Fountain of Tyranny

The Wellesley family are a high level British nobility involved in military and have alliances with the House of Orange, House of Bonaparte, Spanish House of Bourbon, and British Crown. The Wellesley family’s ultimate loyalty is to the Dutch Crown. I believe they have origins in Venice and were originally the Venetian Fonte family which gave the name Fonte to the commune of Treviso. Fonte means Well in Italian like a water hole or spring. The House of Orange also have Venetian origins and use the shell symbol for their Royal Dutch Shell company in reference to the orange haired deity Venus being birthed out of sea from a seashell. Venice is named for Venus. The Venetians were the top merchants for centuries. The head of the House of Wellesely is Arthur Charles Valerian Wellesley the 9th Duke of Wellington and he has worked as a director, chairman, and deputy director for about a dozen different merchant companies including several French based companies like Pernod Ricard and Sanofi. His wife is Princess Antonia of Prussia of the House of Hohenzollern which are German royalty. Arthur Wellesley the Earl of Mornington worked for Bain & Company, Charterhouse Capital Partners and currently works for Oakley Capital Investments headquartered in Bermuda. He worked for Bain & Company which is connected to Bain Capital with Mitt Romney as a co-founder because they are allied with the Earls of Romney in the UK which invited King William III of Orange to takeover the English Crown. Lord Frederick Charles Wellesley is another son of the 9th Duke of Wellington and is involved in the military. Lady Charlotte Anne Wellesley is married Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila and he is worth over 4 billion as part owner of Santo Domingo Group. Valerian Wellesley the 8th Duke of Wellington was a Knight of the Order of the Garter which are London’s reformed Templar merchants. The Wellesley family also are the Dukes of Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain granted by the Spanish Crown for fighting against the French in the Siege of Ciudad Rodrigo. They are also the Dukes of Victoria in Portugal.

The Wellesley family were also made Princes of Waterloo by the Dutch Crown for the 1st Duke of Wellington defeating Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo and were also given large amounts of land in Waterloo, Belgium which they still own. The 1st Duke of Wellington was able to defeat Napoleon because the war was staged. The House of Bonaparte is allied with the Dutch royal family today. Arthur Wellesley the 1st Duke of Wellington was a member of the Congress of Vienna which was the basis for the United Nations and is what restored and strengthened the powers of the Vatican, Jesuits, and several European monarchies. The Napoleonic Wars were really a strategic plot to genocide Europeans that opposed the tyranny of the Papacy and monarchs. I believe that the Wells family which immigrated from England and established Wells Fargo are relatives of the Wellesley family. Wells Fargo has 1.9 trillion in assets and it is likely the Wellesley family have a large amount of shares in this bank. The town of Wellesley, Massachusetts was renamed to honor the financier Horatio Hollis Hunnewell who was an agent of the Wellesley family. The Wellesley family frequently take the name Arthur and this is in reference to King Arthur in the British legend who wields the sword Excalibur. They are covert owners of MGM’s Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas which Italian-Spanish crime syndicates use for money laundering and making criminal pay offs disguised as gambling wins. Arthur Gerald Wellesley the Earl of Mornington is highly active in his family’s criminal enterprises and is considered the real King of England by the Dutch House of Orange-Nassau which previously conquered England under William III of England. Arthur Wellesley is extremely narcissistic, dangerous, and malicious. Through the House of Wellesley’s banking and merchant connections which are like a well of money this family is financing relentless corruption and tyranny.



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