Donald Trump has Steven Mnuchin and had Gary Cohn, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, and Dina Powell in his Administration and they were all top executives for Goldman Sachs.


The Goldman and Sachs families were from Bavaria. The Trump bloodline is from Bavaria and originally called the Drumpfs. Ivana Trump was accompanied by Prince Manuel of Bavaria and Princess Anna of Bavaria for the Benefit Auction for the Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund in 2005. The Trump bloodline lived in Bavaria under the Wittelsbach monarchs.


Trump had a meeting with the Bavarian Henry Kissinger who wrote the National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200 a report on population control and depopulation. Many consider Kissinger a war criminal.

US President Donald J. Trump hosts former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Washington, USA - 10 Oct 2017

Trump appointed Jared Kushner as a senior adviser and his company RealCadre LLC was financed by George Soros and Goldman Sachs. Jared Kushner is also a Kabbalist Chabad member.

Goldman Sachs Commits $250 Million in Client Money to Real Estate Startup Cadre

Donald Trump,Neil Gorsuch,Anthony Kennedy,Chris Liddell,Stephen Schwarzman

Stephen A. Schwarzman chaired for Trump’s Strategic and Policy forum and the billionaire and Skull and Bones member Schwarzman founded Blackstone. Larry Fink the CEO of BlackRock has also been an economic adviser to Donald Trump. Schwarzman’s Blackstone financed the creation of BlackRock which has over 6 trillion in assets under management making it the largest investment firm on the planet.

Stephen Allen Schwarzman (born February 14, 1947) is an American businessman, investor and philanthropist. He is the chairman and CEO of The Blackstone Group, a global private equity firm he established in 1985 with former US Secretary of Commerce Pete Peterson. His personal fortune is estimated at $13.4 billion as of August 2018.[1] As of 2017, Forbes ranked Schwarzman at 113th on its World’s Billionaires List.[2][1]

He chaired President Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum.[3]

Trump is forming an economic advisory team with the CEOs of Disney, General Motors, JPMorgan, and more

Stephen Schwarzman (forum chairman), chairman, CEO, and cofounder of Blackstone

Larry Fink, chairman and CEO, BlackRock


Founded under the umbrella of The Blackstone Group, the firm initially focused primarily on fixed-income. By listening to clients and understanding their unmet needs, the firm was able to develop important early innovations related to closed-end funds, trusts, defined contribution plans and more. One of these was the Blackstone Term Trust, which raised $1 billion and set the business on a path of steady growth and success.


Trump and Kushner met with the Saudis and sold them hundreds of millions worth of missiles as part of a billion dollar contract and then the Saudis increased their bombings and missile strikes on Yemen. After their meeting the Saudis invested 40 million into Blackstone as the beginning of their multi billion dollar investment.

Trump’s infrastructure push is cited by Saudis as they make huge commitment toward Blackstone’s $40 billion goal

Trump administration approves $1B arms sale to Saudi Arabia, including more than 6,500 missiles


Trump has been advised by Erik Prince and Joseph Schmitz and they are both Vatican-Roman knights and former Blackwater executives. Trump appointed Erik Prince’s sister Betsy DeVos as the United States Secretary of Education. Betsy’s DeVos’s husband is the billionaire Dick DeVos and his billionaire father Richard DeVos founded Amway with Jay Van Andel who donated about 2 million to George Walker Bush’s presidential campaign. Also Joseph Schmitz was Department of Defense Inspector General under Bush Jr. and Erik Prince’s Blackwater was in contract with the US military under Bush Jr.


The Clintons went to Trump’s wedding. Donald Trump has donated to the Clinton Foundation. Trump said he was going to lock Hillary Clinton up many times and has done nothing. The Trump and Clinton conflict is theater and a divide and conquer strategy. They both have the same agenda.


It states right on the Clinton Foundation that Donald J. Trump has donated between 100,000-250,000 to the Clinton Foundation. Trump’s tax returns also confirmed this.

Trump is friends with the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and can be seen hanging out with him on three different occasions. A lawsuit was filed against both Epstein and Trump for sexual assault and rape. The lawsuit was later dropped. Trump and Epstein are both wealthy billionaires.

Epstein & Trump At Mar-A-Lago1508151232490sdf

Katie Johnson’s lawsuit against Epstein and Trump. Epstein is a convicted pedophile and Trump has been accused of sexually assaulting numerous women. Some accusations seem credible and some are not so credible. Trump has also made a multitude of disturbing sexual remarks about his daughter.


Thousands of children have been held in former Walmarts and government facilities under the Trump presidency. Trump does not deny this. That is child trafficking.

Nearly 1,500 boys between the ages of 10 and 17 are spread across the re-purposed Walmart.

Most of the boys have crossed into the United States alone while dozens more were separated from their parents under Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ new zero-tolerance policy.


A few days later after the story came out about the thousands of Spanish speaking immigrant children detained in former Walmarts and other government facilities Trump met with King Felipe VI of Spain. I previously stated in other articles that Spain which is ruled by the House of Bourbon runs Mexico and various Latin American nations like proxies and that the Spanish House of Bourbon own many of the Mexican and Latin American drug cartels which are involved in human trafficking. The Bourbon and Franco families were also involved in stealing an estimated 300,000 babies from Spanish hospitals over several decades.


Trump is friends with Prince Roffredo Gaetani of Roman-Vatican Black Nobility and his ex-wife Ivana Trump dated him for years. The House of Gaetani produced two Popes. In the image above Prince Roffredo has his hands around the waist of his girlfriend Ivana and also around the waist of the sixteen year old Ivanka with Trump present at the party.


Ivanka Trump’s sixteenth birthday party.

Rockefeller University Benefit

Trump purchased property for his casino from the mafia hitman Salvatore Testa. The mafia built Atlantic City and launder their criminal profits in casinos. The NJ Commission of Investigation report on organized crime, contractors, casinos, and construction describes Philly Mob owned construction companies working on the Trump owned Harrah’s.

Trump appointed Kellyanne Conway as Counselor to the President. Kellyanne Conway’s grandfather Jimmy “The Brute” DiNatale was an associate of the Philly Mob.

One of Siligato’s closest friends was James “Jimmy the Brute” DiNatale, identified by police as an organized crime associate who ran a gambling operation in and around the migrant labor camps and in several Latino communities in the Hammonton area. DiNatale, who died in 1983, “was like a second father to me,” Siligato said last week. Another sore point with police, Siligato said, is that in 1980, he and DiNatale were alibi witnesses for mob boss Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo in a murder trial in which Scarfo and two codefendants were acquitted. Siligato describes Scarfo as “an acquaintance,” but not a friend.


Trump hired Roy Cohn who worked as an attorney for the mafia bosses John Gotti, Tony Salerno, and Carmine Galante. Trump has also been friends with the mafia associate Robert Libutti. The Gambino-Genovese owned S&A Concrete were involved in constructing Trump’s building in Manhattan with Genovese boss Tony Salerno as an owner. Below is Trump with the mafia lawyer Roy Cohn.


Donald Trump with Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies the Duke of Castro and his family at Trump’s Mar a Lago. The Bourbon-Two Sicilies ancestors which were the Dukes of Castro officially established the Jesuit Order under Pope Paul III. The House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies are also part owners of the Trafficante crime family of Florida. The Trafficantes have criminal operations and casinos in Cuba. Cuba is run by the Castro family just as the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies are the Dukes of Castro. Their cousins the Bourbon-Parma family have residences in Florida.


Donald Trump was Jesuit educated at Fordham. Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump went to Jesuit Georgetown University. None of them are Roman Catholic. Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is a top authority over the Jesuits since his ancestors the Farneses officially established them with Pope Paul III. Their name Farnesivs is engraved at the Jesuits Gesu Church headquarters in Rome. John Kelly, Steve Bannon and Paul Manafort were alsoJesuit educated from Georgetown. Trump’s Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh was Jesuit educated from Georgetown Preparatory School. Trump’s White House Counsel Don McGahn was Jesuit educated from Georgetown.

Inside Trump’s Days at Fordham

Before earning his degree in economics, he was a student at Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) for two years.


The above image is of Trump with Felix Sater who has Russian mafia connections. The Russian billionaire and Communist Aras Agalarov’s son Emin Agalarov set up a meeting with the Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump Jr, Kushner, and Paul Manafort. Aras Agalarov is a Commander in the Italian Order of Merit.


H. R. McMaster, Jim Mattis, Rick Perry Lieutenant Governor of Texas under Trump and United States Secretary of Energy under Trump, Gina Haspel, Alexander Acosta, John Bolton, James Carroll, Rick Dearborn, Dina Powell, Joseph Schmitz, Don McGahn, and Dan Coats have all worked as advisers, directors of agencies, or in Trump’s administration and they all also worked with George Walker Bush. Trump also appointed the billionaire Woody Johnson as Ambassador to the United Kingdom and the Woody Johnson is a member of the CFR and has donated hundreds of thousands to both Donald Trump and Jeb Bush’s presidential campaigns. Trump bombed Afghanistan with the MOAB’s and has also bombed Syria. Trump has continued carrying out drone strikes around the world.

Ivanka Trump ‘pushed for her father to bomb Syria’

Donald Trump, Philly Crime Family, Atlantic City, Gaetani Family, and the House of Savoy



  1. Hello Brother,

    Please tell us what is going on here?

    Why do all of your old articles disappear from your blog?

    How can we gain access to all the articles you have published in the past?

    Please let us know.



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  3. Do you post as “return of Zeus” on YouTube? If so, I’m glad I found your website. I have always been fascinated by the information you provided. Thanks for your work


      • Have you ever considered starting your own YouTube or similar channel, or maybe being interviewed on someone’s channel to learn more about how you got into this and how you go about compiling your information. The amount of information you have compiled is almost overwhelming. Some people think the “Zionists“ or the “Jesuits” or “Masons“ are at the top of the pyramid. I would like to understand how they all relate to each other. It is amazing to read that the founding fathers were “double agents“


      • So what hope do we have if everyone, even those pretending to be the good guys, are all propogandists? Why bother even reading anything or watching anything anymore? What point does this blog serve besides creating fear and hopelessness? lol.


      • Notice the lol at the end of this trolls comment. Cobra has on his various websites claiming a chimera controls everything at the top of the pyramid. It cant get more absurd. He is trying to associate my info with his nonsense. I have been getting a lot of views on my article about shills and gatekeepers which exposes Cobra and his response was to link to my article about Trump as his defense. So by linking my article on Trump with his disinfo he is trying to associate it with chimeras, aliens, and the New Age religion. Undermining. The only response to this is to call it out for what it is.

        : to SUBVERT or weaken insidiously or SECRETLY trying to undermine his political rivals
        : to weaken or ruin by degrees

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes Trump has a bad present and past and I hope that after the Rothschild and Rockefeller empire is destroyed it will come to the Trump empire being next. There is way too much concentration on military spending and international bullying which is taking us away from world peace. Will Trump initiate ET disclosure and will he quickly facilitate world wide dissemination of advanced technologies? Maybe the Event will give him a Damascus road experience? Irregardless I see his value as short termed leading to long term no value. If no action on BC and HRC in the near future then the ominous handwriting on the wall will be dreadful.


    • There are no extraterrestrials and you are more proof that Cobra is trying to undermine my info by attempting to associate it with aliens. You are all called out and exposed for what you are now. This Cobra cult that is trying to hijack my article is not even brainwashed. They know what they are doing. It is systematic and premeditated. They are evil and I believe the one currently commanding and financing them is the House of Hohenzollern.


  5. I really hope to see more of your writings on how the Black Nobility operate in East Asia, there’s no way that continent isn’t a big part of the whole picture.


  6. So, if what you are saying about Cobra is true, then they are simply human…but then what’s your objetctive by disclosing this kind of information? there’s no plan to solve the situation? They are our masters and we should bow or something? And, how do you have access to this kind of info?


    • I have stated that these criminals and their criminal systems need to be shut down, outlawed, investigated, etc. The more they are exposed the more people calling for this will cause it to happen.


      • I am summarizing every link you have posted and some outside info ass well, the best I can, and as consolidated and compact as possible for I will then go to Ottawa’s Parliament to speak it out in court. I will expose them, and order a military operation to arrest every Mafia & Royal family bloodlines including shutting down every occult in operation.

        I just hope they don’t assassinate me. And I feel overwhelmed by the amount of people involved, I almost have no hope, but my spirit’s eagerness to expose them in court and order a military operation to arrest them is so strong, I will do it regardless.


  7. I didn’t see Trump’s links to the Rothschilds – and his 93% stake in Resorts International under supervision of Wilbur Reid, Sammy Icahn and other agents of theirs.

    Would Blackstone Intelligence Network of Jake Morphonios (Merovingian bloodline -Rex Deus by his own admission) be funded by Schwarzman’so Blackstone Group?

    The Rothschilds have been trailing me for years & can’t seem to get rid of me lol
    They see a potential anti christ Messiah in me of some kind like so many who then fall for the martyr programming and are eliminatEd.

    That is so far the Achilles heel or vulnerability in the soft white underbelly of Smaug I have been able to detect this far.

    They are desperate I think because their long awaited Messiah hasn’t turned up on time (5776 was the due date 😊)


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