Masonic House of Lies

Freemasonry refers to building or constructing. Freemasonry is about constructing elements in society intended for control over populations. Masons build mind control programs involving religion, politics, philosophy, and entertainment. They also build connections for control over elements in society through agents and family members. A Masonic program is called a temple and many temples house idols like religious leaders, teachers, politicians, and entertainers. Masonic-Conscious temples are constructed through geometric vibrations. Words and sounds generate vibrations and vibrations have mathematical properties. Most music and movie producers are trained in masonry. A person who follows a Masonic program is absorbing these vibrations into their mind. The temple in anatomy refers to the sides of the temporal lobe. When a person dreams or uses their imaginations the thoughts get densified into visuals in their temporal lobes. When people communicate, learn, and absorb information normally there is little natural architecture that clogs, blocks, or trances the mind. Masonic temples are built on deceit and designed to create interferences. Freemasons specialize in building their deceptions with structural integrity. The Dukes of Argyll in Scotland are high level Freemasonic owners. Ar-gyll is really for guile or deceit. They are also using electronics to enhance these vibrations. Scientologists use Freemasonic teachings. Freemasons and other occultic organizations use masonic codes like numbers, symbols, and phrases to communicate information with each other. Groups like the Rosicrucian Order and Hermetic Order are similar but emphasize more on chemical manipulation of the human psyche and physiology. Jesuits are masonic. The Royal Institute and Royal Society are scientific secret societies in the United Kingdom and they have masonic and occultic origins. If they can design a lie with mathematical precision then they consider the lie to be truth. Most people in society that have high level influences in politics, media, education, entertainment, and religion are trained in a form of masonry. Freemasons are builders in society and construct programs used for control. The word govern-ment means control mind.

Freemasonry has ancient origins and various forms were used in all the ancient civilizations and empires. Ancient Freemasonry primarily originated in ancient Egypt and this is why Freemasons use pyramids in their symbols. Modernized Freemasonry was developed through various groups including the Roman Catholic Church, Order of Malta, Knights Templar, Royal Knighthoods and Stonemason Guilds. Various secret societies use the same corrupt knowledge and techniques as Freemasonry does. The Order of Malta is a masonic organization that uses a Grand Master and degrees of initiations just like Freemasonry. Royal knighthoods are masonic orders. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta is the oldest knighthood on the planet originating on the island of Malta and was authorized by the Pope of Rome. The Library of Alexandria was developed by the Greco-Egyptian Ptolemaic Dynasty and was used to collect and monopolize knowledge and scripts in the ancient world. They used force and pay offs to gather written knowledge and then Julius Caesar moved the scripts before intentionally burning down the library. This was a strategic plot carried out by the imperial bloodlines to covertly monopolize information and cover up their secrets. During the Crusades the Knights Templar discovered some of this left over Kabbalistic-Masonic knowledge through the Order of Al-Hashashin also called the Assassins. The Assassins obtained their knowledge from Solomon’s Temple. Rome shut down the Knights Templar to try and stop their competitors before they got too big. The Knights Templar were later reformatted into the Order of the Garter, Sacred Constantinian Military Order of Saint George and Order of Montesa. These royal military knighthoods oversee the Grand Lodges of Freemasonry and are subordinate knighthoods to the Order of Malta and Order of Saint John which are masonic knighthoods.

The knowledge of Freemasonry is about deception and mind control. There are various Masonic divisions and groups and it’s all intermixed today. Kabbalah is also a form of masonry and sorcery and it too is generally a dumbed down version compared to the occult knowledge that the royal and noble families possess. Grand Masters have the most knowledge and grant teachings through initiations or degrees. To the non sociopathic members initiations are mostly ceremonial however those who prove their criminality and psychopathy are granted their real teachings in deception, mind control, and covert warfare. The purpose of Freemasonry is mind control. Scottish Rite Freemasonry is the head of all Freemasonic orders which does not include Masonic type organizations like the Order of Malta, Order of the Holy Sepulchre, and Order of the Garter. Prince Edward the Duke of Kent is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England with Prince William as a hidden back up along with former Grand Master Marquess Spencer Compton. Prince Michael of Kent is the Grand Master of the Mark Master Masons. Most Grand Masters are also members of the military. Freemasons are a militarized group. The Scottish Peers specialize in Freemasonry with Prince Charles of Wales and Duke of Rothesay Scotland as the true head of the Scottish Rite and manages Grand Master Charles I.R. Wolrige Gordon. Prince Andrew the Duke of York runs the York Rite. Prince Filippo Rospigliosi the Earl of Newburgh Scotland is a top Freemason better trained than Prince Charles and is an and agent of Rome. The Ruspoli-Marescotti family have Scottish ancestry and through blood lineage manage the Scott family of Scotland. Scottish Rite Freemasonry controls the Grand Orient of Italy headquartered in Rome with Grand Master Stefano Bisi as a mediator between the British Crown’s Freemasonry and the Vatican which work together. I believe Stefano Bisi is a distant relative of the Albizi family of Florence which use a spiral for their coat of arms. Freemasons use spirals in their symbols and it represents hypnosis. Richard Bautista is the Grand Master in Washington DC and oversees many US politicians. David Dixon Goodwin is the Sovereign Grand Master of the Allied Masonic Degrees and a top masonic authority in the United States.

The Stuart, Sinclair or St. Clair, Hamilton, Murray, Ramsay, Campbell, Hay, Macdonald, Gordon, Orr-Ewing, and Bruce clans are high level Scottish nobility and involved with managing the Grand Lodge of Scotland. The Campbell clan of Scotland have been Grand Master Masons, merchants, bankers, and they established Argyle Hotel in Babylon New York as well as Couttes bank. Most top Scottish nobles have produced Grand Masters. William St Clair of Roslin was the first Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. Viscount John Archibald Sinclair of Thurso is a top member of the Sinclair clan and a politician in the UK. Nigel Sinclair is a Knight of the British Empire and Hollywood producer. Justin Trudeau is a Sinclair. Baron Godfrey Macdonald is the head of the Macdonald clan and his father was a former Scottish Grand Master Mason. The Stuart family of England, Scotland, and Ireland oversee Freemasonry for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Several Stuarts have been Knights of Malta. Randolph Stewart of Galloway was a former Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. In the 18th century James Stuart of Moray was the Scottish Grand Master. Douglas Grey is the current Grand Master in of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. Baron Randal Plunkett of Dunsany is a high level Freemason. The Abercorn and FitzGerald families have been Grand Masters in Ireland and are headed up today by James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Abercorn and Maurice FitzGerald, 9th Duke of Leinster. Joseph Morrow is the head of the Lyon Court in Scotland and a former Grand Master. Archibald Donald Orr-Ewing the 6th Baronet was a Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and both his father and grandfathers were also Grand Masters. His son is Alastair Frederick Archibald Orr-Ewing. Andrew Bruce of Elgin was a former Grand Master and his sons are Charles Edward Bruce, Adam Bruce, and Alexander Bruce. The Ramsay family produced 3 Scottish Grand Masters. Merlin Hay of Erroll is Lord High Constable of Scotland which is a top authority among Scottish nobility and the Hay family produced 3 Scottish Grand Master Masons. Aeneas Simon Mackay the 15th Lord Reay is a covert and wicked Freemason in Scotland. Freemasons are foreign agents and a cult of Luciferians working for the royal and noble families. There are thousands of masonic lodges in the United States which need to be shut down.

United Grand Lodge of England and its Grand Master and council

United Grand Lodge of Scotland and its Grand Master and council

Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees

Grand Lodges in the United States

Grand Lodge of Washington DC

Grand Lodge of New York

North Hollywood Lodge

List of Grand Master Masons of the Grand Lodge of Scotland,_24th_Earl_of_Erroll

Merlin Sereld Victor Gilbert Hay, 24th Earl of Erroll (born 20 April 1948) is a crossbench member of the House of Lords, Chief of the Scottish clan Hay, and hereditary Lord High Constable of Scotland.[1],_16th_Earl_of_Kinnoull

Charles William Harley Hay, 16th Earl of Kinnoull (born 20 December 1962), styled as Viscount Dupplin until 2013, is a British hereditary peer and crossbench member of the House of Lords.

The Rev Canon Dr Joseph John Morrow CBE KStJ QC DL LLD is the current Lord Lyon King of Arms.[1]

From 2004-2005 he served as the 108th Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.[10] In March 2018 he was appointed as the First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland. In 2012, he was appointed Commander of the Venerable Order of St John.[11] In December 2015 he was promoted to the rank of Knight.[12][13],_20th_Earl_of_Caithness

Malcolm Ian Sinclair, 20th Earl of Caithness, PC (born 3 November 1948) is a British Conservative politician and member of the House of Lords as one of the remaining hereditary peers. He is also 20th Lord Berriedale, 15th Baronet Sinclair, of Canisbay, Co. Caithness, Nova Scotia, and chief of Clan Sinclair. He is the Chief Executive of the Clan Sinclair Trust.

Margaret Joan Trudeau (née Sinclair, formerly Kemper; born September 10, 1948) is a Canadian author, actress, photographer, former television talk show hostess, and social advocate for people with bipolar disorder, which she is diagnosed with. She is the former wife of Pierre Trudeau, 15th Prime Minister of Canada; they divorced in 1984, during his final months in office. She is the mother of Justin Trudeau

Trudeau was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the daughter of Scottish-born James “Jimmy” Sinclair,-17th-Earl-of-Dalhousie

James Ramsay the 17th Earl of Dalhousie

Simon Ramsay is an Australian politician whose ancestors came from Scotland. He is a sadistic Freemason. Simon Ram-Say uses a type of “Simon Says” psychological warfare. It is childish narcissism and insolence. He pretends he is god and attacks people for not doing what he says. This idiot needs to be executed.

Aeneas Simon Mackay 15th Lord Reay,_New_York

Babylon (village), New York

The famous Argyle Hotel in Babylon was one of many built in the late 19th century to accommodate wealthy summer visitors from New York City. It was constructed in 1882 by August Belmont, the LIRR and resort entrepreneur on the former estate of Brooklyn railroad magnate Electus B. Litchfield. Financing was provided by a syndicate headed by Long Island Rail Road President, Austin Corbin. The grounds, which included a large millpond, Blythebourne Lake became renamed Argyle Lake, for one of the hotel’s largest investors and town aristocrat, the heir to the Dukedom of Argyll.

George William Campbell, 6th Duke of Argyll, formerly 3rd Baron Hamilton, GCH PC

note: Member of Parliament (Whig) for St Germans 1790-96; suc. his half-brother Douglas [Hamilton], 8th Duke of Hamilton 2 Aug 1799 as 3rd Baron Hamilton; Lord Lieutenant of Argyll 1800-39; Grandmaster of Scottish Freemasons 1822-24; Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland 1827-28 and 1830-39; Lord Steward of the Household 1833-34 and 1835-39; Privy Councillor 1833; GCH 1833

John Campbell, 2nd Marquess of Breadalbane

He held the office of Grand Master of the Freemasons [Scotland] between 1824 and 1826.

Alexander George Gordon, 7th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair

The project has been supported by a grant of £1.1million from the Heritage Lottery Fund Parks for People programme, with further funding from Leader, Historic Scotland, Aberdeenshire Council, the National Trust for Scotland and Haddo Estate.

Charles Iain Robert Wolrige-Gordon the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and 22nd of Hallhead and 11th of Esslemont

In the spring of 1692, a young Scot, John Campbell of Lundie, set up business as a goldsmith-banker at the sign of The Three Crowns in Strand, London. Earliest records show that, in addition to supplying plate and jewellery, Campbell offered a comprehensive banking service – discounting bills, making loans and taking deposits. Many of his customers were his fellow countrymen, including his clan chief, the powerful Duke of Argyll.,_13th_Duke_of_Argyll

Torquhil Ian Campbell, 13th and 6th Duke of Argyll (born 29 May 1968), styled as Earl of Campbell before 1973 and as Marquess of Lorne between 1973 and 2001, is a Scottish peer.


From Middle English gile, from Anglo-Norman gile, from Old French guile (“deception”)[1], from Frankish *wigila (“ruse”). Cognate via Proto-Germanic with wile.

The title Earl of Newburgh (pronounced “New-bruh”) was created in the Peerage of Scotland in 1660 for James Livingston, 1st Viscount of Newburgh, along with the subsidiary titles Viscount of Kynnaird and Lord Levingston.

Filippo Giambattista Camillo Francesco Aldo Maria Rospigliosi, 11th Prince Rospigliosi and 12th Earl of Newburgh (b. 1942);[2]

((Hidden Head of Scottish Rite Freemasonry))

The Rospigliosi family is an ancient noble Italian family from Pistoia. Attested since the Middle Ages, it became wealthy through agriculture, trade and industry, reaching the apogee of its power and the high nobility status in Rome thanks to Giulio Rospigliosi, elected pope in 1667 with the name of Clement IX.

The Albizzi family (Italian pronunciation: [ˈalbittsi]) was a Florentine family originally based in Arezzo, who were rivals of the Medici and Alberti families.

Stefano Bisi the Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy


  1. The “G” in Freemasonry means various things to different masons including God, Geometry, and Growth. I believe it really means Gateway and may also refer to the fallen angel Gadreel who is associated with deceiving Eve in the Garden of Eden. Masons stand in front of the threshold to Satan’s kingdom which is the occult’s underworld involving human sacrifice, pedophilia, terrorism, greed, gang stalking, and other various crimes occurring in society. The black and white checkerboard refers to their fake duality they impose into society. Their two pillars represent politics (words) and business (numbers). Freemasonry is a dangerous religious cult and they are involved in subverting governments for foreign agents.


  2. There is a high level Freemason in my region named David Cahill. He is a multi millionaire that owns several businesses. He receives pay offs disguised as business loans for commanding gang stalking cults. He is involved with human sacrifice, organized gang stalking, harassment, and terrorism. His daughter’s name is Jamie Cahill-Bailey and she is a high level satanic witch also involved in gang stalking and human sacrifice including sacrificing of children. She has purchased sex trafficked children and murdered them. She is one of the most evil witches I have ever come across. She lies non stop. She is a satanic terrorist. She pretends to be a loving mother. She is one hundred percent pure evil and murderous. Her grandmother and her sacrificed an old man named Marty on May, 5 2010. She worked at a hospital so she could obtain blood. She manages a very large satanic cult of witches in her region. Her Wiccan cult have murdered countless people in her region. Her ex-boyfriend is a US marine involved with human trafficking inside the United States. I believe her husband is a closely related cousin of the Bailey banking family of London and Ireland. Janus Capital now Janus Henderson was founded by the Bailey family. It is an investment firm with managed assets around 300 billion. A little insecure and zealous man named James Laccavole is a satanic gang stalker and terrorist that works under Jamie Cahill-Bailey and he is involved in cyber stalking, human sacrifice, blood drinking, and intellectual theft as well as poisoning people. Jimmy Laccavole is the leader of all the Pepe the Frog shills on YouTube. Jimmy Laccavole is a plague who submits to women, acts like a tough guy, terrorizes and falsely accuses others while stealing from and imitating from the people him and his cult persecute. He works with another little zealot named Carlos Ruiz. Jamie Cahill-Bailey wants to burn men, women and children alive. That is her motivation. That is the motivation of all satanic witches. She is the most murderous witch I have ever come across. That is why she is being named.


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