio Visco. Prince Giacomo Massimo worked at Banca Finnat located at the Palazzo Altieri in Rome. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican City State. Switzerland has a law enforcing private bank accounts. The Massimo family are at the core of the global crime syndicate and they are involved in every crime imaginable including war crimes, murder, extortion, threats, human trafficking, money laundering and more. The House of Massimo also run organized crime in Rome like the Magliana Mafia and were the ones behind the neo-fascist group Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari headed up by Massimo Carminati. This family has a portion of ownership over various mafias including the Corleonisi Clan, Magliana Mafia, Gambino crime family, Lanza crime family, Philly Mob, and Boston crime family. Most mafias pay dues back to the Massimo family through their Corleonisi Clan of Sicily. I believe the Massimo Palazzo has an underground tunnel connecting to the basement of the Vatican which is how they maintain control. Members of the House of Massimo include Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio, Prince Giacomo Leone Massimo-Brancaccio, Prince Carlo Massimo, Prince Stefano Massimo of Roccasecca, Prince Valerio Massimo of Roccasecca (Foxwell), Prince Cesare Massimo of Roccasecca, Princess Barbara Massimo-Brancaccio, and Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti II. Prince Giacomo Massimo-Brancaccio’s unnamed father is another high level member of this wicked family.