Sharia Law Brotherhood and Order of Hashashins

The Islamic supremacist and rapper Jay Electronica is a top masonic cult leader in the Nation of Islam and Five Percent Nation. The Nation of Islam is like an Americanized and Masonic version of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Nation of Islam was founded in Detroit, Michigan. The Dearborn Mosque in Michigan is run by the Muslim Brotherhood and using proxy groups that have been promoting Sharia law in the United States. The Five Percenters and Fruit of Islam operate like the modern day Hashashins or Assassins which worked with the Knights Templar. Knights Templar were considered sodomites. Five Percenters teach Supreme Mathematics which is a form of numerology. Masons used numerology for architecting their mind control programs. These groups are also connected with Islamic and black supremacist groups like the Black Hebrew Israelite movement. The rapper Shyne who changed his name to Moses Michael Levi Barrow is a Black Hebrew Israelite con artist and really evil. The Ethiopian House of Solomon created the Black Hebrew Israelite movement under Haile Selassie and his family. Zera Yacob Amha Selassie is the current head of this family and oversees the Black Hebrew Israelite movement which is run by a Beelzebub cult of Sun worshiping sodomites. Beelzebub is a dung demon. Sodomy is really sexual cannibalism and turning people into sod. The Egyptian sun deity Rah is depicted as a scarab beetle or dung beetle. Jay Electronica dated Kate Rothschild and resided in London for a period of time where he was trained by the British Knights Templar Freemasons in advanced Solomon witchcraft and mind control. They mind control women into being sexual cannibals to turn them into weapons. The Nation of Islam and Five Percenters share similar ideologies as the Muslim Brotherhood which is a Sunni organization founded in Egypt. Mohamed Al-Fayed is a Egyptian billionaire that set up his business operations in Italy and London. Several high level British peers work with Islamic business men like the Grosvenor and Percy families. The Templars worked with the Masonic al-Ḥashashin or Assassins during the Crusades. Occult means hidden or secret. They are occultic assassins. Abdallah Bin Bayyah is Saudi Arabia’s top Sufi occultist. Five Percenters and the Fruit of Islam are modern day Assassins and many of their agents are murderous and target white people and especially target white women. When I expose them they threaten to murder white women and children and say “whadya gonna do bout it.” The Arab royal families and merchants were known for sex trafficking of European and African women. Arab and Berber Barbary pirates kidnapped European women for sex slaves and sold them in Africa and the Mid East. Jay Electronica is an admitted member of the Five Percenters and Fruit of Islam which are Islamic-Black supremacist groups. Jay Electronica had changed his name from Timothy Elpardo Thedford to Elpadaro F. Electronica Allah for a period of time. Jay Electronica’s girlfriend is Erykah Badu who is a follower of Farrakhan, had Allah tattooed on her, and said “I saw something good in Hitler.”

Adolf Hitler was allied with some Muslims during WWII and one of the founders of the Nazi ideology was Rudolf von Sebottendorf a convert to Islam and Sufi occultist. Jay Electronica is signed to Jay Z’s Roc-Nation and uses the name Jay for Jay Z who is also a Five Percenter and wears a Five Percenter necklace which is proof that he is. Jay Z is also top boss of the Almighty Vice Lord Nation. Jay Z is worth over 800 million. Jay Z states in a song and I am paraphrasing that he wants to chase white people back into caves. The organized crime group AVLN was founded in Chicago and was financed by the Rockefeller family through a grant. This is why Jay Z calls his record company Roc-a-fella. The Nation of Islam is also headquartered in Chicago. Jay Z is the top crime boss of the AVLN and involved in money laundering, criminal financing and domestic terrorism. Jay Z was involved in financing and commanding the gang stalkers that relentlessly targeted my cousin which lead to him committing suicide by choking himself to death. Jay Z and Beyonce are pure evil and they hate white people. Jay Electronica is a Muslim, member of the Nation of Islam, and has connections with the Rothschild family. The French Rothschild family are intermarried with the Aldobrandini family of Rome. The name Aldobrandini derives from the Arabic word Aldebaran and they have an Arabic ancestry from the Moorish-Arab invasion of Europe which occurred during the 6th-7th centuries. The Moorish Science Temple of America is another black supremacist group. I believe Professor Griff from Public Enemy is a member and he was a former member of the Nation of Islam. Professor Griff pretends to be against the New World Order and teaches the Kybalion and The 7 Hermetic Principles for Self-Mastery which incorporate hermaphroditic beliefs and other insane false teachings like as above so below which is inherently false. The Moors invaded Europe and were involved in the sex trafficking of European women as a continuation of the Arab slave trade. Moors were mostly Arabs and Berbers and used some non Arab Africans as mercenaries. Many black supremacists claim they are the only group that have been enslaved. The word slave derives from Slavic which are a race of white people. Slavs were used as slaves for thousands of years by Latins and Arabs. Germany used white Slavic slaves up until the late 19th century. The Black Nobility of Rome, the Rothschild family, and House of Saud are all working together and directing and financing various secret societies, organized crime, and supremacist groups. The link between all of these groups is occultism and satanism. Pope Benedict XVI has a Moor on his papal coat of arms and was good friends with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. When they had a meeting at the Vatican they were holding hands. The House of Saud are Sunni Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood and they share the exact ideologies of imposing their religious Sharia law as state law.

Some agents of the Five Percent Nation and Nation of Islam also include members of Wu-Tang like RZA, GZA, as well as Nas, AZ, Papoose, and Meek Mill. These rappers are also all involved in organized crime and many praise the Italian Mafia in their lyrics and make references to the Five Percenters in their lyrics. When I first exposed there is an Islamic Mafia operating at New Jersey ports and working with the Italian Mafia I had thugs parked in front of my house at 3 am the next night. RZA subtly let me know that he knows where I live through covert gang stalking and cyber stalking tactics right before this like a car following me around frequently with RZA on its license plate. RZA is also a top military commander over Wiccan cults and works with various secret societies. RZA is pure evil and is a Beelzebub worshiping cannibal. Jay Electronica has been teaching other rappers and members of these groups the more advanced mind control techniques he learned while in London. Wiz Khalifa takes his stage name from the Arabic word Khalifa which is also the name of the current ruling family of Bahrain with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa. Wiz is for wizard. Their sorcery is mind control. Jay Electronica who thinks he is Allah is extremely murderous and destructive. Erykah Badu is highly trained in voodoo witchcraft and very sadistic. They are involved in satanic sexual ritual abuse and mind control and they specifically target white people. They are also involved in murder, persecution, and organized crime through covert methods. The Nation of Islam is ran by the millionaire Louis Farrakhan who is an FBI COINTELRPO agent and part of the FBI’s Project Megiddo. Farrakhan is like the Islamic and black version of David Duke. COINTELPRO is about the FBI using their agents to infiltrate political and religious groups as a means to radicalize them or even creating radical groups. COINTELPRO is considered a criminal operation carried out by elements in the FBI. Their goal is Armageddon or a Holy War in the US. Louis Farrakhan also preaches Black Hebrew Israelite beliefs because these two groups are intertwined through black supremacy. The Nation of Islam also has a paramilitary division called the Fruit of Islam which Jay Electronica originally initiated into. David Muhammad is another high level member of the Nation of Islam. Barack Obama was knighted by the House of Saud and frequently used drones for targeted killings of Shia Muslims and enemies of the House of Saud in Yemen. Barack Obama implied he has Muslim faith in an interview. Obama and his friend LeBron James are high level Islamic-Shriner Freemasons and black supremacists.

The Saudi royal family use the Muslim Brotherhood as a proxy and the Muslim Brotherhood uses the Nation of Islam and Five Percenters as their proxies. Members of black supremacist groups and Islamic supremacist groups are also being financed to spread racial division as a form of divide and conquer. Other members of these groups really do hate white people. Jay Z finances and directs shills in the liberal media channels like CNN. I have seen many top comments on CNN videos that are extremely racist towards white people especially when they do reports on blacks being killed by white cops. The double standard here is that nobody talks about it. Mid Eastern billionaires funnel their wealth through Mid East banks based in Geneva, Switzerland where bank accounts are private like Arab Bank, NBAD Private Bank, NBK Bank, and QNB Bank and then use US based investment companies like BlackRock Investment to mask transactions through foreign shell companies. Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ second cousin in law is Margarita Louis Dreyfus of Switzerland and her boyfriend is Philipp Hildebrand the Vice Chairman of BlackRock which is headquartered in NYC. The Dreyfus clan came into Europe during the Moorish invasion known as Marranos or half-Jews which were really Babylonian Horite-Sephardics that spoke Hebrew. The Egyptian Sawiris family are worth around 36 billion and have global enterprises and operations in Switzerland. The Mansour family are Egyptian billionaires and all three brothers went to school in the United States. There is no one to internally investigate the Arab billionaire royals who rule their own nations and that is why they are used for money laundering and criminal financing. Wealthy millionaires and billionaires like Jay Z often use their large amount of wealth to mask the money laundering and criminal transactions. This group is a greater threat to America than ISIS. There is a plot involving criminal and occultic organizations within Islam that want to destabilize the United States and take it over. The Muslim Brotherhood, Nation of Islam, and Five Percenters are radical Islamic supremacists and terrorist organizations. The basketball player Carmello Anthony was seen wearing the Five Percenter necklace. The House of Saud and their allies in the UAE and other Sunni-Arab nations are the ones behind Islamic fascism. The word sodomy derives from the ancient Saudi tribe. Templars which were allied with Muslims during the Crusades were burned alive for sodomy. Why would people burn others alive for anal sex? They wouldn’t. They are cannibals that get off to turning people into sod and that is why they were burned alive. Over and over again Five Percenters and Black Hebrew Israelites threaten me and say they are going to kill white people as retaliation for exposing them. They also say they want to kill all white men and enslave all white women for sex slavery. Prince Zera Yacob Amha Selassie, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, and his brother Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman Al Saud are the primary leaders of this wicked group.

Minister Louis Farrakhan’s Letter on Jay Electronica, Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

I am very proud of the Fruit of Islam (F.O.I.) and the Believers who stood with Brother Jay Electronica as he delivered what he delivered to the people gathered in Brooklyn at The Hip Hop Festival in New York.

The Nation of Islam, abbreviated as NOI, is an African American political and religious movement, founded in Detroit, Michigan, United States, by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad on July 4, 1930.

Critics have described the organization as being black supremacist[4] and antisemitic.[5][6][7]

Kate Rothschild admits having an affair

Jay Electronica, 36, who is still managed by Miss Rothschild, was not named in the court documents, but the pair have publicly discussed their relationship.

Miss Rothschild also claimed in an interview that her love for the hip-hop star –with whom she “just connected”

Just Blaze explained that since Electronica now lives overseas it’s much harder to work together.

“Jay moved out to London. Jay’s got a situation in London. He’s doing good out there. He’s happy out there,” Just Blaze explained to

Welcome to the Temple Church. This is the church of Inner and Middle Temple, two of England’s four ancient societies of lawyers, the Inns of Court; we are here to serve the two Inns’ members and staff, and all those who work in this oasis of calm known as The Temple. We are glad to welcome visitors as well, from all over the world, to this beautiful and historic place at the very centre of London. Whether you want to discover one of the city’s loveliest areas, find some peace and quiet, or pray for your own loved ones here and at home, you are welcome.

Robin Griffith-Jones, Master of the Temple
Mark Hatcher, Reader of the Temple

Erykah Badu

On February 1, 2009, Badu gave birth to her third child, a girl named Mars Merkaba Thedford, with her boyfriend of five years, rapper Jay Electronica.[172]

“I’m not an anti-Semitic person,” Badu stated. “I don’t even know what anti-Semitic was before I was called it. I’m a humanist. I see good in everybody. I saw something good in Hitler.”

Carmello Anthony wearing a Five Percenter chain

Five-Percent Member Discusses Jay Z’s Potential Affiliation With The Nation

Jay Z’s alleged ties with the organization stem from both a recent lyrical reference to Yakub—an ancient scientist responsible for the creation of the White race according to Nation of Islam theology—and his sporadically donning the organization’s Universal Flag. On a featured verse that appeared on Jay Electronica’s “We Made It” last month, Jay Z raps, “I’m ready to chase Yakub back into the caves / These are the last days / But do I seem fazed?”

Jay Z was pictured wearing a prominent Universal Flag pendant while sitting court-side at a Brooklyn Nets game with wife Beyonce earlier this month.


LeBron James doing Jay Z’s Roc sign. LeBron James works with Islamic supremacists and Black Hebrew Israelites. LeBron James is a strong supporter of Barack Obama who admits to having Muslim faith. LeBron calls himself “King James” in reference to fake claims that King James of England was black. Afro-centrists exaggerate the Moorish invasion and claim Moors were all black. Moors were mostly Arab and Berber.

Obama: “My Muslim Faith

((Barack Obama is a sick psychotic blasphemer who electronically terrorizes people. Barack Obama electronically harassed the woman named Miriam Carey who drove down to DC claiming Obama was communicating with her which was true. There she was shot and murdered by the DC police who were electronically manipulated by Obama and his cult to shoot and kill an unarmed woman who was being electronically terrorized.))

On October 3, 2013, in Washington, D.C., Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Connecticut, attempted to drive through a White House security checkpoint in her black Infiniti G37 coupe, struck a U.S. Secret Service officer, and was chased by the Secret Service to the United States Capitol where she was fatally shot by law enforcement officers.

Federal officials said she may have suffered from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and that she may have believed that President Barack Obama was communicating with her.[29][30]

On December 10, 2012 Stamford police investigated the complaint and noted that Carey believed herself to be the “Prophet of Stamford” and insisted that Barack Obama had her house under electronic surveillance.

In June 2008, James donated $20,000 to a committee to elect Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.[374] Later that year, James gathered almost 20,000 people at the Quicken Loans Arena for a viewing of Obama’s 30-minute American Stories, American Solutions television advertisement.[375] The advertisement was shown on a large screen above the stage, where Jay-Z later held a free concert.[375] In November 2016, James endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.[376]

And you can count Cleveland Cavaliers megastar and Jay Z friend LeBron James as one of its fans, as he proved on Friday:

Jay Z and Barack Obama: A History of Their Friendship

The Saqaliba—a term that in medieval Arabic literature denoted the Slavic populations of central and eastern Europe (and possibly some of their neighbors)—offer a particularly insightful case study of the mechanisms of the early Islamic slave trade and the nature of the Muslim demand for slaves. What makes them such an ideal case study is their high visibility in texts produced in the Islamic world between the early 9th and early 11th centuries. Arab geographers and diplomats investigated their origins, while archaeological material, primarily hundreds of thousands of dirhams found in Scandinavia and the Slavic lands, contains traces of the trade in them. By combining these strands of evidence, we can build an exceptionally detailed image of slave trade systems that supplied Saqaliba to the Islamic markets, which, in turn, can be used to illustrate more general mechanisms governing the trade in and demand for slaves in the medieval Islamic world.


From Middle English, from Old French sclave, from Medieval Latin sclāvus (“slave”), from Late Latin Sclāvus (“Slav”), because Slavs were often forced into slavery in the Middle Ages;[1][2][3][4][5] see that entry and Slav for more.

Cameron Jibril Thomaz (born September 8, 1987), known professionally as Wiz Khalifa

Khalifa or Khalifah is a name or title which means “successor”, “deputy” or “steward”. It most commonly refers to the leader of a Caliphate, but is also used as a title among various Islamic religious groups and orders.

The House of Khalifa (Arabic: آل خليفة‎ Āl Khalīfah) is the ruling family of Bahrain. The Al Khalifas profess Sunni Islam and belong to the Utub tribe that migrated from Najd to Kuwait in the early 18th century.

King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa

The modern Order of the Temple of Solomon honours the Treaty of Ramla of 1192 AD, reconfirmed by the Treaty of Acre of 1229 AD, establishing peace and cooperation between the Knights Templar and the Muslim Saracen Knights of Arabian Chivalry

The mystery school masters of the Muslim (Sunni) Sufi Hashashin Order (“Assassins”) provided additional training over the years, for restoration of the Ancient Priesthood which the Templars recovered from the Temple of Solomon. Their Arabian Magi “ascended master” Grand Master Rashid Al-Din Sinan (1132-1192 AD) came to be affectionately known by the Knights Templar as the “Old Man of the Mountains”. [16] The Muslim (Shi’ite) Sufi Isma’ili Order also made many significant contributions to the infrastructure and institutional organization of the Knights Templar as a Chivalric Order. [17]

(The name of the Order of the Hashashin, often called the “Assassins”, actually derives from the medieval Arabic word Háshia meaning a “Royal Order” of knighthood. It was the Hashashin who taught the Templars about the ancient Djedhi Priesthood of Egypt as part of Sufi heritage.)

The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon (Latin: Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Salomonici), also known as the Order of Solomon’s Temple, the Knights Templar or simply the Templars, were a Catholic military order recognised in 1139 by the papal bull Omne datum optimum.[4] The order was founded in 1119 and was active until about 1312.[5]

Non-combatant members of the order, who formed as much as 90% of the order’s members,[2][3] managed a large economic infrastructure throughout Christendom,[7] developing innovative financial techniques that were an early form of banking,[8][9]


The word “Zebul” (from “zebel,” dung) is a cacophonic corruption of “Zebub,” in order to give the name the meaning of “god of the dung.” It is more likely that the name “Beelzebul” is a dialectic variation of “Beelzebub,” as “Beliar” is of “Belial”; Jerome read and translated the name as “dominus muscarum” (lord of flies).

Khepri is one of the important deities of Egyptian gods and identified as a form of a Ra, the Sun

He was associated with the scarab or dung beetle which the behavior considered represent of the sun god who propelling the sun through the sky every day. It demonstrates when after the beetle lays its eggs in a ball of dung, it will roll the ball along the ground until the young beetles are ready to hatch.

Sod or turf is grass and the part of the soil beneath it held together by its roots or another piece of thin material.

Currently, Switzerland has a number of fully operational Islamic banks which serve retail and islamic corporate banking offering halal financing products such as Ijara, Ijara-wa-iqtina, Mudaraba, Murabaha and Musharaka.

Black Hebrew Israelites: A diverse, black supremacy movement consisting of various sects.

Black Hebrew Israelite sects include “The Stream,” “Original African Hebrew Israelite Nation of Jerusalem,” “Nation of Yahweh (Yahweh Ben Yahweh),” “New York Yahweh,” “Black Hebrews,” etcetera.

Many of the sects (or ‘camps’) that identify themselves as part of this movement are considered racist hate groups.

Although most Hebrew Israelites are neither explicitly racist nor anti-Semitic and do not advocate violence, there is a rising extremist sector within the Hebrew Israelite movement whose adherents believe that Jews are devilish impostors and who openly condemn whites as evil personified, deserving only death or slavery.

Yahweh ben Yahweh, which in Hebrew means “the Lord son of the Lord,” and his followers were charged with killing former members who disagreed with the leader, in one instance by decapitation. The indictment also charged that new members were made to prove their devotion by killing a random white person, usually a vagrant. It said Yahweh ben Yahweh told members “to kill me a white devil and bring me an ear.”

Louis Farrakhan says Blacks are the Real Children of Israel

H.I.M. Zera Yacob Amha Selassie, Negus of Ethiopia

H.I.M. Zera Yacob Amha Selassie, Negus of Ethiopia is a ruthless psychopath

“His Imperial Majesty King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and Elect of God”

Moses Michael Levi Barrow [2] (born Jamal Michael Barrow; November 8, 1979),[3][better source needed] is a Belizean rapper better known by his stage name Shyne. Barrow was born in Belize, but moved to New York as a child to live with his mother, and began his music career in the United States. His father is attorney and politician Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize since 2008.

officially changing his name to Moses Michael Levi Barrow in 2006.


Erik Alexander Hofemeister is a racist supremacist and associate of the Black Hebrew Israelites as well as MS13 which are involved in a child kidnapping ring in his area of Virginia Beach. He practices Solomon witchcraft and is a sodomite cannibal. What I am about to explain is highly disturbing but needs to be understood about the nature of these sodomites. Erik Hofemeister gang stalks men and women to death. The occult have infiltrated the hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes and traffic the blood and flesh of murdered gang stalked victims to those that carry out the gang stalking. Erik Hofemeister then eats the genitals of the person and then orgasms onto the excrement. Then him and others like him have anal sex with men and transsexuals or women wearing strap ons after they cannibalize people. Jay Electronic, Wiz Khalifa, and Jay Z all do this too. Then after all this Erik Hofemeister acts like a psychotic devil like a raging fire that terrorizes people claiming he is their god and that they are a false tare. He attacks people saying “Enough is enough” and “I am your God” “You are a cannibal sodomite like me” “You are a false tare” and “I own you.” He says dark skinned people are the master race and he hates white people. Erik Alexander Hofemeister is a psychotic liar and false accuser that attempts to murder people that are against his depravity and bases his attacks on lies and made up accusations. He is a completely absurd hate filled and murderous abomination.


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  2. Forgive my English which isn’t my mother tongue, but it’s sad to know that some of your relatives was actually harmed by them, my late condolence. It takes an enormous amount of courage to accomplish what you have done despite all the danger constantly aimed at yourself and your loved ones.


  3. Sir could you allow posting links in comment section? I really need you to look at this “unusual” Q&A with someone who claimed he is member of the generational ruling family? At first everyone thought this was just some random boring joke on the internet but it turned out to be much more fascinating.


    • You speak for everyone? I normally have to approve comments on here but somehow you have bypassed this while also “asking” me to allow comments. Why is that your comments have bypassed my authorization? I could delete your comments but I wanted to point this out. Every other comment I have had to click allow yet his comments were automatically authorized.


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        I just want to make sure that I’m not their henchman if that is what you are afraid of.


  4. “then eats the genitals of the person and then orgasms onto the excrement. Then him and others like him have anal sex with men and transsexuals or women wearing strap ons after they cannibalize people”

    Just an extreeeeeeeeemely simple question: How do you know this??


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