Fountain of Tyranny

The Wellesley family are a high level British nobility involved in military and have alliances with the House of Orange, House of Bonaparte, Spanish House of Bourbon, and British Crown. The Wellesley family’s ultimate loyalty is to the Dutch Crown. I believe they have origins in Venice and were originally the Venetian Fonte family which gave the name Fonte to the commune of Treviso. Fonte means Well in Italian like a water hole or spring. The House of Orange also have Venetian origins and use the shell symbol for their Royal Dutch Shell company in reference to the orange haired deity Venus being birthed out of sea from a seashell. Venice is named for Venus. The Venetians were the top merchants for centuries. The head of the House of Wellesely is Arthur Charles Valerian Wellesley the 9th Duke of Wellington and he has worked as a director, chairman, and deputy director for about a dozen different merchant companies including several French based companies like Pernod Ricard and Sanofi. His wife is Princess Antonia of Prussia of the House of Hohenzollern which are German royalty. King William I of the Netherlands’ mother was a Hohenzollern and his daughter Princess Marianne married a Hohenzollern. Arthur Wellesley the Earl of Mornington worked for Bain & Company, Charterhouse Capital Partners and currently works for Oakley Capital Investments headquartered in Bermuda. He worked for Bain & Company which is connected to Bain Capital with Mitt Romney as a co-founder because they are allied with the Earls of Romney in the UK which invited the Dutch King William III of Orange to takeover the English Crown. Lord Frederick Charles Wellesley is another son of the 9th Duke of Wellington and is involved in the military. Lady Charlotte Anne Wellesley is married Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila and he is worth over 4 billion as part owner of Santo Domingo Group. Valerian Wellesley the 8th Duke of Wellington was a Knight of the Order of the Garter which are London’s reformed Templar merchants. The Wellesley family also are the Dukes of Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain granted by the Spanish Crown for fighting against the French in the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo. Charlotte Wellesley was married in Spain and Juan Carlos was a guest at her wedding. They are also the Dukes of Victoria in Portugal.

The Wellesley family were also made Princes of Waterloo by the Dutch Crown for the 1st Duke of Wellington defeating Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo and were also given large amounts of land in Waterloo, Belgium which they still own. The 1st Duke of Wellington was able to defeat Napoleon because the war was overall staged. The House of Bonaparte is allied with the Dutch royal family today and they have intermarried several times. Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington was a member of the Congress of Vienna which was the basis for the United Nations and is what restored and strengthened the powers of the Vatican, Jesuits, and several European monarchies. The Napoleonic Wars were really a strategic plot to genocide Europeans that opposed the tyranny of the Papacy and monarchs. The Wells family which immigrated from England and established Wells Fargo with Henrey Wells are relatives of the Wellesley family. Henry Wells was from Orange County, Vermont named after the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau. Wells Fargo has 1.9 trillion in assets and it is likely that the Wellesley family have a large amount of shares in this bank and they do have authority over its executives. Elizabeth Duke is Chair of Wells Fargo’s board of directors and Timothy Sloan is the CEO of Wells Fargo. Elizabeth Duke went to Old Dominion University a division of the College of William & Mary in reference to the Dutch King William of England. In more recent years she was an executive-in residence at Old Dominion University. Wells Fargo has paid 50 million in a racketeering lawsuit for overcharging hundreds of thousands of homeowners for their appraisal fees. The town of Wellesley, Massachusetts was renamed to honor the financier Horatio Hollis Hunnewell who was an agent of the Wellesley family. Wellesley College is a recruiting center for female agents of the House of Wellesley.

The Wellesley family frequently take the name Arthur and this is in reference to King Arthur in the British legend who wields the sword Excalibur. The Wellesleys are covert owners of MGM’s Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas which Italian-Spanish crime syndicates use for money laundering and making criminal pay offs disguised as gambling wins. William Pennington co-founded Excalibur casino and the Pennington family have been British nobles and London merchants like with Josslyn Pennington the 5th Baron Muncaster and Isaac Penington the Lord Mayor of the City of London Corporation just as the Wellesley family are British nobles and merchants. The Wellesley family also manage the secret society called the Ancient Order of Druids which are part of British legends like King Arthur and Merlin. Fully initiated Druids are involved in murder and human sacrifice. They are the Earls of Mornington and manage the Druidic Dawn order. Morning is dawn. The Wellesley family often use the name Valerian like the Earl of Mornington’s father’s middle name and grandfathers first name. This is likely in reference to a bloodline descent from the gens Valeria of ancient Rome which ruled as governors of Roman Britannia. Hippodrome Wellington is a racetrack in Belgium named after the Dukes of Wellington. As the Princes of Waterloo the Wellesleys claim land in Belgium. The Belgium Government is in contract with the family and pays them about 100,000 a year for this land and forest contract. They Wellington Arch is a large monument named after the Wellesley Dukes of Wellington. Arthur Gerald Wellesley the Earl of Mornington is highly active in his family’s criminal enterprises and is considered the Regent-King of England by the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau which previously conquered England under William III of England. Arthur Wellesley is extremely narcissistic, militant, dangerous, and malicious. Through the House of Wellesley’s banking and merchant connections which are like a well of money this family is financing relentless corruption and tyranny.

Fonte (Font in Veneto) is an Italian municipality of 21 669 inhabitants in the province of Treviso in Veneto

The men of this period would have found refuge in the caves of the Asolo hills, also favored by the dense presence of waterways and springs.

fonte f (plural fonti)
spring (of water)
source or fount

Synonyms for fountain
Synonyms: cradle, font, fountainhead, origin, root, seedbed, source, spring, well, wellspring

Venice played a major role in reopening the Mediterranean economy to West European commerce and developing links with Northern Europe. It created an institutional basis for commercial capitalism, made major progress in shipping technology, and helped transfer Asian and Egyptian technology in cane sugar production and processing, silk textiles, glassblowing and jewellery to the West.

Roman Britain

Gaius Valerius Pudens Governor c. 202-c. 205 CE.

Marius Valerianus Governor 221-222/223 CE.

Lord Arthur Charles Valerian Wellesley, also known as The Duke of Wellington, OBE, DL is a Senior Advisor of Calyon. Lord Wellesley is a Senior Advisor at the Credit Agricole Group. He has extensive experience in banking and finance. Lord Wellesley is the Chairman of Richemont Holdings (UK) Limited and Chairman of the Council of Kings’s College London. He is an Independent Non-Executive Director of RIT Capital Partners plc since July 2010 and a Non-Executive Director of Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA since 2000 until September 13, 2017 and continues to support the Board in an individual advisory capacity. Lord Wellesley is a Member of International Advisory Board of Abengoa SA. He is a Director of GAM Worldwide and Abengeo Bioenergy. Previously, Lord Wellesley was the Chairman of Framlington Group from 1994 to 2005 and the Chairman of Sun Life and Provincial Holdings from 1995 to 2000. He was the Chairman of Dunhill Holdings from 1990 to 1993. Lord Wellesley was the Deputy Chairman of Vendôme Luxury Group. He was the Vice Chairman of Guinness Mahon from 1988 to 1991. Lord Wellesley was an Independent Director of Sanofi from May 22, 2002 to May 5, 2014. He was an Independent Director of Pernod-Ricard SA since May 7, 2003. Lord Wellesley was a Director of Abengoa Bioenergy Corporation, LLC. He is a Commissioner of English Heritage. Lord Wellesley is a member of the House of Lords and was a member of the European Parliament from 1979 to 1989. He has been a governor of Wellington College since 2014. Lord Wellesley holds the O.B.E. and D.L. designations. He holds a Master of Arts in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University.

Arthur Charles WELLESLEY

Married 3 February 1977 (Thursday), Londres,Grande-Bretagne du Sud-Est, Angleterre, ROYAUME-UNI, to Antonia Brigid Elizabeth Luise de HOHENZOLLERN

Arthur Mornington

Arthur joined Oakley in 2017 and has 14 years of private equity investing experience. He was previously a Partner at Charterhouse Capital Partners where he worked for 10 years. During his time at Charterhouse he was involved in the origination, execution and management of a number of the firm’s successful investments – especially in the media, education and business services sectors. He started his career at Bain & Company and has also worked at BC Partners and Exponent Private Equity.

This week, we turn to an April 1987 item on the management consulting firm Bain & Co., which counts former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as an alumnus (and former CEO). Romney co-founded the spin-off investment firm Bain Capital in 1984.

Henry Sidney Earl of Romney

He secretly encouraged William to seize the English throne, and in December 1687 he returned to England, at William’s request, in order to rally support for William among the nobility. He signed, and may have drafted, the document inviting William to take power in England (June 30, 1688), and he sailed from Holland with William in the expedition that landed at Tor Bay, Devon, and deposed James.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander of the House of Orange-Nassau, Arthur Wellesley the Marquis of Douro and son of the ninth Duke of Wellington, Prince Nikolaus Furst Blucher von Wahlstatt and Prince Jean-Christophe Napoleon Bonaparte lay their hands together

William III (Dutch: Willem; 4 November 1650 – 8 March 1702),[2] also widely known as William of Orange, was sovereign Prince of Orange from birth, Stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Gelderland and Overijssel in the Dutch Republic from 1672 and King of England, Ireland and Scotland from 1689 until his death in 1702. As King of Scotland, he is known as William II.[3] He is sometimes informally known in Northern Ireland and Scotland as “King Billy”.[4]

House Orange-Nassau

Elizabeth A. Duke

Chair, Wells Fargo & Company, and Former member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors

From March 2014 to September 2015, she was an executive-in residence at Old Dominion University.

Old Dominion University began its tradition of excellence when it was founded in 1930 by the College of William and Mary, the second oldest university in the United States.

On February 8, 1693, King William III and Queen Mary II of England signed the charter for a “perpetual College of Divinity, Philosophy, Languages, and other good Arts and Sciences” to be founded in the Virginia Colony. And William & Mary was born.

In 1852, Henry Wells and William G. Fargo founded a banking and express company that has since become part of the American story.,_Vermont

Thetford is a town in Orange County, Vermont

Notable people

Henry Wells, businessman and co-founder of Wells Fargo and American Express

How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs

During a 22-month investigation by agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service and others, it emerged that the cocaine smugglers had bought the plane with money they had laundered through one of the biggest banks in the United States: Wachovia, now part of the giant Wells Fargo.

The authorities uncovered billions of dollars in wire transfers, traveller’s cheques and cash shipments through Mexican exchanges into Wachovia accounts.

Wachovia was acquired by Wells Fargo during the 2008 crash, just as Wells Fargo became a beneficiary of $25bn in taxpayers’ money.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Wells Fargo & Co (WFC.N) has agreed to pay $50 million to settle a racketeering lawsuit accusing it of overcharging hundreds of thousands of homeowners for appraisals ordered after they defaulted on their mortgage loans.

Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) is a diversified, community-based financial services company with $1.9 trillion in assets.

The row is about 2,600 acres of land given to the Duke of Wellington, close to the battlefield where he won his greatest victory.

At the time, the estates were a reward from a grateful King of Holland but now a group of Belgians want the present-day Duke to give up his rights to the farmland near Waterloo.

Jean-Emile Humblet, the retired politician who is leading the campaign to sue the Belgian government, says it is wrong that the present-day Duke enjoys rents of a £100,000 a year in a state which did not even exist at the time of Waterloo.

Lady Charlotte Wellesley and Colombian billionaire Alejandro Santo Domingo smile after their wedding ceremony at the Chuch of the Incarnation in Illora and Colombian billionaire Alejandro Santo Domingo smile after their wedding ceremony at the Chuch of the Incarnation in Illora

Spain’s former king Juan Carlos I arrives for wedding of Lady Charlotte Wellesley

King Arthur is a legendary British leader who, according to medieval histories and romances, led the defence of Britain against Saxon invaders in the late 5th and early 6th centuries.

Many elements and incidents that are now an integral part of the Arthurian story appear in Geoffrey’s Historia, including Arthur’s father Uther Pendragon, the wizard Merlin, Arthur’s wife Guinevere, the sword Excalibur

The Ancient Order of Druids was founded in 1781 at the King’s Arms Tavern, Poland and Oxford Streets, London, England. The moving force in its formation was a gentleman named Henry Hurle. The Lodge started by Henry Hurle began chartering “Junior Primitive Lodges” just two years after its own institution: As the parent Lodge, Hurle’s first Lodge was thereafter known as the Grand Lodge of the Ancient Order of Druids.

The Seven Precepts of Merlin

Labor diligently to acquire knowledge, -for it is power
When in authority decide reasonably, -for thine authority may cease
Bear with fortitude the ills of life, -remembering that no mortal sorrow is perpetual
Love virtue, -for it bringeth peace
Abhor vice, -for it bringeth evil upon all
Obey those in authority in all just things, -that virtue may be exalted
Cultivate the social virtues, -so shalt thou be beloved by all men

Druidic Dawn is non-affiliated with any specific Druid Association, Group, or Order. It is presented as a service to the global Druid and Earth Based Community.,_Earl_of_Mornington

Arthur Gerald Wellesley, Earl of Mornington (born 31 January 1978), also known as simply Arthur Mornington

Currently, Mornington is a partner of private equity investor Oakley Capital since 2016.[2]

A Druid Oak is a large oak tree found in many ancient forests in Britain.

The name relates to the ancient Druids who met in forests’ Oak groves and in particular beneath the old Oak trees. One etymology of the word Druid comes from “dru-wid”, which means “knower of oak trees”.[2]

Grand Grove (Leadership of the Ancient Order of Druids in America)

The Grand Archdruid (Archdruid of Earth): Gordon Cooper

Archdruid of Water: Dana O’Driscoll

Archdruid of Fire: Adam Robersmith

Archdruid of Air: Kelly Trumble

Grand Pendragon (Appointed Officer): Paul Angelini

The Grand Herald (Appointed Officer): Adam Milner

Mentor Coordinator, Claire Schosser

AODA Secretary, Jason Stieber

Excalibur Hotel and Casino is a hotel and casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, in the United States. It is owned and operated by MGM Resorts International.




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