Gaetani Crime Family

The Gaetani or Caetani family are a bloodline of the Black Nobility and part owners of the Italian Mafia. Their ancestry goes back to the Tribe of Getae in the Black Sea region which moved into Rome establishing the Duchy of Gaeta. The Getae were originally from the Massagetae clan of Scythia. The Massimo and Gaetani families both originated from this clan. They migrated into Italy and mixed in with Roman gentile families like the Maximii, Catii, and Anicii families. The Cattaneo family of Genoa and Naples also have a similar ancestry as the Gaetani or Caetani family. Prince Bonifacio Gaetani-Dell’Aquilla-d’Aragona is a member of this nobility and is married to Ginevra Elkann of the Agnelli-Elkann billionaire family. The Gaetani family are part owners of the Gambino crime family through the Gotti family. Gotti means Goth and the Gothic tribes were often connected with the Getae tribe and Geats of Gotland that settled up in Scandinavia. The Goths and Gaeta have been intermixed for thousands of years. The Gaetani family also established the Gatti-Grami family of Lombardy in northern Italy likely through a marriage with the Gotti family. The earliest documented Gotti was Vincenzo Gotti from northern Italy during the 16th century and he migrated to Rome and then to Naples. The Gotti family of the Gambino crime family originated in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Naples. Prince Roffredo Gaetani dated Ivana Trump and is friends with Donald Trump. Donald Trump has several connections with the Italian Mafia and Gambino crime family like using the mafia lawyer Roy Cohn and using the Genovese-Gambino owned S&A Concrete to build his Trump Towers in Manhattan. Prince Roffredo Gaetani paid off people on the internet to spread rumors that he died which is not true. I believe he is living in Switzerland and northern Italy.

The Gaetani family had two popes with Pope Gelasius II or Giovanni Gaetani of the 11th century and Pope Boniface VIII or Benedetto Gaetani of the 13th century. Pope Boniface VIII was taken out of power for opposing the French monarch which was allied with the Colonna family of Rome. The Gaetani family have often conflicted with the older families of the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility have run the foreign monarchs as proxies which they use against their rivals. In more recent centuries the Gaetani family have married in with the House of Colonna. The family have been the Dukes of Sermoneta in Lazio, Italy. This family gained more power by marrying in with the Aragona family of Spain which ruled in Sicily establishing the Gaeatani-d’Aragona name. They became the Dukes of Laurenzana a town in southern Italy. Onorato Gaetani was a mayor of Rome in the 19th century and Prince Michelangelo Gaetani was a governor of Rome and gained more power by supporting the House of Savoy. Michelangelo’s daughter established the Gaetani-d’Aragona-Lovatelli family branch today with Prince Roffredo Gaetani-d’Aragona-Lovatelli and Prince Gelasio Gaetani-d’Aragona-Lovatelli. Prince Gelasio Gaetani refers to himself as the “Wizard of Wine” and he is involved in trafficking of adrenochrome and human blood. Prince Onorato Gaetani was Minister of Foreign Affairs in Italy during the 20th century and his son Prince Leone Gaetani worked in the Italian government and traveled to the Mid East making various connections. Leone’s mother was Lady Constance Adela Bootle-Wilbraham of British nobility and Leone later moved to Canada. Ndrangheta clans have large operations in Canada. The financier Prince Andrea Cattaneo-Della Volta founded Zenith Energy which is headquartered in Canada and does business in Azerbaijan. The Cattaneo family of Naples are covert managers of some Ndrangheta and Camorra clans.

The House of Gaetani have part shares in the businesses of the Caltagirone family with Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone worth over 2 billion. The Caltagione family own Cementir Holding which runs subsidiaries involved with international cement production with a large operation in Scandinavia. Flavio Cattaneo is a board member of Cementir. The Cattaneo family are a similar bloodline that ruled in Genoa with Prince Carlo Gregorio Catteneo and Prince Andrea Cattaneo-Della Volta as current members. The Cattaneo family operated as debt collectors for Genoese bankers. The Italian Mafia has been continually connected with concrete, cement, and construction companies. They use these types of businesses for disposing of bodies and also so they can construct hidden ways to infiltrate into buildings for espionage, assassinations, and extortion. In Italy the mafias like Ndrangheta have constructed entire towns with hidden passage ways, underground bunkers, and tunnels for hiding out, escaping, and storing drugs, weapons, and contraband. Michele Zagaria was a top boss for Camorra and was found hiding in a reinforced bunker under his home. Ndrangheta boss Francesco Pesce was found living in a bunker underneath a junkyard and equipped with high tech surveillance and a trap door. The Gaeatani family are top management and command over the international Ndrangheta clans and they manage the gatekeepers which protect the Black Nobility and higher level mafias. Ndran-gheta like Gaeta. The Gaetani family manage mid level Black Nobility which operate as gatekeepers for high level families like the Savoy, Massimo, Colonna, Torlonia families. They also manage gatekeepers for Switzerland and the Bank for International Settlements which is financing their criminal agenda and their attempt at taking over. Gaetani refers to gate.




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