Robber Barons of the Red Shield

The Rothschild family are top bankers in society and own various investment firms and businesses and hold titles of nobility in France, Austria and the United Kingdom. Lynn Forester de Rothschild is CEO of E.L. Rothschild and her British knighted husband Evelyn de Rothschild is a financial adviser for Queen Elizabeth II. Their son David Mayer de Rothschild hypocritically pushes environmentalist propaganda used to oppress ordinary people while the rest of his family is involved in mining, corporate consumerism, banking monopolies, and forcing natives off their land. David Mayer de Rothschild can be seen wearing the red string Kabbalah bracelet for the Gevurah which represents anger, fire, and holocaust. Baron Jacob Rothschild is another British banker and Baron of Hertfordshire, England. His son Nathanael Rothschild resides in Switzerland and works as co-chairman of Asia Resource Minerals. Baron David Rene de Rothschild is the head of the French family branch and is Chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons as well as a top executive for companies like De Beers and Groupe Casino. De Beers is a diamond company. Jewelers are often involved in money laundering and criminal payoffs because jewelry does not really have a fixed value. They can manipulate the price for money laundering. His son Alexandre Guy Francesco de Rothschild is also an executive for N M Rothschild & Sons. David Rene de Rothschild’s wife is Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini of Roman Black Nobility. Eric de Rothschild is a British-French banker that manages and partly owns Paris Orleans holding company. Edouard de Rothschild is another French banker and head of the Rothschild & Cie Banque with David Rene de Rothschild as a senior partner. The House of Rothschild are used to monopolize wealth and use their banks for funneling cash through for pay offs to corrupt businessmen and politicians disguised as fake investments.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild holds an Austrian title of nobility today and is the head of Edmond de Rothschild Group along with his wife Ariane de Rothschild and they reside in Switzerland where there are banking secrecy laws. Benjamin de Rothschild partly owns Faro West Lobeke hunting company which has been involved in forcing natives off their land so they can hunt endangered species. Benjamin de Rothschild’s banks operate in Israel and he is managing secret bank accounts for the criminals running Israel. His great grandfather Baron Edmond James de Rothschild was premeditatedly involved in large land grabs in Palestine at the end of the 19th century and before the British Crown seized the land during WWI. The Rothschild family are married in with various Kabbalistic-Jewish bankers like the Goldsmith and Sassoon families. The wicked Rothschild family are propped up as the leaders of the global crime syndicate to deflect from the higher level royalty they work for and to shift all blame onto Jews as part of their Nazi agenda. There are thousands of videos on the internet claiming they own all the central banks and are worth 500 trillion dollars. The high level royal and noble families claim ownership over corporate governments and central banks and have been concealing trillions in private banks. The Rothschild family are one family among many. The Rothschild family are vaguely mentioned the “guardians of the papal treasure” in the Jewish Encyclopedia. Their name means “red shield.” Guardians and shields are not owners. They are Court Factors financing a shield for the royal bloodlines and Black Nobility. The British Rothschild family are barons and knights under the House of Windsor. I believe the Rothschild family were various banking families of northern Italy which merged to become one dynasty. The Bardi family of Florence that financed the English Crown with hundreds of thousands in gold which was never paid back appear to be part of the British Rothschild’s ancestry. The French Rothschild branch seems to be related to a mixture of Venetian and Genoese banking families. The French Rothschild family are married in with the Aldobrandini and Brandolini families of Italy and work for the Roman Curia.

Unholy Armies of the Vatican

Benito Mussolini established the Vatican City as a nation in 1929 through the Lateran Treaty. Mussolini was the head of the Fascist regime in Italy which was unified with the German Nazis. Both the Italian Fascists and German Nazis used the Roman salute from ancient Rome which is now known as the Nazi salute. In 1933 the Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen signed the Reichskonkordat with the Vatican under Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli and he later became Pope as Pius XII. The House of Pacelli were architects of Nazism and today this family is headed up by Prince Francesco Pacelli, Prince Filippo Pacelli, and Princess Giorgia Pacelli. The Pacelli family made connections with the Black Nobility and Vatican and then later were granted their princely titles and ownership of the Palazzo gia Lavaggi Pacelli in Rome. The Nazi Franz von Papen was also a Roman Knight of Malta and a Vatican Knight of Order of Pope Pius X. Adolf Hitler was quoted while referring to Himmler as “my Ignatius of Loyola.” Ignatius Loyola was a co-founder and the first Superior General of the Roman Catholic Society of Jesus or Jesuits. The Nazi’s Schutzstaffel was structured off the Jesuit’s ideology of absolute obedience to its leader or general.

The Vatican planned and enabled the escape of the Nazis and Fascists in Europe known as the Nazi Ratlines at the Vatican City State and worked with Fascists in Spain. The Vatican used its connections with Switzerland to obtain fake passports and identifications for the Nazis and Fascists to flee to Russia, United Kingdom, United States, and especially to South America and to Argentina where Pope Francis was born. The OSS and CIA Operation Paperclip brought Nazis into the Untied States and this was overseen by CIA founder William Donovan who was a Vatican Knight of the Order of St. Sylvester and Knight of the British Empire. Joseph Ratzinger or Pope Benedict XIV was a Nazi youth member and there has been evidence removed that suggests that Pope John Paul II worked for IG Farben which produced the deadly gas Zyklon B for the Nazis. The Italian Fascists were the basis for the German Nazis and Italian royalty and nobility directly involved with the Fascists include the Savoy, Torlonia, Borghese, Pacelli, and Ruffo di Calabria families. The Savoy family put Benito Mussolini into power. The Torlonia family rented out their palace in Rome to Mussolini. Junio Valerio Borghese was a Naval Commander under Fascist Italy and Fulco Ruffo di Calabria was an Italian Senator under the Fascist regime.

The British Crown established modern Israel after it seized Palestine during WWI and through its migration contracts under British law of “Mandatory Palestine” with the World Zionist Organization which was headed up by French and Swiss Zionists. Prince Edward VIII was a Nazi supporter. The British royal family are involved with both Nazis and Zionists. Napoleon Bonaparte was the first modern political Zionist who proclaimed for all “Jews” to settle in Jerusalem. Christian Crusaders were the first group to attempt to dominate Jerusalem. Zion is a hill in Jerusalem which represents a military stronghold. Crusaders were Christian Zionists.¬†Buckingham palace is a royal court and the British Rothschild family serve the House of Windsor. Alan Greenspan was a former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and is a Knight of the British Empire and Knight of the Bonaparte’s Legion of Honour.¬†The Roman Curia is the Papal Court and the French Rothschild family work under the Black Nobility which they are intermarried with. It is the Roman Catholic King of Spain that holds the official title of “King of Jerusalem” today. The Spanish Fascists fought along side the Nazis known as the Blue Volunteer Division. Other claimants to the title of King of Jerusalem include Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy, Patrick Guinness the Count of Neuchatel, Prince Charles-Antoine Lamoral de Ligne, and Archduke Karl von Habsburg.

Section 1 of Article 10 in the 1993 Fundamental Agreement Between The Holy See and the State of Israel states “The Holy See and the State of Israel jointly reaffirm the right of the Catholic Church to property.” Section 1 of Article 3 states “The Holy See and the State of Israel recognize that both are free in the exercise of their respective rights and powers, and commit themselves to respect this principle in their mutual relations and in their cooperation for the good of the people.” The Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem is a Vatican knighthood founded during the first crusade under the Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem was reestablished in 1847 before the State of Israel as a continuation of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Today the Vatican which is the smallest nation on the planet owns large amounts of property in Jerusalem and based on their agreement it suggests they operate as sovereigns in their estates since their agreement says they have the right to property and exercise power. Section 3 of Article 3 in the Holy See and State of Israel Agreement states “Concerning Catholic legal personality at canon law the Holy See and the State of Israel will negotiate on giving it full effect in Israeli law, following a report from a joint subcommission of experts.” The ‘it” in this section is referring to Canon Law. This seems to say their intent is to implement Canon Law through Israeli Law.

The Pacelli family originated as a nobility from Viterbo near the region of Tuscany and Siena. Viterbo had a large Jewish population which was banished by Pope Pius V around 1569. The Pacelli family were premeditatedly brought into Rome for the purpose of making an alliance between the Nazis and Vatican. They work for higher level Black Nobility like the Medici, Pallavicini, and Lucchesei-Palli families which all have connections with Tuscany. They are also in alliance with the Chigi family of Siena which is near Viterbo. Viterbo was closely connected with the Vatican and the Orsini family ruled as dukes in that region. The Galli-Zugaro family likely originated from Gallese, Viterbo and the family shares a similar coat of arms with the city’s flag of a rooster. Baron Emilio Galli-Zugaro was a former recent head of Allianz Group which is an international insurance company that worked with Nazi Germany. The Nazis originated in Austria where the Pallavicini family established a branch. The Milanese branch of the Pallavicini family converted to Islam and their name Pallavicini originates from Parthia and their lineage originates from the Parthian royalty. Pahlav is the old Persian variant of Parthia. The Pahlavi Dynasty ruled Iran in the 20th century and were the continuation of the remnant of the ancient Persian royalty.

Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was the last Shah of Iran and a Vatican Knight of the Order of the Golden Spur. Palestinians are mostly Persians taking their name from Pahlav as well. Rudolf von Sebottendorf was a convert to Islam, Islamic mystic or Sufi, Freemason and founder of the Thule Society which influenced the Nazi ideology. Amin al-Husseini was the British appointed Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Muslim. The Pallavicini family have a British branch using the variant Paravicini and are married with British Peers. During WWII Adolf Hitler met with Amin al-Husseini and incorporated him and his following into the Nazis. This is why today Hamas and Hezballah use the Nazi salute. Hitler created Hamas and Hezballah which branched off from the Nazi’s Azerbaijani Legions. The leaders behind these Nazi-Islamic groups are Arab-Persians and they set up Palestinian Persians to be killed by IDF in order to cause conflict. The Pallavicini family formerly ruled as the Marquisate of Bodonitsa in Greece. The royal family of Norway are the House of Glucksburg which ruled Greece. Norwegian representatives mediated the agreement between Palestine and Israel known as the Oslo Accords as well as the Vatican and Israeli agreement. The creators of Zionism and Nazism which are the royal and noble families want a holy war centered around Jerusalem between Talmudic-Fascists and Shariah-Fascists and then to rebuild their Universal-Catholic Canon temple in Jerusalem out of that chaos.

Nazi Princes and their Jewish Bankers

Prince Franz Joseph, of Hohenzollern-Emden was a member of the Nazi SS. Prince Maximilian Egon II, of Furstenberg was a Nazi Standartenfuhrer. The father of King Willem Alexander; Prince Claus of the Netherlands was a member of the Nazi Wehrmacht and his grandfather Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld was a Nazi Sturmabteilung member. Leffmann Behrends was a Court Jew banker that served the House of Hanover. Prince Ernest Augustus of Hanover was senior lieutenant in the Nazi Wehrmacht defense force. His grandson also named Prince Ernst August of Hanover’s godfather is Rolf Sachs who is a Swiss banker and German industrialist. Rolf Sachs father Gunter Sachs was an associate of high level Nazis and his grandfather Willy Sachs was a financier for the Nazis and member of the Nazi paramilitary group. The German Sachs clan are both Jewish and Christian. Prince Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg was a major in the Nazi army and awarded the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross. Friedrich Josias, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was a Nazi officer in the Wehrmacht. Bernhard, Prince of Saxe-Meiningen was accused of being part of a Nazi conspiracy and later fled to Italy. Rudolf Hess was a high level Nazi politician and likely related with the German House of Hesse which used the Rothschild family as Court Jews. Philipp the Landgrave of Hesse was a member of the Nazi Party. Prince Philipp of the House of Windsor was named after him. King Edward VIII of England was a strong Nazi supporter and friend of Adolf Hitler.

Emperor Wilhelm II was from the Hohenzollern and Saxe Coburg and Gotha families and his actions and ideologies helped to create the rise of the Nazis in Germany. Even with the Hohenzollern family being exiled after WWI for a period of time returned to Germany and reclaimed much of their castles, claims to titles, and land. Wilhelm II’s son Prince August Wilhelm of Prussia even joined the Nazi party. These princely families still all exist and own large amounts of property from their former principalities. They are relatives of more powerful royal families that rule nations like the House of Windsor, Belgian House of Saxe-Coberg and Gotha, House of Glucksburg in Norway, House of Orange-Nassau, and House of Nassau-Weilberg. Most of the other German and Austrian noble families that appeared to oppose the Nazis were the ones that helped to create them. The House of Windsor supported the Nazis while their proxy government fought against them. The Windsor family use the Rothschild family as their Court Factors and financiers. King George V’s parents were Saxe-Coberg and Gotha and Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg and he changed the British royal family’s name to Windsor. These same German princely families who were Nazis used what are historically called “Court Jews” to handle their finances and collect their taxes in their serfdoms for centuries and still do today. The Nazi Holy Roman nobility and royalty like the Hanover, Hohenzollern, Wurttemberg, Hesse, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Windsor, and Nassau families use Court Jews to finance Nazi propaganda and propagandists.

Crooks of Baden and Fraudsters of Wurttemberg

The German House of Wurttemberg are one of the most dominant bloodlines of the Holy Roman Empire currently headed up by Duke Carl of Wurttemberg and his son Duke Friedrich of Wurttemberg. Count Conrad I of Wurttemberg was the founder of this royal house and made an alliance with the Roman Catholic Hirsau Abbey which he financed the Romanization of. The Wurttemberg family married with the Roman Catholic Orleans, Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Pallavicini families in this past century. The name Wurttemberg derives from the earlier name of Wirdeberch. The German words Wird or Wirt mean talking, speech, command or words. The current Director of the New York Stock Exchange is Jeffrey Sprecher. Sprecher is a German name and derives from Sprechen and like Wirt also means to talk or speech. The Wurttemberg family have command in Wall Street. They use words connected with numeric codes to communicate information to associates and businessmen in regards to trading stocks in order to evade insider trading regulations. They use various books and their pages, numbering, and indexes as their codices and this information is taught in fraternal orders and masonic lodges. Freemasons and Greek fraternal orders are educated in their numeric coding. The media uses numeric-word hidden communications as well to signal members of secret societies about their agendas and threats.

This is one way they have rigged the stock exchange and one way they communicate their agenda to members of secret orders. Wall Street is fraudulent at its foundations because corporations are a deceptive construct. Corporations are considered a person with rights under law. Corporations are not people. The royal and noble families use fraudulent and covert methods to control wealth, resources, and land. Gottlieb Daimler founded Daimler-Benz and was born in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg covertly serving the royal family as a court factor. The Wurttemberg family have private shares in Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz located in their territory of Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Daimler AG has about 235 billion in assets. The German nobility conspire together and share ownership over these enterprises. The Wittelsbach held rule in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. Claus E. Heinrich went to the Wittelsbach’s University of Mannheim and was Board Member for SAP SE which develops enterprise application software. SAP is located in Baden-Wurttemberg and has assets at about 44 billion. Dietmar Hopp founded SAP, is worth about 6 billion, and lives in Baden-Wurttemberg. Georg F. W. Schaeffler is worth about 20 billion and is from Erlangen, Bavaria. Schaeffler is another court factor for the House of Wittelsbach.

The Wurttemberg family work closely with the Hohenzollern, Waldburg-Zeil, Anhalt, Hanover, Wittelsbach, and Hesse families as well as the House of Baden headed up by Margrave Maximilian of Baden and his son Prince Bernhard of Baden. The Baden-Zahringen family are a primarily Roman Catholic German nobility that frequently married with the House of Wurrtemberg. They founded various towns in the Holy Roman Empire including Bern, Switzerland. These Holy Roman families have large amounts of wealth concealed in private Swiss banks and have shares in many major corporations. These families owned the land in Germany and authorized bankers and businessmen and operated like this for centuries. The House of Wurttemberg still own palaces in Monrepos, Altshausen, and in Friedrichshafen where Rolls-Royce Power Systems is headquartered. The Oppenheimer family worked as Court Factors for the House of Wurttemberg with Joseph Oppenheimer as a money handler for Duke Charles Alexander of Wurttemberg. Joseph Oppenheimer was executed for fraud, embezzlement, and treason yet the Wurttemberg family that employed him were left alone. This is why Christian monarchs use Court Jews. It creates a layer of protection for them. This is what fueled the Nazi propaganda in 20th century Germany. Royal families own the gold that Court Jews handle and they still prop up Jewish bankers today to distract from themselves.

The Wurttemberg family spent about 600,000 rheinguldens to build their New Palace of Stuttgart. One rheingulden would be worth about 100-140 dollars today. The royal and noble families monopolize gold and other resources. This is how they maintain control. The Oppenheimer family are still Court Factors serving the House of Wurttemberg and they created and run Anglo American Corporation for the Wurttemberg family which is a large diamond and gold mining company in South Africa headed up by Nicky Oppenheimer who is worth about 7 billion and his son Jonathan Oppenheimer worth over 6 billion. Anglo American Corporation has large shares in De Beers. Ludwig Merckle is worth about 5 billion and is from Ulm in Baden-Wurttemberg and his father Adolf Merckle who died in 2009 was worth over 12 billion as the founder of Phoenix Pharmahandel owned by Merckle Group which is located in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. The Baden-Zahringen family use a phoenix on their coat of arms. The Merckle family are Court Factors for the House of Baden. Angela Merkel’s first husband was Ulrich Merkel. Karl Rapp founded what is today BMW and he was from Ehingen, Baden-Wurttemberg. The Quandt family are majority owners of BMW with Stefan Quandt worth about 15 billion today and he went to the Zahringen’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The Quandt family and BMW worked with the Nazis and used Nazi prisoners for slave labor.