Made Men of Rome

The Italian Mafia have been plotting a take over in the United States for decades under directions from their owners the Black Nobility. They work with the Jesuit infiltrated CIA and are involved with drug, weapons, and human trafficking as well as stock fraud, gambling rackets, union rackets, and domestic terrorism. The Black Nobility created and control the Jesuits which is why their mafias are allied with the Jesuits running the CIA. The Italian Mafia funnel a portion of their criminal profits disguised as charity through the Vatican bank or Institute for the Works of Religion and then to the Black Nobility likely through private bank accounts in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg. Mafia bosses call themselves dons just as Italian and Spanish nobility call themselves dons. The Black Nobility carried out a feigned retreat on La Cosa Nostra to get them out of the headlines in the 1980’s as part of their plot to take over. This is why many think the Italian mafia are less relevant today however they are more of a threat than ever. Michael Franzese made it appear that he left the Colonna owned Colombo Crime family however he is still a top boss giving the orders covertly while using activism and motivational speaking as his cover. The Gotti family also made it appear they got out of organized crime however John Gotti Jr. is the hidden acting boss of the Gambino Crime family and a member of the modern Commission. The Gaetani family of Rome own the Gotti faction of the Gambino crime family. Daniel Leo is one of the top bosses of the Savoy owned Genovese crime family that is not incarcerated and may be the true acting boss today while being advised by the consiglieri Dominick Cirillo. The Savoy family have a Savoy-Genovese princely branch in Genoa. Andrew Gigante is a covert boss of the Genovese’s Manhattan faction and allied with the DeCavalcante crime family of New Jersey. Andre Gigante is extremely sadistic. The Savoy-Aosta family run the Gigante family. Nephew of mafia boss Vincent Gigant is Philip Gigante and he is mayor of Airmonte, New York. Both the Genovese and DeCavalcante mafias are involved in extorting Wall Street. Liborio Bellomo is a boss of the Genovese crime family’s Bronx faction. The Bellomo family were a Sicilian Nobility that ruled in the city of Syracuse, Sicily and there is still a Bellomo Castle located there today. Liborio Bellomo and his cousin also named Liborio Bellomo are very sinister and highly trained in deception. Families in La Cosa Nostra are low level branches of former Italian nobility.

Vincent Badalamenti is a high level boss of the Boncompagni-Ludovisi owned Bonanno crime family while he shifted focus on his right hand man Michael Mancuso who is incarcerated and his assistant Tommy DiFiore. Vincent Badalament is one of the most wicked members of the mafia. The Bonanno family were a Sicilian nobility that intermarried with the House of Colonna and had a palace in Palermo that still exists called the Villa Bonanno. Bon-compagni means “Goodfellas.” The Lucchese crime family has been somewhat weakened and in place the Albanian Rudaj Organization has been trying to take over their territory. Joseph Lubrano covertly manages the Lucchese Tanglewood Boys faction in Yonkers which are involved in large scale heroin trafficking. Joseph DiNapoli is a consiglieri of the Lucchese crime family and I believe Joseph Caridi is the top boss today while most other high level members are in prison. The Lucchesi-Palli nobility of Italy along with the Pallavicini family are owners of the Lucchese crime family. I believe Gambino assoicate Nardino Colotti is running the Rudaj Organization while Alex Rudaj advises him from prison. Nardino Colotti appears to be taking orders from the Gotti-Agnello family with Frank, Carmine, and John along with their father Carmine Agnello. Franzese, Gotti, Leo, Badalementi, and Colotti are some of the top bosses of New York’s Five Families and associated crime families today. The Greek Valentzas crime family work closely with the Lucchese crime family and the Greek Mafia are deeply involved with infiltration of ports. The Lucchese crime family are also allied with a hidden Corsican Mafia operating in Baltimore. I believe most of the opium has been being shipped through Baltimore ports. The Chicago Outfit is working with some of the Mexican drug cartels and Mexican mafia and are overall competitors with the Five Families. Al Capone was a founder of the Chicago Outfit and really a relative of the Florentine House of Capponi which still exist today. John Roselli was a top boss in the Chicago Outfit sharing a name with the House of Rosselli del Turco also of Florence. The Milwaukee’s Balistrieri crime family with John Balistrieri as a top boss are allied with the Chicago Outfit. Between the mafia owners in Rome and the bosses there are white collar Italian, Greek, and Jewish crime families involved in businesses like casinos, clubs, bars, car dealerships, shipping, and banking. They enable the mafias criminal activities and also infiltrate the police and federal agencies to provide the mafia with intelligence.

Along with the Five Families are various other equally powerful Italian crime families including the DeCavalcante crime family with the Palermo family as bosses and Vincent Palermo as a triple agent as former boss turned informant that still covertly gives the orders from his Texas residence. Simone Rizzo DeCavalcante Jr. is a low profile Florida based boss. The Apulian Mafia of Italy have an operation in New Jersey as well. High level members of the mafia are authorized to become informants by the Black Nobility. The Chicago Outfit is run by John DiFronzo with his brother Peter DiFronzo and Joseph Andriacchi as the consiglieri. The Detroit Partnership is run by Jack Giacalone with Peter Tocco as a high level street boss. The Zerilli family seem to be still active with organized crime in Detroit and are rivals with Giacalone faction. The Los Angeles crime family is managed by some Gambino crime family associates and is owned by the Sicilian House of Adragna. The San Francisco crime family has spread all over the US and is owned by the Lanza di Scalea family of Sicily. The Patriarca crime family is managed by Luigi Manocchio and Carmen Dinunzio. The Philly Mob is run by Joey “The Wizard” Merlino who is one of the highest level bosses in Cosa Nostra. The The Magaddino crime family of Buffalo is managed by Joseph Todaro Jr. and his enforcer Anthony Todaro. The Magaddino crime family manage some of the criminal connections into Canada. The French House of Orleans owns the New Orleans crime family with Joseph Gagliano as its top boss along with some quiet Marcello crime associates. The Torlonia owned Kansas City crime family is allied wit the Licavoli crime family which is managed by Russell Papalardo. The Denver crime family is pretending to be inactive while I believe they host an annual meeting from an old Denver hotel. The Rizzuto crime family and the Cuntrera-Caruana mafia clan operate in Canada with Leonardo Rizzuto and Liborio Cuntrera as top bosses and they are connected with South American drug lines through the House of Ruspoli’s ties with Brazil and Venezuela. Vincent LoScalzo oversees the Trafficante crime family’s operations which extend into Atlanta, Georgia. There are still some Trafficante family members in Florida today. The Trafficante crime family are allied with the Cuban Mafia and all the crime families are involved with Florida.

Thomas Farese is an adviser for the Colombo crime family with Joe Colombo’s son Christopher Colombo as a quiet boss. The Rochester crime family or really Valenti crime family have moved some operations into Springfield, Massachusetts and in Connecticut with Richard Valentini as a top street boss. The Valenti-Gonzaga family own the Rochester crime family and are married with the Savoy-Aosta family. The FBI believes the Springfield Crew is part of the Genovese crime family which is owned by the House of Savoy. Frank Colacurcio Jr. runs the Seattle crime family and they oversee sex trafficking on the West Coast. Frank Cali, Tommaso Gambino, and Rosario Gambino and are involved with the Los Angeles crime family today with the recently deceased John Gambino was a high level boss. The Sicilian princely House of Adragna used their Dragna family relatives to build up the Los Angeles crime family. The House of Adragna also run many factions of the Ndrangheta which are a defense for the Sicilian Mafia. The Philadelphia crime family’s members literally have the same last names as Black Nobility of Rome. George Borgesi like the House of Borghese, Joseph Massimino like the House of Massimo, and Michael Lancelotti like House of Lancellotti. The Massimo’s have a family branch merged with the Lancellotti family and are presently connected with the Borghese family with Don Lorenzo Borghese and his girlfriend Princess Barbara Massimo-Brancaccio. The Massimo-Branaccio family are owners of the Corleonisi crime clan which have some origins in the Brancaccio district of Palermo, Sicily. The Italian Mafia make tens of billions per year through extortion, insurance fraud, heroin trafficking, gambling, business fraud, loan sharking, and more. They pay their dues back to the Sicilian factions which then pay dues back to the Black Nobility. Baron Ottavio Serena di Lapigio is Sicilian nobility and he works as a banker in New York City formerly with Financial Performance Corporation, Citicorp Venture Capital, Bankers Trust Company, JP Morgan, and is currently working as the Director of Lincolnshire. Investment firms are often used for criminal financing disguised as loans. Organized crime is the primary financier of their attempt at a societal takeover. Mafia bosses should be executed.



  1. Here is another example of propaganda for the mafia implying they “died out” They are more of a threat today than ever. This is called a feigned retreat which is done to lure the opposing group into vulnerability.

    Natalie Guercio: The Mafia Died Out When John Gotti Died


  2. Some top Italian, Irish, and Israeli mafia bosses. The mafia needs to be destroyed

    Joey Merlino the Philly Mob boss

    Christopher Colombo the hidden Colombo boss

    Leonardo Rizzuto the Montreal boss

    Jack Giacalone the Detroit boss

    Joseph Caridi the Lucchese boss

    Simone R. DeCavalcante Jr. the hidden Jersey boss and adviser

    John DiFronzo is a boss of the Chicago mob

    Frank Colacurcio Jr. the Seattle mob boss and oversees West Coast sex trafficking networks

    Vincent Palermo is still active in the mob even after being a government informant in witness protection. Texas mafia adviser

    John Gotti Jr. is a Gambino boss

    Russel Papalardo is the boss of the Cleveland crime family (image on top left)

    Carmine Agnello a Cleveland mafia associate

    Gotti Agnello brothers and they command the Albanian mob through the Gambino associates

    John Alite a high level Gambino-Albanian mobster

    Andrew Gigante is a top Genovese boss in their Jersey territory

    Philip Gigante is a Genovese boss and mayor in New York

    Liborio Bellomo is a Genovese-Bronx boss and a sadistic liar

    Richard Valentini is a murderous street boss of Cosa Nostra’s Springfield Crew

    Joseph Lubrano is a Lucchese Tanglewood boss and a heroin distributor

    Marat Balagula the Russian mob boss in Brighton Beach and Lucchese associate

    Vincent Badalamenti (left) with Vito Balsamo. Badalamenti is a Bonanno boss and extremely evil.

    Michael Franzese is still covertly active in the mafia and works as an adviser.

    Frank Cali is a Los Angeles mob boss

    Vincent LoScalzo a Trafficante boss

    John Balistrieri the boss of the Milwaukee mafia

    Matteo Messina Denaro (born 26 April 1962), also known as Diabolik, is a Sicilian Mafia boss.

    Alex Rudaj an Albanian mob boss

    John Bokun the Westies Irish mob boss

    Irish mob boss Whitey Bulger is still a problem even in prison

    Jay Oconnor an Irish mob boss

    Christy Kinahan an international Irish mob boss

    Asi Abutbal is an Israeli mob boss

    Itzhak Abergil an international Israeli mob boss currently in prison

    Zeev Rosenstein an international Israeli mobster

    Terry Adams the boss of the Clerkenwell mafia


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