House of Magicians

The English Breakspear family are part of an Illuminati clan that originated in Italy taking their name from the Lancellotti family. Lance means spear and rotti means to break. Lancerotti is another Italian variation of the more commonly used Lancellotti family name. The Lancellotti family has southern Italian branches with the Lanza family of Sicily and the Lancellotti family of Campania which later merged with the Massimo family of Rome. The Breakspear family produced the only English pope in history Pope Adrian IV or Nicolas Breakspear. Pope Adrian IV issued the papal bull Laudabiliter ordering the Normans in England to invade Ireland which they did and bring it under Papal-Roman authority which they also did. This is why Ireland is predominantly Roman Catholic today. Pope Adrian IV crowned the Holy Roman Emperor Frederik I and had the priest Arnold of Brescia executed for opposing Roman Papal authority. Cardinal Boso Breakspeare was a relative of Pope Adrian IV and was both Italian and English. There is still a Breakspear family in England today. The musician Cindy Breakspeare fathered Damian Marley with Bob Marley. Many famous actors and musicians are related with nobility. This is why they allowed to become famous.

Breakspear or Lancellotti is also where the character of Lancelot comes from in the Legend of Arthur. The House of Maggi were a nobility from the commune in Brescia, Italy right next door to the commune of Merlino all within the province of Lodi and region of Lombardy. Joey Merlino is the boss of the Philly Mob today and likely related with the Maggi or Melzi families. The Melzi family ruled as the Dukes of Lodi with Benigno Melzi d’Eril the 8th Duke of Lodi and 17th Count of Magenta as the current head of this family. Franceso Melzi d’Eril is an Italian movie producer with many connections in Hollywood. Sorcery is about deception. Mafia bosses are highly skilled liars and manipulators. Magi or Maggi means a magician or wizard just as Merlin like Merlino was a wizard in the Arthurian legend. The Maggi family of Brescia settled in Switzerland and became wealthy after Julius Maggi merged his Maggi soup and seasonings company with Nestle. The Maggi family also settled in Brazil establishing the Amaggi Soybean Group owned by Blairo Maggi who is worth about 960 million. These Illuminati bloodlines are ancient and they go back for thousands of years. The Maggi family likely go back to Persia and India and derive their name from Majhi and Maji. Magi is the term used for the followers of Zoroastrianism which derived from Persia and Iran.

Vallemaggia is an Italian speaking Canton in Ticino, Switzerland near the Italian border with Maggia as a municipal district. The Magi family are the continuation of the Magia gentile family of ancient Rome which likely settled up in Switzerland during the fall of the Roman Empire. In the Book of Matthew myrrh pronounced like “mer” is an herb that was given as a gift by the three magi or three wise men. Herbs and chemicals are used in sorcery for inducing trance like states that enable mind control or bewitchment. Myrrh can be ingested or used like an incense and is likely being added into food and wine covertly to enhance their witchcraft. Myrrh is where the name of the Druid wizard Merlin derives from. Druids similar to wizards used holly wood. Mark Breakspear is a Hollywood special effects designer and Michael Breakspear is an Australian neuroscientist who specializes in studying oscillating wave patters and their effects on the brain. They are sorcerers involved in Hollywood and psychology. The Breakspear family in London own a crematorium and are working with the Massimo family of Roccasecca which moved to London. The Lancellotti family of Italy merged a family branch with the Massimo family. Prince Ludovico Massimo-Lancellotti and Prince Ascanio Massimo-Lancellotti are members of this family along with Prince Filippo Massimo-Lancellotti as the head of this bloodline and the top architect of illusions.


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