Nero Aristocrazia

The Black Nobility are the core of the global crime syndicate. They are the owners and controllers of the Holy See, Society of Jesus, Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Knights of Columbus, and Italian Mafia. They are the centralized group within the royal and noble families of Europe and they are married in with most European royalty. The Black Nobility are the rulers of the former Papal States and work closely with the other Italian noble families. They manage the European Monarchies as branches of their corporate Roman empire. The Black Nobility use the Vatican as an intelligence network with Episcopal See’s as overseers of districts. Archbishops are the highest level of oversight in their territories. Jesuits are used as spies and for infiltration and are involved in mass mind control. Jesuits use their universities for recruiting agents of Rome. The Knights of Malta are a military council and architects of war. The Knights of Columbus are used for infiltration in politics, police, and law. Mafias are used as enforcers which corrupt, blackmail, and extort businessmen, politicians, and bankers. The Holy See is a corporate entity and through fraudulent contracts the Black Nobility attempt to incorporate governments and other corporate entities under its authority.

Prince Stefano Lucchesi-Palli of Campofranco
Count Carlo Lucchesi-Palli
Prince Nicolo Boncompagni-Ludovisi
Prince Alessandro Jacopo Boncompagni-Ludovisi
Prince Roffredo Gaetani-D’Aragona-Lovatelli
Prince Gelasio Gaetani-D’Aragona-Lovatelli
Prince Bonifacio Gaetani-Dell’Aquilla-D’Aragona
Prince Vitaliano XI Borromeo
Countess Beatrice Borromeo
Countess Matilde Borromeo
Count Carlo Fernando Borromeo
Count Carlo Borromeo II
Prince Fabrizio Massimo-Brancaccio
Prince (???) Massimo-Brancaccio (Father of Giacomo)
Prince Giacomo Leone Massimo-Brancaccio
Prince Stefano Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Cesare Massimo of Roccasecca
Prince Carlo Massimo
Prince Valerio Massimo
Princess Barbara Massimo-Brancaccio
Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti
Count Stefano Massa of Sorrento
Count Sergio Massa of Sorrento
Countess Beatrice Del Bono Venezze of Giustiniani-Venice
Count Vittorio Del Bono Venezze of Giustiniani-Venice
Count Matteo Giustiniani of Sardi
Count Jacopo Giustiniani of Sardi
Prince Niccolo Giustiniani
Count Leone Contini Bonacossi
Count Alberto Passi de Preposulo
Count Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo
Baron Emilio Galli-Zugaro
Baron Fabrizio Galli-Zugaro
Baron Umberto Galli-Zugaro
Marqius Riccardo Imperiali
Prince Rosario Imperiali
Prince Camillo Aldobrandini
Prince Clemente Aldobrandini
Prince (???) Aldobrandini the Duke of Brindisi (Brother of Camillo)
Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini-Rothschild
Countess Cristiania Agnelli Condesa Brandolini di Adda
Count Brandino Brandolini di Adda
Count Ruy Brandolini di Adda
Count Guido Brandolini di Adda
Count Lando Cerretani-Bandinelli-Paparoni
Prince Annibale Brivio Sforza
Princess Marta Brivio Sforza
Count Ascanio Sforza-Cesarini
Count Muzio Sforza-Cesarini
Duke Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone
Duchess Osanna Visconti di Modrone
Count Luchino Visconti di Modrone
Count Raimondo Visconti di Modrone
Countess Madina Visconti di Modrone
Prince Giberto di Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga
Countess Bianca di Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga
Prince Giovanni Angelo Theodoli-Braschi
Princess Cosi Theodoli-Braschi
Prince Guglielmo Giovanelli Marconi
Prince Giovanni Torlonia
Prince Marino Torlonia
Prince Guido Torlonia
Count Alessandro Lequio-Torlonia
Duke Leopoldo Torlonia
Count Manfredo Paulucci de Calboli
Prince Piero Antinori
Prince-Pastor Piero Visconti
Prince-Pastor Alessandro Paradisi
Count Massimo Pierleoni
Princess Maria Camilla Pallavicini
Prince Moroello Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini
Prince Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini
Prince Filippo Rospigliosi
Prince Carlo Odescalchi
Prince Baldassare Odescalchi
Princess Lucia Odescalchi
Princess Sofia Odescalchi
Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy and Prince of Naples
Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy and Prince of Venice
Princess Clotilde of Savoy and Princess of Venice
Princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy
Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy
Princess Maria Isabella of Savoy-Genoa
Prince Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta
Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta
Princess Maria Cristina of Savoy-Aosta
Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli
Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli
Prince Costantino Mario Ruspoli, Prince of Poggio Suasa
Prince Franceso Ruspoli
Princess Giacinta Ruspoli
Princess Giorgia Pacelli
Prince Francesco Pacelli
Prince Filippo Pacelli
Prince Jonathan Doria-Pamphilj
Prince Prospero Colonna di Stigliano
Prince Stefano Colonna di Stigliano
Prince Prospero Colonna di Paliano
Prince Marcantonio Colonna di Paliano
Prince Ascanio Colonna di Paliano
Prince Piero Colonna di Paliano
Prince Urbano Riario Sforza-Barberini-Colonna di Sciarra
Prince Oddone Colonna
Prince Raimondo Orsini
Prince Domenico Napoleon Orsini
Prince Girolamo Strozzi
Prince Maurizio Ferrante Gonzaga
Prince Corrado Gonzaga
Prince Filippo Corsini
Prince Duccio Corsini
Prince Lorenzo de Medici-Tornaquinci-Foscari
Prince Ottaviano de Medici
Prince Giuliano de Medici
Prince Lorenzo de Medici
Prinecss Alessandra Borghese
Prince Lorenzo Borghese
Prince Scipione Borghese
Prince Urbano Sacchetti
Prince Aurelio Di Rella Tomasi of Lampedusa
Duke Gioacchino Lanza Tomasi of Palma
Duke Fulco Ruffo of Calabria the 8th Duke of Guardia Lombardi
Prince Francesco Luca Costa Sanseverino of Bisignano
Prince Pietro Lanza di Scalea
Prince Giuseppe Lanza di Scalea
Baron Francesco Adragna
Prince Gian Carlo di Rocco of Torrepadula
Princess Michela di Rocco of Torrepadula
Baron Ottavio Serena di Lapigio
Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Antoine of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Francois of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Casimiro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Luigi Alfonso Maria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Alessandro Enrico Maria of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Gennaro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Princess Maria Annunziata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies
Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Two Sicilies the Duke of Calabria
Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma
Princess Maria Pia of Savoy-Bourbon-Parma
Prince Mario Chigi-Albani
Prince Flavio Chigi-Albani
Count Neri Capponi
Count Sebastiano Capponi
Count Niccolo Capponi
Count Lando Cerretani-Bandinelli-Paparoni
Marquis Andrea Serlupi d’Ongran
Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni
Marchioness Eva Serlupi Crescenzi-Ottoboni-Pasquini
Prince Ettore d’Alessandro di Pescolanciano


House of Gambino

The Gambino family are an extension of the House of Gambara that were located in Brescia, Lombardy in Italy with members like Countess Veronica Gambara, Count Gianfrancesco Gambara, and Cardinal Uberto Gambara. The Italian word gamb which means leg derives from the Greek word Campe which means crooked and this gave the name to Campania Italy. This is also where the words gambling, bootleggers, and crooks all came from. The Gatti-Grami family of Lombardy are related with the Gotti family. The Gatti were Italian politicians and landowners that later settled a branch in Switzerland. The Swiss Gatti’s moved to London with Carlo Gatti and later John Maria Gatti a British knighted Jesuit educated businessman and Lord Mayor of Westminster that worked at the City of London Corporation. The Gatti family are married with the Aponte Italian-Swiss billionaires that run a large international shipping company involved with human trafficking. They more recently merged with the Sforza, Sessa, and Vitali families with Fabrizio Gatti-Grami-Sessa as a current member. The older Gaetani family covertly established the Gatti-Grami family as their North Italian branch. The Gaetani family are from the ancient Getae and Massagetae clans that have continually intermixed with Scytho-Gothic nobility before migrating into ancient Rome. Gotti means Goth. The House of Gaetani are Roman Black Nobility that also have titles in Piedmont not far from Lombardy and are the covert co-owners of the Gambino crime family. The Lombardy nobility ruled the trade routes of Florence and Venice to Germany and used this as leverage over the merchants and would demand tolls. They also established criminal groups of bandits called the Buli that would rob the merchants and bankers. This is where modernized organized crime really originated from in Italy. They were known as Feudal Robber Barons which later created the term for ruthless industrialists.

It is organized crime that is the greatest threat to society because of their bold willingness to use violence and force. They corrupt, blackmail. and extort politicians. In 2010 a group of Gambino associates were charged in an underage prostitution ring including Thomas Orefice, Dominick DiFiore, Anthony Manzella, Michael Scotto, David Eisler, Steve Maiurro, and Suzanne Porcelli. The corrupt and non corrupt politicians fear La Cosa Nostra more than any other group. The Gambino crime family’s associate Nardino Colotti has been running the Albanian Rudaj Organization and using them to move in on the Chicago Outfit’s operation in Las Vegas. The Castellano family are related with Spanish-Italian nobility and their name means castle. Paul Castellano ran the Gambino crime family for a period of time and his sons Paul Jr., Philip, and Joseph are all made men and manage the defense or castle for the Gambino crime syndicate. They create the fortification for the Gambino and Gotti families and are still covertly active today. John Gotti Jr. and his nephews John, Frank, and Carmine are all covertly active in the mafia and are considered royalty among made men. The Gotti-Agnello brothers are extremely evil. John Gotti Jr. is a top member of the modern Commission. The Los Angeles crime family and Gambino crime family were both managed by John Gambino along with Frank Cali. Tommy Gambino and Rosario Gambino are advisers. Hollywood like politics is also under the influence of La Cosa Nostra. The role of the mafia is to act as the enforcers as well as influencing corruption. The Black Nobility in Italy own the mafia organizations. They also control the Society of Jesus which is used as an intelligence network and has infiltrated various aspects in government and especially the CIA and Department of Defense. The Black Nobility control the Knights of Columbus and members are often involved in the law system like police and judges. This combination of Jesuit infiltration, covert mafia enforcers, Vatican Knights as police and the hidden wealth of the Black Nobility is a highly oppressive force on society. The key to taking away most of the Black Nobility’s power is shutting down all of their mafias.

Devilish Tricksters of Nemi

The Theodoli family are a powerful bloodline of the Black Nobility involved with the Vatican and Papal States. They intermarried with the Roman-German Braschi family creating the Theodoli-Braschi line which represent the Theodoli family today. The Jesuit educated Pope Pius VI or Giovanni Angelo Braschi came from this family. Don Giovanni Angelo Theodoli-Braschi is the head of this nobility and Duke of Nemi in Lazio. Nemi comes from Lake Nemus and Nemus means wood and has been used to reference Holly wood. The Italian Nobility are the ones overseeing Hollywood. Nemi is also like the word nemesis. The Italian word for nemesis is nemesi. Satan is described as an adversary or nemesis. The Black Nobility are extremely adversarial towards humanity. The word Theo means god or deity. The word Doli derives from the Greek and Latin words dolus which means trickery. Theodoli means “deity of trickery” and Nemi refers to adversary.

The family likely has partial ancestry from the Theodosian Dynasty of ancient Rome and the Byzantine. The Theodoli family are currently intermarried with the Torlonia banking family of Rome with Princess Ines Theodoli Torlonia. The Torlonia family posted a threatening poem on their Wikipedia page which states; “The head of everything is God, the Lord of heaven. After Him comes Prince Torlonia, lord of the earth. Then comes Prince Torlonia’s armed guards. Then comes Prince Torlonia’s armed guards dogs. Then comes nothing at all. Then comes nothing at all. Then comes nothing at all. Then come the peasants. And that’s all.” The Theodoli family use a wheel on their coat of arms. The wheel represents the sun and cycles like repeated patterns. The Black Nobility are ancient Illuminati bloodlines that use the same pattern for control and just adapt it through the generations.

The Theodoli family have a residence in London like most of the top families of the Italian Black Nobility. Princess Costanza Theodoli-Braschi is a member of this family and a satanic witch. They work closely with the British Crown and British Peerage which do business at the City of London Corporation. They also own palaces in Rome and are still connected to the Vatican. The Theodoli family have another branch that bought the luxury yacht company Magnum Marine Corporation under Prince Filippo Theodoli and it is still owned by the Theodoli family today. Prince Alberto Theodoli of Sambuci was on the board of directors for the Bank of Rome which later merged with the Bank of the Holy Spirit, Capitalia, and finally Unicredit. The Bank of Rome was in contract with banks in Libya and in 2011 Italy’s central bank put a freeze on Banca UBAE in Rome which was tied to huge amounts of Libyan assets. They froze accounts of Libyan businessmen to extort gold out of them.

Ruspoli Crime Cartel

The Ruspoli family is one of the most wicked criminal bloodlines and they are part owners of the Vatican with princely titles all over Italy and Spain. The family claims to have ancestry from Scotland through their Marescotti lineage and they have some covert authority over Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The Ruspoli family are also intermarried with the Giustiniani, Corsini, and Massimo families and are involved with Italian banking and military. Many members of the Ruspoli family are Knights of Malta. Prince Alessandro Ruspoli was the a direct descendent of the Mattarazzo family of Brazil. The Mattarazzo family originated in Italy before immigrating to Brazil. Count Francisco Matarazzo founded Industrias Reunidas Matarazzo S.A which was one of the largest companies in Brazil and Prince Alessandro “Dado” Ruspoli inherited a portion of its wealth through his mother Claudia de Conti Mattarazzo. The Ruspoli family have some authority over the South American drug cartels through former princes like Marcantonio Mario Ruspoli III of Brazil and Don Carlo Maurizio Ruspoli of Argentina. Prince Dado Ruspoli was also an actor and in the movie Godfather III which is one of the many examples of Hollywood glorifying the Italian Mafia. Tao Ruspoli who is the son of Dado Ruspoli is in the entertainment industry and was married to the actress Olivia Wilde. Dado’s other son Bartolomeo Ruspoli not to be confused with his cousin also named Bart Ruspoli from London is married into the Getty family which established Getty Oil Company. Jean Paul Getty was considered the wealthiest man in America in his time and they descend from the founder of Gettysburg. The British knight banker and multi millionaire Mark Getty was born in Rome. Forbes estimates the Getty family’s wealth at over 5 billion. The official head of the Ruspoli family Prince Francesco Ruspoli is married to Angelica Visconti Ferragamo of the wealthy Ferragamo family. The House of Ruspoli are intermarried with Brazilian, Italian, and American billionaires. Prince Francesco Ruspoli is friends with the Sturdza family of Romania and they own a bank in Switzerland called Banque Eric Sturdza.

Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli-Marescotti was a top executive for Banca Romana and worked under the Italian Bank of the South. Prince Lilio was also the Italian High Commissioner of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and ambassador for the SMOM. Marquis Luis Ruspoli who died in 2011 was a Knight of Malta and Duke Carlos Ruspoli of Alcudia and Sueca who died in 2016 was also a Knight of Malta. The Ruspoli family have two grape vines on their coat of arms. Grapes and wine are often used as metaphors for blood by the Illuminati. The Roman Catholic Church drinks wine as a metaphor for the “Blood of Christ” and the Illuminati really do drink human blood and adrenochrome. The Ruspoli family are deeply involved with satanic ritual abuse and mind control. The Blumenthal and Lichnowsky families of the Holy Roman Empire use the same grape vines on their coat of arms and likely have a blood relation with the House of Ruspoli. The Ruspoli family are also all honorary princes of the Holy Roman Empire. They financed and ran small military regiments for the Vatican to gain higher level nobility. Don Enrique Jaime Ruspoli is a Count of Banares in Spain and Princess Giacinta Ruspoli holds titles in Spain as well. The Ruspoli family are married with the Spanish Houses of Bourbon, Alvarez, and Arteaga. Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia and her son Grand Duke George Mikhailovich of Russia were born in Spain and reside there today covertly serving the Ruspoli family. Russia takes its name from Rus. Russia is Ruspoli territory. The word Ruse derives from the Ruspoli family because they are highly deceptive. Donald Trump’s “Russian Collusion” is a ruse and distraction from Trump’s Roman Collusion. The Members of the extremely wicked Ruspoli crime family include Prince Lilio Sforza Ruspoli, Prince Francesco Ruspoli, Princess Giacinta Ruspoli, Tao Ruspoli, Bart Ruspoli, and Don Enrique Jaime Ruspoli, 19th Count of Banares.

Crescenzi Cult of Isis

The Crescenzi family is a Roman Illuminati bloodline that is still active today. The Crescentii family are an ancient family that use the crescent moon on their coat of arms and were involved with the Papacy early on with their Pope Sylvester III. The House of Crescenzi came into Italy during the invasion of the Moors and have a Persian-Arab-Egyptian ancestry. Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni is the head of Commission of the Bourbon-Two Sicilies Military Order of Saint George. The Bourbon-Two Sicilies family’s Royal Order of Francis I includes Prince Khalid Al-Faisal of Saudi Arabia as a knight and the deceased Sheikh Zaki Badaw as a former knight. The crescent moon is a symbol originating in Sumeria and Persia and is used today on the flags of most Islamic nations. The Crescenzi family run the Wiccan Lunar cult which is also known as the Cult of Isis named for the Egyptian deity originally depicted with a crescent moon on her head. Historians and archeologists have been covering up that Isis was a moon deity. Initiated witches are lunatics that use witchcraft to terrorize people as a form of sadism. Lunacy is a form of extreme psychosis which is induced through satanic rituals and from satanic programming. Luna is a name for the moon. Marchioness Eva Serlupi Crescenzi Ottoboni Pasquini is a member of the modern Crescentii family. The name Eva refers to the evening when the moon is visible. Eva Serlupi is a one of the highest level witches.

Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni is the head of this family today and he is the Vatican’s top warlock running the Cult of Isis. Prince Demenico holds many titles such as Knight of Great Cross of Justice, Emeritus Councilor of Real Deputies and member of the Italian Commissar for the Holy Military Constantinian Order of St. George, Knight of Honor and devotion of the Order Sovereign Order Of Malta, Bishop of the Great Cross of Justice and Great Conservative of the Holy Military Order of St. Stephen Pope and Martyr, Knight of Great Cross and Vice Grand Chancellor of the Order of Merit under the title of St. Joseph, and Grand Chancellor and Knight of Great Cross Order of the civilian merit of Tuscany. Marquis Andrea Serlupi d’Ongran is another member of the House of Serlupi and a member of various military knigthoods. The Vatican and Black Nobility’s military knighthoods oversee many of the secret societies and satanic cults including wiccan cults. Most depictions of witches have them using Latin for their spells. The Vatican uses Latin as an official language and it is members of the Black Nobility and members of the church of Rome that developed modern Wicca and their spells. Princess Giorgia Pacelli is the top witch of Rome and she is pure evil. The Pacelli family allied the Vatican with the Nazis. The occultic Thule Society helped to develop the Nazi ideologies. Wicca is occult.

The Serlupi and Ottobani families merged with the princely family of Crescenzi. The Ottoboni were a Venetian family that produced Pope Alexander VIII or Pietro Vito Ottoboni. The Serlupi family use the wolf on their coat of arms. Lupo means wolf like ser-lupi. The mythology of werewolves have them transforming into wolves on full moons. This mythology is an allegory for how satanic initiates are effected by magnetic shifts during moon phases that effect blood flow and electro-chemical energies which enhance their psychosis. Many witches are involved in making sacrifices on full moons which further increases their psychotic states. The moon phases can effect non initiated people as well making people act a little crazier than normal. This is known as the Lunar effect although this effect is officially denied by scientists. There are Wiccan cults all over the world and the United States. Wicca lures in young women by promoting Wicca as a religion of nature and covertly initiate members through sacrifices. The Vatican uses knighthoods and other secret societies to oversee these more obscure Wiccan cults. Prince Domenico Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni and Marchioness Eva Serlupi-Crescenzi-Ottoboni-Pasquini are the heads of the Cult of Isis and dangerous psychopaths.

Tomb of Aldobrandini

The Aldobrandini family are an influential Illuminati bloodline and top members of a satanic death cult known as the Ninth Circle. They are involved with the Vatican and banking. The Aldobrandini family produced one pope and several cardinals for the Roman Catholic Church. The name Aldobrandini derives from the Arabic word Aldebaran which means the “follower.” The Aldobrandini clan came into Europe during the Moorish invasion and have an Arabic and Basque ancestry. Ignatius Loyola who was a co-founder of the Jesuits and its first Superior General was of Basque descent and likely related with this family. They follow after the Massimo family and have intermarried with the Massimo-Lancellotti branch. The Massimo’s Vatican came first and the Jesuits followed after just as Aldebaran means the follower. The Italian Nobility uses its Jesuit universities to recruit Roman spies and agents and the Aldobrandini family appear to have a portion of authority over the Society of Jesus. There are Ninth Circle cults within most Jesuit universities. Pope Clement VIII Ippilito Aldobrandini issued the Congregatio de Auxiliis as a peace agreement between the Jesuits and Dominicans. Ranuccio I Farnese married Margherita Aldobrandini and it was the Farnese family that officially authorized the Jesuits. The Aldobrandini family have a portion of ownership over the DeCavalcante crime family of New Jersey with Girolama Palermo as the acting boss. Both the Aldobrandini family and Cavalcante family were originally Florentine nobility. Caval like cave. Even their mafia has an underwordly essence. The DeCavalcante crime family have infiltrated the New York and New Jersey Port Authority and are involved with criminal trafficking. The Aldobrandini family hold the title of Duke of Brindisi in Apulia and they are part owners of the Sacra Corona Unita or Apulian Mafia.

Cinzio Aldobrandini was a Roman Catholic Cardinal and there is the Reaper of Death statue with a sickle at his tomb at San Pietro in Vincoli along with the Aldobrandini coat of arms and this displays their sinister nature. Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini is married to Baron David Rene de Rothschild who is the head of the French Rothschild family and currently the head of N M Rothschild & Sons today. In Judaism the Jewish lineage is passed down from the mother so it should be a Roman Catholic Rothschild-Aldobrandini that inherits the Rothschild bank or a portion of its ownership. Alexandre Guy Francesco de Rothschild is an Aldobrandini by blood. The French Rothschild family are Court Factors serving the Roman Curia and Black Nobility. The Rothschild family are subtly titled the “guardians of the papal treasure” in the Jewish Encyclopedia. They guard the Black Nobility’s wealth as middle men money handlers. The Brandolini family are a Venetian branch of the Aldobrandini clan. Marie Brandolini was the daughter of Beatrice de Rothschild and she married Count Brandino Brandolini-d’Adda. Count Brandino Brandini-d’Adda II is the head of this family. The House of Aldobrandini also merged a family branch with the Borghese banking family of Rome under Prince Paolo Borghese and this branch intermarried with the House of Bonaparte. Camillo Borghese or Pope Paul V created the Bank of the Holy Spirit in 1605 and the bank eventually merged into UniCredit. They recently married with Antinori family of Florence with Prince Piero Antinori as the current head. The Aldobrandini crime family are involved with pedophilia, defilement and desecration, satanic ritual abuse, human sacrifice, murder, conspiring against foreign governments and terrorism. Members of the Aldobrandini crime family include Prince Camillo Aldobrandini, Don Clemente Aldobrandini, Princess Olimpia Aldobrandini-Rothschild, and Prince Camillo’s brother who lives at the Palazzo Antinori di Brindisi in Florence and holds the title of Duke of Brindisi.

Engineers of War (Knights of Malta)

The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is located in Rome at the Palazzo Malta. The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations. The SMOM also has extraterritoriality within Italy similar to an embassy. The Knights of Malta and Orders of Saint John are the engineers of war. Many members of the royal families and heads of constitutional monarchies are members of the SMOM. What makes the SMOM different than all other knighthoods is that it is a sovereign entity. The SMOM has a higher authority than the Vatican. Members include Juan Carlos of Spain, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Karl von Habsburg of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Paola of Belgium, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy Prince of Naples, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Elizabeth von Thurn and Taxis, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, Prince Mariano Hugo of Windisch-Graetz and Prince Jaime Count of Bardi. The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is a Knight of Malta. Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of the island of Malta and she runs the related Protestant branch called the Order of Saint John. The Bailiwick of Brandenburg Order of Saint John also related to the Knights of Malta is ran by Prince Oscar of Hohenzollern-Prussia. Peter Freiherr of Furstenberg is Vice President of the German Association of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

Prince Carlo Massimo is President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta and is covertly overseeing the SMOM. Prince Carlo Massimo is extremely militant and murderous. The Massimo family are part owners of the Holy See and Order of Malta. The Austrian Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein is the current acting leader of the SMOM. The Massimo, Torlonia, Lucchesi-Palli, Pallavicini, and Odescalchi families control the Order of Malta and grant a form of “sovereignty” in society to high level members like the monarchs. The Austrian Nobility are in league with the Italian Nobility. The Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta is a top military council in the world. Members include Giacomo Dalla Torre del Tempio di Sanguinetto, Grand Chancellor Albrecht Freiherr von Boeselager, Grand Hospitaller Dominique Prince de La Rochefoucauld-Montbel, and Receiver of Common Treasury Count Janos Esterhazy de Galantha. Rochefoucauld is a name of French Peerage. The Esterhazy family is a Roman Catholic Austrian Nobility. Prince Erich von Lobkowicz is President of the Association of German Knights. The Austrian Nobility have always been connected with the SMOM and most of them are Roman Catholic. Prince Galeas von Thun und Hohenstein was a former Grandmaster of the Order of Malta.

William F. Buckley Jr. was a Knight of Malta and Conservative political commentator in the US. Pat Buchanan is another Conservative political commentator and Knight of Malta. J. Peter Grace was an American businessman, politician, member of the Council for National Policy and a Knight of Malta. The Nazi Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen was a Knight of Malta. The Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen was a Knight of Malta. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the only officially known Knight of Malta that has been President of the United States. The Knight of Malta Joseph Schmitz was Inspector General for the Department of Defense under George Bush and also an executive for the private military company Blackwater Worldwide now renamed Academi. Joseph Schmitz was a professor at Jesuit Georgetown and worked as a political adviser for Donald Trump during his election campaign. The founder of Blackwater Erik Prince is a suspected Knight of Malta. Other Knights of Malta include former CIA Directors John A. McCone, William J. Casey, and William Colby who was nicknamed the “warrior priest”. The Knights of Malta have a hidden operation at Georgetown and work with the Society of Jesus in overseeing the US Pentagon. Joseph Kennedy was a Knight of Malta and married Vatican Countess Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy of the Irish Fitzgerald nobility. Adrian FitzGerald is a Knight of Malta and ran the Irish Association of the Order of Malta.

The Knight of Malta Alexander Haig was a US Army General, US Secretary of State under Ronald Regan, and White House Chief of Staff under Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Haig was also Jesuit educated from Georgetown University. He was the one covertly running the Pentagon and White House during the 70’s and 80’s. The CIA was founded by William Donovan who was nicknamed the “father of central intelligence” and he was knighted by two Vatican orders and likely a Knight of Malta. Jesuit educated CIA Directors include; Robert Gates, George Tenet, Leon Panetta, Michael Morell, David Petraeus and John Brennan and they are overseen by the Order of Malta. The Jesuit Order was established by the Farnese family under Pope Paul III or Alessandro Farnese through the papal bull called Regimini Militantis Ecclesiae (Military Regiment of the Church). The House of Farnese lived in a pentagonal fortress called the Farnese Caprarola. The Farnese bloodline evolved into the Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Bourbon-Parma families. The Vatican and the Knights of Malta are deeply involved with the US military and intelligence. The Knights of Malta oversee the Sacred Constantinian Military Order of St. George headed up by the Knight of Maltas Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma and they oversee the Jesuits. The Knights of Malta are the engineers of war and there is an American Association of the Order of Malta with Peter J. Kelly as the President, Richard D. Milone as the Chancellor, and James F. O’Connor as the Treasurer.