Irish Mafia from Hell

The Irish Mafia are a powerful organized global crime group and they have a portion of authority over the Aryan Brotherhood. Prince Stefano Massimo of Rome is the primary owner and authority over the Aryan Nazi groups and the Irish Mafia. Prince Stefano resides in London with his sons Tancredi, Valerio, and Caesar. The Massimo family have a covert Irish branch known as the Massy family which are Barons of Duntrileague in Limerick Dublin, Ireland with David Harmon Somerset Massy the 10th Baron Massy, his son John Hugh Somerset Massy and his son Luke John Somerset Massy as the heads of this clan. The Baron Massys are psychotic and murderous false accusing zealots that like making threats of hell on others. The Massy Barons of Ireland should be burned alive as justice for their crimes along with the other hell fire murderers. They deserve it. The Irish Mafia of Ireland operate in Limerick today and the Massy family are part owners. The Hearst family in the United States are worth about 28 billion and own Hearst Corporation an multi media company. The Hearst family have Scot-Irish ancestry and work with the Irish and Scottish nobles including the Collins family. The Aryan Brotherhood incorporates a clover for its logo which is also an Irish symbol. The Windsors have connections with the Nazis with King Edward VIII visiting Adolf Hitler and receiving full Nazi salutes. Prince Philip’s family was also tied with the Nazis during WWII. Prince Harry’s personal coat of arms includes the Irish harp also used on the coat of arms of Ireland. Prince Harry has been given a portion of authority over the Irish Mafia, Irish Travelers, Irish Republican Army, and Aryan Brotherhood. Prince Harry publically dressed up as a Nazi. James Hewitt is from Northern Ireland and had an affair with Princess Diana. Many believe Hewitt is Prince Harry’s real father and they do share a close resemblance. The Irish Republican Army or IRA also supported the Nazis and attempted to make an alliance with them. The IRA worked with the German Nazi intelligence agency known as the Abwehr. Both the Nazis and the IRA are militant fascist groups. The IRA allied with the Palestine Liberation Organization or PLO in an attempt to take over Jerusalem. The PLO is mixed in with Hamas a Nazi influenced group going back to Amin al-Husseini’s alliance with Hitler. Walter Guinness of Dublin was assassinated by Lehi for supporting an Arab controlled Palestine. The IRA and Irish Mafia have been linked together numerous times including with Whitey Bulger. Ken O’Keefe is agent of the IRA and PLO and a lying Nazi propagandist financed by Irish bankers like the Guinness family which are married with the Jewish Rothschilds. Christy Kinahan and Jay O’Connor are high level international Irish mob bosses and are extremely murderous. It’s been reported that Christy Kinahan and his son have residences in Dubai and are worth over a billion.

The Irish Mafia in the United States have seniority over the Aryan Brotherhood as the oldest recognized criminal organization. The Irish mob has mostly evolved into white collar crime. The remaining Irish mobsters are the strong arm and the Aryan Brotherhood are their street soldiers. The Irish Earls of Winterton oversees the Winter Hill Gang of Boston, Massachusetts. Howie Winter was a co-founder and second boss of the Winter Hill Gang. The Winter Hill Gang infiltrated the FBI with agent John Connolly who was convicted of racketeering and murder. John Connolly is married to Elizabeth Moore a former FBI employee. The Winter Hill Gang takes its name from Winter Hill in Somerville, Massachusetts which takes its name from Irish settlers that took the name Winter as immigrants from the Galway region governed by the Earls of Winterton. The well known Whitey Bulger was a boss of the Winter Hill Gang and he still has some command from prison today. They use imprisoned mob bosses to manage their criminal organizations for their attempt at a societal takeover with imprisoned bosses having the incentive of getting out of prison. Whitey Bulger is extremely evil and ruthless. George Hogan seems to be the still acting boss of the Winter Hill Gang which works with Patriarca crime family of Boston which have their billionaire investor James Pallotta as a co-owner of the Boston Celtics. Donald David Turnour the 8th Earl Winterton, Robert Charles Turnour, Murray John Turnour, and Jonathan Winterton Behan Turnour are current members of the Irish Winterton Peerage. They have established residences in the Toronto area of Ontario, Canada and I believe the Winter Hill Gang have operations in Toronto near the US border. Louis Moore Bacon is of Irish nobility and a billionaire investor that owns Moore Capital Management. He is involved in international money laundering and pay offs for the Kinahan crime syndicate and their North American associates. Moore Capital Management was involved in manipulating settlement prices and insider trading. Investments in fake start up companies are ways they make bribes and it just looks like bad investments. The Rooney family are Irish businessmen that are major owners of the Pittsburgh Steelers and recently owned the Yonkers Raceway which they sold to the MGM. Racetracks are primarily used for fixing bets and money laundering and even making bribes or criminal financing disguised as wins. The Rooney family are married with the Mara family which are owners of the New York Giants and connected with Jesuits. Dan Rooney was US Ambassador to Ireland under Obama. The Rooney family is publicly worth about 1 billion but has large amounts of hidden wealth. Art Rooney II is the head of this family.

The Westies Mafia are still active today and headquartered in Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan. They have a money laundering operation in Atlantic City at Harrah’s hotel and casino. John Bokun as an acting boss. John Bokun was caught transporting large amounts of marijuana through his private jet several years ago. Marijuana trafficking does not depict the real nature of John Bokun. He is extremely oppressive and a top enforcer for the Irish Mafia. The name Bokun means to bend. John Bokun’s job is getting members of the secret societies to bend into submission. John Bokun is a serious threat to all American people. He is extremely arrogant, oppressive, and murderous. Hell’s Kitchen produces some really hellish criminals. There are also several secret societies in Irish Universities known as the Hell Fire Club which were originally headquartered at Montpelier Hill formerly owned by the Massy family. The Westies are partly being overseen by the Earls of Westmeath also in Galway with William Anthony Nugent and his son Sean Charles Weston Nugent. The mother of Prince Valerio Massimo, Prince Tancredi Massimo, and Prince Caesar Massimo is Atalanta Foxwell and she descends from the Sionnaigh family or Fox family of Ireland which ruled in Westmeath. The Lyttelton family of Ireland and England are involved with the Westies. They held the titles of Earls of Westcote. The West End Gang is a powerful Irish Mafia in Canada allied with the Westies. The West End Gang works with the Hells Angels and the Rizzuto crime family. The ruthless billionaire John Grayken is from Boston and owns Lone Star Funds which is used for making bribes and financing criminal agendas. Boston is Winter Hill Gang territory. John Grayken is worth about 6 billion and owns Loan Star Funds which is used for financing criminals like a psychotic gang stalker named James Milikowski who has Irish Traveler lineage. John Grayken moved to Ireland and lives at the former Guinness estate known as Pyrford Court. Pyr means fire similar to the Hell Fire secret society and Hells Kitchen. There is a Hell Fire secret society at the Jesuit Boston College with William Leahy as President. The Hell Fire Club is also in Hells Kitchen with Megyn Kelly as a member. Denis O’Brien is an Irish-Maltese billionaire who was Jesuit educated from Boston College and has business deals with the Clintons. O’Brien has donated at least 10 million to the Clinton Foundation. The Hells Angels which are owned by the House of Windsor are closely allied with Irish Mafia. Hell Angels have infiltrated the trucking industry and are involved in criminal trafficking. The Irish mafia and their associates are the most torturous, murderous, and terroristic group on the planet. They are completely hellish and destructive.

The FitzGerald family are Irish royalty and the top Irish peerage today. They are the highest authority in Ireland. They are loyal to the Vatican and the Black Nobility and also work with British nobility. Current members include Baron Adrian FitzGerald who is a Knight of Malta and the former President of the Irish Association of the Military Order of Malta. The head of the FitzGerald family is Duke Maurice FitzGerald of Leinster and his nephews Hermione FitzGerald and Edward FitzGerald are next in line for the title. The Kennedy family married in with the FitzGerald family with the Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy marrying the Vatican Countess Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald. The Kennedy family were and are closely connected with the mafia with Sam Giancana as a friend of Joseph Kennedy and Frank Sinatra friends with JFK. Carlos Gambino’s daughter Phyllis Gambino-Sinatra married in with the Sinatra family. Edward Kennedy Jr. and John M. Kennedy Jr. are currently US politicians. Joe Kennedy III is a politician as well. Anthony Kennedy is a Supreme Court Justice. The Kennedy family are a top political dynasty in the United States and deeply connected with the Vatican and Knights of Malta as well as ties with the Irish and Italian mafias. The Kennedy’s have authority over a faction of the Democratic Party and are rivals with the Bush family. Mafias are used to blackmail and intimidate people into carrying out their criminal agendas. The FitzGerald Earls of Desmond ruled in Rathkeale, Ireland where they built a fortress. The FitzGerald’s of Desmond have some ownership over the Rathkeale Mafia which are an international Irish crime syndicate consisting of Irish Travelers and are believed to be one of the wealthiest mafias in the world. They are involved in high end thefts and target museums and auction houses including in the UK. Prince Tancredi Massimo who lives in London is also a owner and consiglieri of the Rathkeale Mafia and works as an art appraiser for auction houses. The name Tancredi derives from the words Tank and Rath. Mafias often run rackets at race tracks to fix their bets. J. P. McManus is a wealthy businessman from Ireland that has won millions gambling at racetracks in the United States. J.P. McManus has done shady business deals which were investigated with Dermot Desmond who is an Irish billionaire and banker that covertly works for the FitzGerald Earl’s of Desmond’s royal household. Another Fitzgerald agent Desmond Fitzgerald is the managing director of EBS d.a.c. bank in Ireland. I believe the Irish Mafia and their owners launder much of their criminal profits into gold and keep it concealed in vaults rather than banks.

John Grayken


John Grayken is the founder and owner of Lone Star Funds, a private equity firm based in Dallas, Texas, that focuses on real estate investments.

Since 1995, Grakyen has raised 17 funds and now manages some $70 billion in assets.

Citizenship Ireland

Boston’s Billionaires Club

John Grayken

Proficient in the dark arts of the distressed-assets business, the Lone Star Funds founder has enough money to live wherever he damn well pleases. His list of addresses includes the whole of Cohasset’s Whitehead Island and Millennium Tower’s 13,000-square-foot penthouse (at $33 million, the most expensive condo ever sold in Boston). But those are just part-time pads: After renouncing his U.S. citizenship in 1999 for tax purposes, he now spends most of his time overseas, where he owns a $70 million mansion in London and the sprawling Irish estate featured in the 1976 movie The Omen.

Grayken, who took out Irish citizenship in the early 1990s, now lives in Pyrford Court, according to an SEC filing for Continental Building Products, in which he has disclosed a 51pc stake in recent weeks.

Pyrford Court, in Surrey, is listed as Grayken’s “principal business address”, according to the filings, which also notes “Mr John P Grayken is an Irish citizen”.

Pyrford Court is an Edwardian country pile built in 1910 for the 2nd Lord Iveagh from the Guinness brewing dynasty. The Grade II listed 15-bedroom house sits on 20 acres of farmland.


From Latin pyr, from Ancient Greek πῦρ (pûr, “fire”).

General Massy was descended from HAMON DE MASSEY, one of the companions in arms of WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR, who obtained large grants of the counties of Durham and Cheshire, and was created Baron of Dunham Massey.

The General married Margaret Percy, and had a son,

HUGH MASSY, of Duntrileague, County Limerick

The Killakee estate contained the infamous Hellfire Club on the summit of Montpelier Hill.

In 1878, the total landholdings of the extended Massy/Massey families in Ireland amounted to over 98,000 acres.

James Coonan is considered one of the most violent and ruthless Irish mobsters of all time. He took over the Hell’s Kitchen Irish mob after Mickey Spillane’s 1977 murder. His reign lasted through the mid-1980s.

During his time as boss of the Westies, they gained a reputation as a vicious crew of murderers and came to dominate the drug, extortion, numbers, loansharking and counterfeiting rackets in the area.

James Coonan forged a strong alliance with the Gambino crime family in the late 70s, and Jimmy Coonan and his gang worked for the Gambino Crime Family as a large hit-squad and enforcement squad, for almost a decade.


John Bokun is the current acting boss of the Westies crime syndicate in Hells Kitchen. Several years ago Bokun was arrested for transporting high grade marijuana all over the United States on his private jet. John Bokun is extremely ruthless, murderous, and dangerous.

But on the other side of the Atlantic another group of Irish Westies are in operation – and they are every bit as deadly.

These are the Irish-American gangs of New York, the superstar crimelords making a fortune from their private drugs empires.

Now it’s feared they’re back, under new boss alleged to be John Bokun.

Both Bokun’s uncles, Billy and John, were Westies in New York’s notorious Hell’s Kitchen.

Now the newest gang boss stands accused of using his private jet to smuggle high-grade marijuana across the country in the most sophisticated drug deal the US has ever seen.

Police claim he used his own $50million Dassault Falcon 7X on his dope runs – ferrying the narcotic to dealers at speeds of up to 593mph.

But now the alleged Westies boss has been grounded after he was arrested near New York in a daring customs sting.

US agents were waiting for Bokun when he landed at Farmingdale in Long Island, and pounced after he had unloaded $500,000 (EUR380,000) of marijuana, catching him red-handed.

Police found the cache during raids in October 2012 as part of an investigation into an international drug ring importing up to 75 kilograms of cocaine per week

Maloney is tied to the infamous Irish West End Gang in Montreal.

William Anthony Nugent, 13th Earl of Westmeath

Children of William Anthony Nugent, 13th Earl of Westmeath and Susanna Margaret Leonard

Hon. Sean Charles Weston Nugent2 b. 16 Feb 1965
Hon. Patrick Mark Leonard Nugent2 b. 6 Apr 1966

EARL OF WESTMEATH, a title held in the Irish family of Nugent since 1621.

Howie Winter, the 83-year-old former powerful head of the Winter Hill Gang and the predecessor of gangster James “Whitey’’ Bulger, was arrested Thursday evening on charges of trying to extort two people, the Middlesex district attorney’s office said.

The Winter Hill Gang is a structured confederation of Boston, Massachusetts–area organized crime figures, who are predominantly of Irish and Italian descent. It derives its name from the Winter Hill neighborhood of Somerville, Massachusetts, north of Boston

Eventually they had to go to Patriarca family underboss Gennaro Angiulo to borrow money. To make the weekly payments, they began going into businesses with people they didn’t know and couldn’t trust. These activities included rigging horse races and drug trafficking.

Earl Winterton, in the County of Galway, is a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created in 1766 for Edward Turnour, 1st Baron Winterton, who represented Bramber in the House of Commons. Turnour had already been created Baron Winterton, of Gort in the County of Galway, in 1761,[1] and was made Viscount Turnour, of Gort in the County of Galway, at the same time as he was given the earldom.[2] These titles are also in the Peerage of Ireland.

(Donald) David Turnour, 8th Earl Winterton (b. 1943)

The heir presumptive is the present holder’s younger brother Robert Charles Turnour (b. 1950) The heir presumptive’s heir presumptive is his younger brother Murray John Turnour (b. 1951) The heir presumptive’s heir presumptive’s heir apparent is his son Jonathan Winterton Behan Turnour (b. 1985)

1e. (Donald) David Turnour, later 8th Earl Winterton
2e. Robert Charles Turnour, heir presumptive to the Earldom of Winterton, of 553 Duke Street, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (b. 30 Jan 1950), mar. (1) 1974 (div. 1976) Sheila Stocking, dau. of Garth H Stocking, of Brampton, Ontario, Canada, and (2) 1983 Patricia Ann Avery, dau. of William Avery, of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and has issue by his second wife:

1f. Sarah Elizabeth Turnour (b. 1983)
2f. Meagan Ann Turnour (b. 1985)

3e. Dr Murray John Turnour, of 4 Lansdowne South, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada (b. 6 Feb 1961), mar. 1980 Brenda Jill Behan, dau. of Dr James Alexander Tremayne Behan, and has issue

Denis O’Brien was a guest of the Government at the Global Ireland Forum last weekend. Just as well he was, considering that he flew Bill Clinton to the forum on his private jet.

Clinton Foundation


Donor name

Denis J. O’Brien and Digicel

Billionaire Denis O’Brien

In 1982 he graduated from UCD with a BA in history and politics and a favourable letter from former Fine Gael senator Maurice Manning then helped secure him a scholarship to do an MBA at Boston College.

Grounded in the ideals that inspired our Jesuit founders, Boston College

Denis O’Brien has taken up an address in Malta, the Mediterranean island which charges no tax on assets or income not brought into the jurisdiction.

The move comes as Mr O’Brien is preparing for the flotation of his Caribbean telecoms company, Digicel, on the New York Stock Exchange, a deal that could net him up to €1.5 billion.

Earlier this week, Mr O’Brien resigned, with immediate effect, from the position of deputy governor of the Bank of Ireland

The FitzGerald dynasty (Irish: Ríshliocht Mhic Gearailt or Clann Gearailt) is an Irish Hiberno-Norman or Cambro-Norman royal dynasty. They have been peers of Ireland since at least the 14th century

Sir Adrian FitzGerald is President of the Irish Association of the Knights of Malta, a former mayor of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea and was previously a Chairman of the Governors of the Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School.

Maurice FitzGerald, 9th Duke of Leinster

The original Barony of Desmond in the province of Munster was held by descendants of Thomas FitzMaurice Lord of O’Connelloe. Thomas was a younger son of Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Lanstephan, a key supporter of Lord Pembroke (“Strongbow”) in his 1169 invasion of Ireland. Maurice was the founder of the Cambro-Norman Fitzmaurice and FitzGerald dynasty in Ireland.

Dermot Desmond


Dermot Desmond started his career in finance at Citibank, and later worked for the Investment Bank of Ireland and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Mr. Desmond Fitzgerald, DipMgt, MBA, CDir, FIBI, FSII, serves as managing Director of EBS Limited Mr. Fitzgerald served as Chief Executive of EBS at Allied Irish Banks plc since July 2012. He served as Managing Director of Ulster Bank Retail Banking at Ulster Bank Group since November 2005. He has vast experience of the Irish Financial Services Industry. He has been Executive Director at EBS Limited since June 16, 2012. Mr. Fitzgerald serves as Director of Distribution at EBS Limited (aka EBS Building Society). He served as a Director of Hegarty Financial Management Limited.

Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy, Countess Kennedy (July 22, 1890 – January 22, 1995) was an American philanthropist, socialite, and the matriarch of the Kennedy family.

She was the wife of businessman and investor Joseph P. Kennedy Sr., who was United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, formally known as Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s in the UK. Their nine children included President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, and longtime Senator Ted Kennedy.

Born Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald was born in Boston’s North End on July 22, 1890

While living overseas, the Kennedy family was invited to attend the coronation of Pius XII in March 1939. They enjoyed a private audience with the new Pope. In 1951, she had the rare title of papal countess conferred on her by the Vatican in recognition of her “exemplary motherhood and many charitable works.”

Sinatra was ‘go-between for Mafia and JFK’

Sinatra was chosen for the task “because Kennedy knew dad had access to Sam Giancana“, his daughter said. The Mafia boss agreed to help, indicating that it was all in a day’s work for him.

THE SUPPORTING CAST: DERMOT DESMOND:The man credited with the IFSC idea has featured in two major controversies

In October 1991, a company law inspector, solicitor John Glackin, was appointed to investigate certain complicated dealings involving Desmond and the purchase and sale of the former Johnston Mooney and O’Brien site in Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Although Desmond had represented himself as an intermediary in the sale, Glackin’s report said Desmond and Limerick businessman JP McManus were the major beneficiaries of the sale. The site was sold for £9.4 million to State-owned Telecom Éireann, twice the price that was paid for it one year earlier. Desmond disputed Glackin’s findings.

The United States government has repeated its argument that businessman JP McManus was not a resident of the Republic in 2012 when he won $17.4 million from gambling in the US.

Louis Moore Bacon (born July 25, 1956) is an American investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist. He is currently the founder and chief executive of Moore Capital Management.

Forbes Magazine estimates his net worth to be US$1.81 billion

In 2010, Bacon purchased the Orton Plantation in North Carolina which was built by his ancestor, Roger Moore, son of James Moore, in 1735.[14]

In May 2011, the High Court in London granted Bacon a court order to obtain information from the Wikimedia Foundation, The Denver Post, and WordPress as to the identities of internet users alleged to have defamed him. Legal experts suggested compliance with the orders was unlikely, given the US tradition of freedom of speech, and the fact that US courts typically required “actual evidence or sufficient allegations of libel” before granting similar orders.[16][17]

James Moore (Governor)

He captured and brought back to Carolina as slaves thousands of Apalachee Indians.

Little is known of James Moore’s origins. During his life he was said to be a son of Roger Moore (also known as Rory O’Moore or Ruairí Óg Ó Mórdha), leader of the Irish Rebellion of 1641

LONDON (Reuters) – A former trader at U.S. hedge fund Moore Capital was sentenced to 19 months in jail by a London court on Thursday after becoming the third man to plead guilty in Britain’s largest insider dealing investigation.

Washington, DC — The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today issued an order filing and simultaneously settling charges that Moore Capital Management, LP (MCM), Moore Capital Advisors, LLC (MCA), both based in New York, N.Y., and Moore Advisors, Ltd. (MA), a Bahamian entity (collectively Moore Capital), attempted to manipulate the settlement prices of platinum and palladium futures contracts on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). The CFTC also filed and settled charges that MCM failed to diligently supervise the handling of MCM’s commodity interest business.

A new play based on interviews with James Hewitt could reignite rumours that the former Army officer fathered Prince Harry during an affair with Princess Diana.

The Aryan Brotherhood often use the clover and swastika together as a symbol and in this image uses the Irish flag colors. The clover is a common symbol in Ireland. The name Ireland derives from Aryan invaders that called the land Aryland. They invaded the Celtic tribes that were already settled there. Ancient Aryans tended to have red hair. In ancient Aryan mythology Ares the Greek deity of war was their father and these Aryans were located around ancient Persia and Greece.

The rapper Action Bronson whose birth name is Ariyan Arslani works with the Aryan Brotherhood and their owners. His parents obviously named him Ariyan for his red hair. Ariyan Arslani is Jewish-Muslim and Albanian. The Hellbanianz are an Albanian Mafia in the UK that are overseen by Prince Stefano Massimo and his sons. Ariyan Arslani commands a US faction of Hellbanianz. The Irish Mafia and Albanian Mafia work together and are both under the authority of the Italian Mafia and its owners. Action Bronson or Ariyan Arslani works for the television channel Viceland which is owned by the billionaire Irish Hearst family.

Hearst family


William R. Hearst III now chairs the modern day Hearst Corp., which owns 46 newspapers, 340 magazines around the globe and valuable stakes in cable TV channels ESPN, Lifetime and A&E. Under the leadership of CEO Steven Swartz, Hearst Corp., with $10 billion in revenues, has invested in new cable channel, VICELAND and bought a majority stake in medical software firm MedHOK.

Number of Family Members 67


Prince Harry dressed up as a Nazi. Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.

A holocaust is a religious animal sacrifice that is completely consumed by fire. The word derives from the Ancient Greek holokaustos (ὁλόκαυστος from ὅλος “whole” and καυστός “burnt,_Duke_of_Sussex#/media/File:Coat_of_Arms_of_Harry,_Duke_of_Sussex.svg

Prince Harry’s coat of arms includes the Irish harp and red lion which are included in the Royal Standard coat of arms of the United Kingdom

Ken O’Keefe is a former Marine, US citizen, human shield in Iraq, and activist on board the Mavi Marvara. He renounced US citizenship at the US Embassy in Vancouver, Canada. on March 1, 2001. Now holding Irish, Hawaiian & Palestinian citizenship

The first direct talks between the IRA and the Nazis began in 1937, when Tom Barry, the then chief-of-staff, travelled to Germany.

As a wave of IRA bombs exploded across English cities on 16 January 1939, it didn’t take the Abwehr long to act. In early February it dispatched one of its agents, Oscar Pfaus, to Dublin to meet the IRA leadership.

Jailed Boston mobster‘s gang ‘smuggled weapons to the IRA in coffins’

Jon Swaine reports on Boston mobster James ‘Whitey’ Bulger’s connections to the Irish Republican Army

Kinahan cartel under surveillance in Dubai after senior member met Italian mafia boss there

Daniel Kinahan, son of Christy Kinahan Snr, has made the Emirati state home for the last six months due to the Garda and European crackdown on the cartel.

The younger Kinahan has been seen, on numerous occasions, dining in Dubai hotels with one of the leading members of the ‘Ndrangheta – a feared mafia gang based in Calabria in Italy.

Crime boss Christy Kinahan is now worth more than €1billion and has bought a huge cargo ship to courier drugs around the world.

The vessel is capable of carrying hundreds of 40ft containers loaded with contraband to dozens of countries.

The drug lord is using the ship to deliver legitimate goods such as cars and fruit – along with narcotics and guns worth millions of euro.

It is understood the “Dapper Don” registered the ship in Liberia, West Africa, and the vessel is difficult for authorities to track down.,3267399

Moyne Taught Arabs Racism, Says Prof. Yehuda”.

The Sionagh family has descended from Ilesius of Spain through the line of his son, Lieremon; the founder of the family was Maine, ancestor of the Southern Hy Nials and the son of Nial of the Nine Hostages, King of Ireland AD 379. The ancient name is CAHANEY and signifies “the fox;” the possessions of the clan were located in the present counties of Donegal and Westmeath.


Atalanta Foxwell and her son Prince Valerio Massimo

London Crime Firms, Adams Crime Family, Gold Heists, Prince Tancredi Massimo, Irish Rathkeale Mafia, Art Heists, Christies Auction House, Massimos, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking, Silvio Scaglia, Model Agencies, Felixstowe Port





  1. This woman Alison McCarthy is a cyber terrorist involved in criminal internet censorship and she is working for the Irish Mafia along with the Chairman of Pepper Hamilton
    Thomas M. Gallagher. This psychotic woman is attempting to claim ownership over my image and my writings. She is involved in censoring information. She is violating free speech and is involved in cyber stalking. The picture of me here on my profile she is claiming to own and she is working with John Hennessy who is a board member for Google or Alphabet Inc. These people are completely insane. Her motivation is censoring out information about organized crime and human trafficking. They are attempting to patent my writings and even the picture of my avatar and then digitally marks them for censorship by illegally tracking me.

    Alison L. McCarthy is of counsel with Pepper Hamilton LLP, resident in the Boston office. Ms. McCarthy practices in the Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Group, where she is primarily focused on patent litigation. Specifically, she routinely handles many aspects of patent litigation, from discovery disputes, to claim construction briefing and hearings, to trial. Ms. McCarthy has participated in two trials before the International Trade Commission representing plaintiffs in patent-based Section 337 investigations.

    Ms. McCarthy also prosecutes patent applications in the high-tech arena and handles various aspects of IP due diligence and licensing. Recently, Ms. McCarthy worked to complete a complex patent sale and license agreement that involved a portfolio of over 200 patents. She has drafted and negotiated numerous patent licenses and purchase agreements, often in the context of settlement of patent litigation. Ms. McCarthy also has experience in managing patent portfolios for clients located in both the U.S. and abroad, and has worked with patents in a broad range of technologies, including wireless communication, subsea equipment, digital imaging technology, fiber optic cable connectors, as well as medical devices.

    With respect to IP diligence, Ms. McCarthy has conducted in-depth reviews of patent portfolios for companies wishing to maximize the value of their portfolios, whether by asserting existing patent rights, or for the purpose of selling patents and portfolios to other parties. Ms. McCarthy also has assisted in providing due diligence for venture capital funds and other investors interested in understanding patent value and potential intellectual property opportunities from the sale or purchase of intellectual property assets.

    Ms. McCarthy recently served as adjunct professor for a trademarks and unfair competition course at New England School of Law.


  2. Hi, Do you know anything about the Irish origins??? Were they the Norman-Vikings? (red hair) – or were they the Khazar (some commenters have said this, I have no idea).
    And the Britons (Welsh/Cornish), and the English (Anglo-Saxons) – did they come from the same place as the Irish? People like David Icke say they were all Phoenicians?


    • Irish take their name from Aryan and likely the Arae Tribe. The Irish are Aryans from the Iranian region connected with the Alani people. Celtics were Cilicians and different from Irish Aryans and were living in what is called Ireland with Galatians and Gaelics before the Aryans migrated there. Aryans generally had red hair. Normans are part Nordic people that settled in lower parts of Europe like France. Vikings were a Scythian group similar to the Alani that also invaded into the Nordic region and subverted the Nordic culture the same way the Aryans subverted the Celtic culture. I believe the Vikings were originally the Valhika Scythian tribe of Northern India that migrated north and mixed in with Aryans.

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