Legion Legate of Anonymous

Marshall Bruce Mathers III or Eminem is a high level satanic Illuminati idol and the top commander of Anonymous inside the United States.  Eminem is the Legion Legate of Anonymous or second in command who acts as the acting leader under the consul. The term “Marshal” in military is a high ranking general or commander. Anonymous are computer hackers that call themselves Legion. Legion in reference to the legion of devils mentioned in the Bible which occurred in the Roman Empire. Rome called their military regiments legions. Anonymous wear Jesuit Guy Fawkes masks. Eminem is trained in various forms of witchcraft and satanic mind control. Eminem’s rap lyrics are designed in sync with the mainframe that the electronic grid is resonating into society. Eminem’s songs have satanic mind control spells in them along with subliminal messages. The NSA database is like a giant central processing unit that controls the electronic grid and this includes modern electronics, electrical substations, telephone poles, transformers, and the USAF’s HAARP. The NSA through the electronic grid resonates an artificial program into society and they call this program Zion. Through this artificial program they can link words with other words or symbols through numeric codes. This is how they are mind controlling society and individuals. Many members in the entertainment industry like rappers, musicians, and writers are trained in developing spells based on this artificial program they call Zion. The Church of Scientology is deeply involved in this and works closely with Silicon Valley which develops electronics and computer software. Eminem works with Anonymous hackers who track people who speak out. They build profiles on people used for developing psychological torture programs on them. They design spells and radiate them at their victims through electronic emissions. Eminem’s motivation for this is that he enjoys being sadistic. Eminem is also a pedophile. In his music video “Just Lose It” Eminem dresses up as Michael Jackson who was charged with child molestation twice. He dressed up like Pee Wee Herman played by Paul Reubens who was charged with child pornography. Eminem also dressed up as Santa and has children sitting on his lap. Eminem has several associates in organized crime and the rap industry including 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Royce da 5’9″, Yelawolf, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Kxng Crooked and the rap group D12. He works with the producer Rick Rubin who is the top warlock in the music industry. Rick Rubin and Eminem track people online and target them with electronic weapons. Rick Rubin is known as their “hunter.” Eminem was signed by Dr. Dre who is a human trafficker and the top boss of the West Coast Crips and both Eminem and Dr. Dre work under the Italian white collar mobster Jimmy Iovine who is worth nearly 1 billion. Eminem is also a Freemason and wears a pyramid around his neck.


The Bruce clan of Scotland oversee Freemasons in Michigan which assist Marshall Bruce Mathers III. David Hill is the current Grand Master of Michigan. Eminem has access to neuro-computer interface technology and uses it to harass people through emissions radiated from electronics. He is trained in computer hacking and commands Anonymous through the Dark Web. Eminem is a computer hacker. Eminem even claimed he doesn’t know how to use a computer. That is total nonsense. Eminem is one of the most destructive mind controllers in society and is completely sadistic and diabolical. His spells are designed to influence human sacrifice, spousal abuse, pedophilia and many disturbed behaviors in society and his disturbing lyrics are the evidence for this. Eminem made a song about a fictional fan that was obsessed with him who kills himself and his girlfriend while Eminem plays himself in the song and presents himself as if he is rational and normal. This is completely sociopathic, manipulative, and egotistical. Eminem is also propped up as a demonic cult leader who uses signs and codes to communicate with them as well as using messengers through the Dark Web. The reason Eminem is important in the satanic community is because he has a massive following with tens of millions of fans. I have seen his fans call him a god. Eminem is also worth 190 million. Anonymous members wear Guy Fawkes masks. Guy Fawkes was an agent of the Vatican that attempted to blow up King James and the House of Lords. The British Crown and Vatican are both evil and corrupt entities that work together and also compete for dominance. Anonymous pretend to be opposed to corruption as their shield and are really sadistic and depraved. Q Anon is a DARPA operation and Q really refers to the Star Trek character played by John de Lancie who is covertly involved in Scientology. QAnon is the US military’s Mastering the Human Domain and an imitation of real opposition. Mastering the Human Domain is using brain reading software. QAnon acts like the character Q in Star Trek and pretending to be all knowing, . There are some fooled followers of Anonymous that are not initiated and corrupted. I believe the third in command or the camp prefect of Anonymous is a man named Kevin Hansen who lives somewhere in the Mid West. A female cannibal named Courtney McDermot who lives in Michigan works under Eminem’s cult. Marshall Mathers sacrificed his friend Proof who was shot and killed. Eminem made the music video called “Like Toy Soldiers” where his friend Proof gets shot and killed in the music video right before Proof was literally shot and killed in real life. This is called lesser magic in Satanism. He is even mocking his followers by referring to them as “toy soldiers.” Eminem was involved in the sacrifice of Brittany Murphy which was carried out by the satanic Hollywood cult which also used lesser magic in her last movie dying in a bath tub. Brittany Murphy was in the movie 8 Mile with Eminem. Eminem is a satanic ritual abuser architect and is involved in programming women like Katy Perry which is why she dyed her hair blond and why she has become pure evil. Eminem and Rick Rubin are extremely murderous, sadistic, cannibalistic, and diabolical.


Rick Rubin is extremely evil and tracks people online who expose corruption. There is no way Eminem who is a music producer does not know how to use a computer. He claims this as a preemptive attempt to disassociate himself with his cyber crimes. Eminem is a high level commander of Anonymous.


Eminem: ‘I don’t know how to use a computer’

In this video Eminem dresses up like Michael Jackson who was tried and charged with pedophilia on two occasions. Eminem even sits in a bed with children in the video. Michael Jackson admitted to sleeping with children in his bed. Eminem also dressed up as the character Pee Wee Herman played by Paul Reubens who was arrested for public masturbation and later arrested and charged for possession of pornography of underage children and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge with the court order that he cannot be around minors without permission of their parents. Eminem also dresses up as Santa Claus and has children sitting on his lap in the video.


U.S. Army Mastering the Human Domain: Identity Operations for Strategic Landpower

Biometrics– and forensics-enabled intelligence, as well as, document and media exploitation support Identity Intelligence which includes Identity discovery, resolution, and exploitation. Intelligence derived from traditional sources of information, such as Signals Intelligence and Human Intelligence, continue to contribute to Identity Intelligence. JP 1-02 defines Identity Intelligence as “The intelligence resulting from the processing of identity attributes concerning individuals, groups, networks, or populations of interest.” These outputs enable Joint Force Command directed tasks, missions, and actions to establish identity, affiliations and authorizations in order to deny anonymity to the adversary and protect Land Force and partner nation assets, facilities, and forces.


QAnon[a] (/kjuːəˈnɒn/) is a right-wing conspiracy metatheory[1] which began with an October 2017 post on the anonymous imageboard 4chan by someone using the handle Q, a presumably American[2] individual that may have later grown to include multiple individuals[3][4][5] claiming to have access to classified information involving the Trump administration and its opponents in the United States.


Q is a fictional character as well as the name of a race in Star Trek appearing in the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager series, as well as in related media. The most familiar Q is portrayed by John de Lancie.

He is an extra-dimensional being of unknown origin who possesses immeasurable power over normal human notions of time, space, the laws of physics, and reality itself, being capable of violating or altering them in unpredictable ways with a casual thought or hand gesture. Despite his vast knowledge and experience spanning untold eons (and much to the exasperation of the object(s) of his obsession), he is not above practical jokes for his own personal amusement, for a Machiavellian and manipulative purpose, or to prove a point.

Q is initially presented as a cosmic force judging humanity to see if it is becoming a threat to the universe, but as the series progresses, his role morphs more into one of a teacher to Picard and the human race generally – albeit often in seemingly destructive or disruptive ways, subject to his own amusement.


John de Lancie is really a Scientologist. Scientologists use technology to manipulate and harass people. They have neuro-computer interface technologies, brain-biological hacking software, and they operate on the Dark Web. That is what Scientology really is and it is a US military DARPA operation. John de Lancie is evil and diabolical and is literally part of QAnon. Scientologists are DARPA agents. QAnon like the character Q acts robotic, arrogant, and deceptive.


Matthew Ayasse is a sadistic computer hacker and a really disgusting member of Anonymous. He works under the authority of Eminem and the Scientologist John de Lancie through the Dark Web. Matthew Ayasse claims that he has worked as a computer hacker for the US government. He is financed to stalk people online and censor out information. He manipulates search results and websites like YouTube while he is intoxicated on adrenaline filled human blood and claims that his manipulation of the internet makes him an omnipotent god. He is idiotic. It is psychotic blasphemy. Matthew Ayasse shares snuff films including videos of children being murdered through the Dark Web to large groups of people to entice them and then these people carry out attacks on society with the motivation of destabilizing society for the purpose of human trafficking and doing the things they see in snuff films. Matthew Ayasse has hacked cars and caused deadly accidents and then cannibalized and drank the blood of the murdered victims including children through the occult’s network which has infiltrated hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes. Matthew Ayasse along with his extremely evil and cannibalistic sister Sarah Ayasse have murdered men, women, and children and then drank their blood and cannibalized them.





  1. Eminem is under the command of Steven James Dishon through his ex wife and witch Anna Dishon. Eminem was initiated by witches early on. They are both from Michigan. Above them in authority is the Detroit Partnership and Daniel Gilbert along with the Romney, DeVos, and Prince families of Michigan with are in league with the mafia. The Romney family are the top political authority. The DeVos family are billionaire businessmen. The Prince family are military Knights of Malta with Erik Prince the founder of Blackwater. Michigan is a major center for corruption in the United States.


    • Now the pedophile and cannibal Marshall Bruce Mathers III is sending me death threats on behalf of the rappers I exposed involved in organized crime. Eminem is sending me death threats on behalf of Havoc, Styles P, and Jadakiss.


    • Where do you get your information from? I’m particularly interested in the information about Steven James Dishon and him being above Eminem.


      • Steven James Dishon has relentlessly attacked me. I have large amounts of gang stalkers that attack me and let me know they work for him. Dishon is initiated into all the top secret societies including Jesuits, Scottish Rite, Royal Order of Jesters, Chabad, and Oddfellows. He is also connected with mobsters and Hells Angels. He has a willingness to be extremely ruthless and murderous and this is why he elevated to a high level. From what I can tell Dishon’s ex wife Anna Dishon has authority over Eminem and I believe she is from the Gambino bloodline.


  2. A female gang stalker by the name of Sherrine Garland is a top leader of a cult of Amazon child murdering and cannibalistic Satanists. Her daughter named Victoria Garland is also a child murdering cannibal. They are relentless persecutors and involved in trafficking the blood and flesh of murdered victims of gang stalking.


  3. I really appreciate your extensive and exhaustive research but I have a few questions that I hope you do not take offense to, because I’m simply trying to understand your methods and presentation.

    1. You have slammed RFB, Aplanetruth.info, , A call to an uprising, and Pocketsofthefuture. I find all of these youtube channels provide entertaining and/or enlightening content. If you could elaborate a bit on what exactly your issue is with each of these people I’d appreciate it.

    2. Although I don’t necessarily doubt any of the claims you’ve made about people (murder, cannibalism, fagggotry etc), unless you’ve got personal witness or video of these activities which you share with your readers, then it tends to sound like pure hyperbole to readers who may be less aware of how sick these people are and tend to lessen your credibility in their eyes.

    So I ask, if your purpose is to have your information seen as credible, wouldn’t it make sense to leave some of the more sensational or less researchable information out of your presentations? Please don’t get me wrong. Some of your readers know quite well from their own research how twisted these people are, but the newer less knowledgeable readers are going to find some of your claims just unbelievable and ridiculous.

    Thanks again for your time answering Zeus.


    • I find it more effective to expose these psychopaths for their crimes. I could explain why however that might take away its effect.

      These shills like USTradingChamp often use the tactic of passive aggressiveness. They pretend to be nice and on your side but are really sinister.

      What are you trading by the way? I see Asian foods when I look up US Trading. And you are a champ of what? All I take away from your name is you implying you traffic Asian people to cannibals or at least are working with them. This is how these people operate. They are a constant mockery. Who would choose a name like USTradingChamp anyways. Even if he worked for the company USTrading why the hell would he choose that as his name. This is not normal behavior. I know you are a troll and this is why I have no problem calling you out on it. I hope someone tracks you down and catches you in the act of human trafficking because I know you are involved. I know exactly how you people operate. I know your codes too and how your name USTradingChamp and the word Lucky equal 633. You work for the House of Glucksburg and I just posted an article on them a few hours ago on my Reddit site. Gluck means luck. That is beyond coincidence and follows the same pattern all other trolls follow. We will see how lucky you are now after this. As far as I am concerned human traffickers and child murderers need to be burned alive. And they already are.

      House of Bad Luck (self.EndTheNewWorldOrder)
      submitted 3 hours ago by AhuwahZeus


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