Dreyfus Clan of Mischlings

The Dreyfus family are an extremely wealthy bloodline operating as Court Factors for the House of Bonaparte and the House of Orange. They own Louis Dreyfus Group which is one of the largest agricultural companies in the world with assets estimated at over 18 billion. They have major offices in New York City, London, Beijing, Geneva Paris and their headquarters is located in Amsterdam. Leopold Louis-Dreyfus founded Louis Dreyfus Group and was a French Knight of the Legion of Honour. Leopold’s son Louis Louis-Dreyfus was a French politician and his other son Charles Louis-Dreyfus was a French Knight of the Legion of Honour. The Dreyfus family have married with the wealthy Javal banking family of France with Alfred Javal and Claire Mathilde Dreyfus. Robert Louis-Dreyfus was a recent Swiss businessman as CEO of Adidas and Saatchi & Saatchi. Robert’s widow Margarita Louis-Dreyfus took over Louis Dreyfus Group and she is worth between 7 to 9 billion. She is now with Philipp Hildebrand and he is a Swiss banker and Vice Chairman of BlackRock Investment located in New York City with assets estimated at 6.2 trillion as stated in Forbes as the largest investment firm in the world. Larry Fink is the CEO of BlackRock and got his start at First Boston Corporation which was owned by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse at the time of his employment. Credit Suisse was created by the Escher vom Glas family which originated as Swiss Habsburg agents. Philipp Hildebrand was the head of the Swiss Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, board member for the Bank for International Settlements which was established and originally run by Nazis and he resigned due to accusations of insider trading. The one who exposed the insider trading was criminally charged for violating banking secrecy laws.

Alfred Dreyfus was the one accused of sharing military secrets with the Germans and this is known as the “Dreyfus Affair.” The family claimed Anti-Semitism as their defense for the accusations which Alfred Dreyfus was later cleared of. If Anti-Semitism was so powerful a force in France then why were some of the wealthiest families in France Jews like the Dreyfus, Javal, Fould, and Rothschild families and why do they continue to exist with their wealth? Why did the Dreyfus family move their company to the Netherlands which is ruled by the House of Orange who were literal Nazis? Prince Claus of the Netherlands was a soldier in the Nazi Wehrmacht division and Queen Beatrix’s father Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld was a member of the Nazi party and in the Nazi Sturmabteilung paramilitary. Why would a family that claim to be persecuted for being Jewish move their business to a nation governed by royals who were Nazis? Because it was all theater. The Nazis persecuted anyone who opposed their fascist regime and right wing fascist socialist groups like the Nazis use Anti-Jewish propaganda as a cover while they persecute anyone that opposes them from any group, race, or religion. The Dreyfus family and their corruption are a reason why real Hebrews were persecuted and murdered. The Nazis used Jewish soldiers known as Mischlings and the Holy Roman nobility were directly involved with the Nazis and used what are called “Court Jews” to handle their finances for centuries. There were an estimated 150,000 Jews that were Nazi soldiers. Some Court Jews like the Warburgs financed Germany’s military industrial complex used by the Nazis.

Marie-Jeanne Meyer and Monique Roosmale Nepveu both own 12 percent in the Louis-Dreyfus Group. Marie-Jeanne Meyer is the founder and owner of the private equity firm Florac SAS. Julia Louis Dreyfus is the daughter of the deceased businessman Gerard Louis-Dreyfus who was worth about 3.4 billion. The reason these connections with the Nazis and fake Anti-Semitism is important is because the Dreyfus family fund Nazi style persecution and I have been a victim of their relentless persecution carried out by satanic Wiccan cults and other groups. Julia Louis Dreyfus is the highest level witch in the US and involved in drinking the blood of children. Julia Louis Dreyfus threatened to murder members of my family and three of my relatives have been murdered. The Dreyfus family carry out this persecution under orders from the House of Orange and House of Bonaparte and in return are allowed to be wealthy. They use their banking connections with the Bank for International Settlements, BlackRock Investment, along with their personal wealth to fund satanic cults. Rachel Lord the head of BlackRock’s Europe, Middle East and Africa division works with Mid Eastern billionaires which have trillions in wealth and private banks in Switzerland. Billionaires are used like a wallet or purse that hold money and conceal transactions. A billionaire can withdraw a million in cash over a short period of time and use it for making pay offs and then get replenished later on usually from criminal profits from the Black Nobility’s mafias or German royal’s stock embezzlement which the billionaire puts back into the account. Billionaires have easier access to cash and are not recognized as criminals so this creates a layer of protection for making criminal payoffs. The US Dreyfus family owns and created Dreyfus Corporation an investment management company with about 320 billion in managed assets. The US Dreyfus branch serve the French House of Bonaparte. Members of the criminal Dreyfus family include Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Marie-Jeanne Meyer, and Monique Roosmale Nepveu.


Louis Dreyfus Company is a leading merchant and processor of agricultural goods. We leverage our global reach and extensive asset network to serve our customers around the world, delivering the right products to the right location, at the right time – safely, responsibly and reliably. Our activities span the entire value chain from farm to fork, across a broad range of business lines (platforms). Since 1851 our portfolio has grown to include Oilseeds, Grains, Freight, Global Markets, Coffee, Cotton, Sugar, Rice, Dairy and Juice.


Louis Dreyfus Company Reports Improved 2017 Financial Results

Total assets of US$20.4 billion, compared to US$19.8 billion at the end of December 2016.


There are 9 members of the Supervisory Board of Louis Dreyfus Holding B.V. and the Chairperson of the Supervisory Board is Margarita Louis-Dreyfus.


Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, who had twins at 53 with Blackrock executive Philipp Hildebrand in March, is estimated by Bloomberg and Forbes to be worth around $7 billion.


As of December 31, 2017, BlackRock’s assets under management total US$6.28 trillion across equity, fixed income, cash management, alternative investment, real estate and advisory strategies.


These are the members of BlackRock’s Global Executive Committee.

Philipp Hildebrand Vice Chairman


A scandal that rocked France in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Dreyfus affair involved a Jewish artillery captain in the French army, Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935), who was falsely convicted of passing military secrets to the Germans.


They were foot soldiers and officers. They served in the regular army and the Waffen-SS. And, remarkably, they were also Jewish, at least as defined by Hitler’s infamous race laws.

As many as 150,000 Jews and partial-Jews (or Mischlinge) served, often with distinction, in the German military during World War II.



Louis Dreyfus Holding B.V.
WTC Amsterdam, H-25
Zuidplein 208
1077 XV Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Prince Claus of the Netherlands (Claus van Amsberg)

He joined the German Youth and later, the Hitler Youth. Membership in both organizations was compulsory for eligible boys.

Claus was drafted into the German Wehrmacht in 1944. He trained with an armored division from August 1944 – March 1945. Claus then became a soldier in the German 90th Panzergrenadier Division in Italy in March 1945, but taken as a prisoner of war by the American forces at Merano, Italy before taking part in any fighting.


We know that some have proved that Queen Juliana’s husband was a member of the SA (Sturmabteilungen), the “shock troops” of the Nazi party, in the early thirties. The prince had justified this belonging by saying that he had to go through there to finish his studies. New revelations are likely to make a lot more noise: according to indications from a Dutch historian, Prince Bernhard would still have had a Nazi Party membership card (NSDAP) in his pocket, the day of his wedding with Princess Juliana of the Netherlands, January 7th, 1937!


Bernhard, Prince of Lippe-Biesterfeld and later Prince of the Netherlands

In his student days Bernhard had joined the NSDAP. NIOD historian Gerard Aalders and historian Coen Hilbrink revealed in 1996 the proof that Bernhard was registered as an NSDAP member on 1 May 1933. Bernhard denied this allegation. However, Bernhard admitted in 1962 that he had been involved as an aspiring member with Hitler’s Sturmabteilung (SA) and the Schutzstaffel (SS). Bernhard also turned out to have been a member of the national socialist-oriented Deutsche Studentenschaft during his student days in Berlin.


This article explains that Charles Dreyfus was a French businessman and British-Israeli Zionist as President of the Manchester Zionist Society. Charles Dreyfus was also a chemist. His involvement in chemistry mentioned in the article is important because alchemists use chemistry for chemical warfare. Not mentioned in the article is that this Dreyfus family that settled in the United Kingdom also married with the Jewish branch of Montagu bankers and Zionists and their Christian cousins are the Dukes of Manchester.


Gérard C. Louis-Dreyfus (June 21, 1932 in Paris – September 16, 2016 in Mount Kisco, New York), also known to family as William,[1] was a French-born American businessman. His net worth was estimated at $3.4 billion by Forbes in 2006.[2] He was the chairman of Louis Dreyfus Energy Services and the great grandson of Léopold Louis-Dreyfus, founder of Louis Dreyfus Group.[3] He was the father of actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus.


The Meyer family is a branch of the Louis-Dreyfus family, the historical shareholders of the Louis Dreyfus Group.

Florac was founded in 2009 by Marie Jeanne Meyer Louis-Dreyfus, her husband and her three children; Camilla, Ilona and Léopold on the same principles and values, in order to invest the Meyer family’s funds in private equity.


Marie-Jeanne Meyer
Louis Dreyfus SA, Directeur Général (2003-2007)
Louis Dreyfus SA, Directeur Général Adjoint (1998-2003)


Dreyfus provides unique access to BNY Mellon’s exclusive and diverse global network of world-class investment management boutiques, delivering powerful investment insight and strategies, backed by the strength of BNY Mellon’s commitment to quality, performance and client relationships. The investment managers of each boutique specialize in their own singular strategy, forming a cohesive system of offerings to meet almost all investment needs.

Financial intermediary and institutional investor activities are serviced by Dreyfus Investments, a division of MBSC Securities Corporation, distributor of the Dreyfus Family of Funds.


Dreyfus offers 150 mutual funds with AUM of $320 billion across long only and money market strategies as of September 30, 2017. The firm originated in 1951 as one of the first mutual fund investment companies.


  1. Dude i love these articles and are addicted. This info its so rarely spoken about on the web its insane. Total props to you man, years & years of research must have been put into all of these insanely awesome articles. I thought i knew alot!


    • That Octagon Swiss Templar info is disinfo. I don’t have audio so I cant hear this particular video but I have listened to some of his stuff in the past and its not accurate. I keep getting people on my site and Reddit promoting him too. Templars are related to the Pentgon and not Octagon. My article on Royal Templars shows the Templars connections to the Farneses, Pentagon, Jesuits, and Italian Bourbons as well as names the modern Templar orders which are the Order of the Garter, Sacred Military Order of Saint George, and Order of Montesa. The Order of Malta and Order of Saint John are associated with the octagon. The Maltese cross has eight points when interconnected they form an octagon.


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