Borgia Mafia

The House of Borgia are one of the most well known bloodlines of the Black Nobility and are infamous for being murderous and ruthless. They use a red bull on their coat of arms which symbolizes their aggressiveness. The Borgia family originated in Valencia, Spain and are historically known as Marranos which means half-Jews. They were originally Hebrew speaking Babylonians living in Morocco that were working with the Canaanite Carthaginians during the times of ancient Rome. The Borgia family directly produced Pope Callixtus III and Pope Alexander VI. Francesco Borgia was a former Superior General of the Jesuits. Pope Innocent X was also closely related with the Borgias through a marriage between the Borgia and Pamphilj families. Pope Innocent X was a Canon Law lawyer and was depicted as the devil in Guido Reni’s painting. There is also a statue of Pope Innocent X at Capitoline Hill. Canon law really takes its name from Canaan. Canaanites were enemies of the original Israelites and their leader was called Gog. Pope Francis’s real name is Jorge Mario Ber-gog-lio and Borgoglio is a variant of this name. A group of Canaanites migrated into Greece and to Carthage. Carthaginians later migrated into Spain and other parts of Europe. The House of Borgia have intermarried with the Este and Sforza bloodlines and their Spanish branch intermarried with various Spanish noble lineages like House of Trastamara of Aragon. Prince Luigi Borgia is currently a member of the House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies Military Order of Saint George and a noble of Naples. The Borgia family claim the titles of Dukes Dios in France which is currently held by their Spanish line. The Borgia family were known for murdering civilians for fun and poisoning their enemies. This information is being downplayed and has been removed from historical texts in recent years. I believe the Black Nobility forced the Borgia family out of Rome because they have a rule about not killing each other and not being too reckless like publically slaughtering civilians like Cesare Borgia did. The other Black Nobility are just as murderous and ruthless however they are more discreet and do not normally kill each other off. They have caused wars and killed millions of people but they don’t normally kill each other. I believe this is why they pushed the Borgia family out of the Black Nobility’s inner circle in Rome. This family is completely ruthless and aggressive.

The Borgia family still exist today as Dukes in Spain and have established family lines in South America with Rodrigo Borja Cevallos the former President of Ecuador. Rodrigo Borja and his wife are knighted by the Spanish royal family and have one son and three daughters. In 1992 President Rodrigo Borja Cevallos met with President George Herbert Walker Bush for a Drug Summit Conference in San Antonio Texas where they plotted to enable drug trafficking. Alvaro Alfredo Magama Borja was President of El Salvador. The Borgia family own and command a faction of MS-13 which are an extremely violent street gang originating in El Salvador. Alvaro Alfredo Magama Borja was put in power through Operation Condor a program that was orchestrated by United States and European intelligence agencies as a continuation of their Operation Gladio. Operation Condor included assassinations, terrorism, and military usurpation of governments in South America. Organized crime increased after Operation Condor and this is why there are so many drug cartels in South America today. GrupoBorja is a South American investment company located in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the Dominican Republic. GrupoBorja is involved in nearly every industry including real estate, agriculture, energy, media, and retail. GrupoBorja is run by Juan Jose Borja Papini, Ernesto Borja Papini, and Julia Margarita Borja Papini. Francisco de Borja Lasheras is the head of Madrid’s office for the European Council on Foreign Relations. Fernando Borja Mujica is a Jesuit Georgetown educated Mexican banker that is Secretary of the Board of Directors at Banco Santander in Mexico. The Borgia or Borja family have ownership of Scissionisti di Secondigliano Camorra mafia also called Spagnoli for Spaniards because of their involvement in Spain. The remaining Italian Borgia family are princes in Naples where Camorra is headquartered. The Borgia family also have part ownership of the Juarez Cartel which are located in Chihuahua, Mexico. San Francisco de Borja is a town in Chihuahua named by the Jesuits for Francesco Borgia. The Borgias origianted in Valencia, Spain. Cardinal Antonio Llovera is Archbishop of Valencia and when asked about the Church and pedophilia he deflected away by bringing up abortion as a more serious issue. He also neglected to mention that an estimated 300,000 newborn babies were stolen from mothers in Spain by the Roman Catholic Church. Don Benjumea de Soto Francisco de Borja is a member of the Spanish House of Borja and he married the Italian Princess Fabrizia Ruffo Di Calabria. The head of the House of Borgia is Don Francisco de Borja-Soto and Moreno-Santamaria who is the current Duke of Escalona and Duke of Frias.


Duke Francisco of Borja-Soto and Moreno-Santamaria



  1. Great information, but I would like to correct one thing: I am from El Salvador and the MS-13 gang originated in the United States and then exported to our country. The CIA and the Jesuits created our civil war and we didn’t have a gang epidemic until they started deporting those gang members back to our country. The Mexican Mafia is used to control the MS-13 and 18th Street gangs, among others, as the low-end drug dealers and assassins.

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  2. Wow! the south amarica drug violent group is relation to those nobility family wow! this is shark info , thank u reveal that


  3. The etymology of canon derives from the Greek word kanOn – kappa alfa nu omega nu – with the meaning “rule” which in turn derives from the Hebrew root kanE – kof nun he – which is a measuring reed. The etymology of “Canaan” is obscure and disputed.


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