International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS)

MI6 also called Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) created and controls the ISIS program which is really International Secret Intelligence Service with intelligence agencies all around the world involved like the CIA headed up by the tormentor Gina Haspel, Mossad headed up by the murderer Yossi Cohen, GID of Saudi Arabia headed up by Khalid bin Ali Al Humaidan, and CNI of Spain headed up by Felix Sanz Roldan. Alex Younger is the head of MI6 and former MI6 head John Sawers works as a corporate international intelligence agent for Macro Advisory Partners. The British Crown established the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Treaty of Jeddah and Treaty of Darin. All of the heads of MI6 are knighted by the British Crown because they serve the British royal family. MI6 is leading this criminal ISIS operation and involved with staging terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States. MI6 and the CIA also financed billions of dollars to the Mujahedeen along with the Pakistani intelligence creating Al-Qaeda. The intelligence agencies then carried out 9/11 and disproportionately linked their Al-Qaeda creation with the Taliban and invaded Afghanistan. The CIA and MI6 have been openly cultivating and internationally trafficking Afghani opium which gets processed into heroin. The CIA and MI6 created the same type of Mujahedeen program in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon known as ISIS which is connected with the German-Nazi established Hezbollah. “ISIS” in the Mid East is used for destabilization and conflict as an excuse to bomb Syria for the purpose of controlling Route M5 which leads into Israel. The British Crown established their modernized Israel after seizing the land under the British law of Mandatory Palestine. Aleppo is on Route M5 and they want to control the criminal trafficking networks that lead into Israel. Within Europe and the United States the ISIS program is more artificial and staged. Western intelligence agencies staged the ISIS beheading videos however there are Islamic militant groups that really do behead people in the Mid East. The Nation of Islam, Five Percent Nation, and Muslim Brotherhood are Mujahadeen organizations inside the United States and work with the intelligence agencies.

The Belgian royal family were exposed for their tax schemes on the United States so MI6 staged the Brussels Bombings as an excuse to increase security for the Belgian royal family and their corrupt bankers. Jaak Raes is the head of the Belgian VSSE intelligence agency and was involved in the staged Brussels Bombings. The Treaty of London established the Kingdom of Belgium and appointed the House of Windsor’s cousins the Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family as the head of Belgium. The 1871 District of Columbia Organic Act established Washington DC as a municipal corporate state based on debts owed to foreign entities like the Kingdom of Belgium, Irish government, and Hudson’s Bay Company. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basel Switzerland is in contract with the US government and most central banks around the world through fraudulent tax contracts like continuations of the Belgian Scheldt Dues and siphons off wealth. The money is then transferred and laundered into private Swiss bank accounts. Prince Lorenz of Belgium is married into the Belgian royal family and has worked as a banker in Rome, Paris, and London. Prince Lorenz of Belgium is a managing partner for Gutzwiller Bank which is located in Basel Switzerland right near the Bank for International Settlements and he is managing the private accounts of the royal and noble families of Europe who are stealing from the central banks. Once this was all exposed MI6 staged the ISIS bombings in Brussels as reason to increase security for the royal family and their bankers. The House of Windsor are controlling MI6 or SIS which is headed up by the wicked British Knight of the Order of St. Michael and St. George Alex Younger. An Islamic US Marine and human trafficker in the New Haven region named Alex Alvarez works for MI6 through Yale’s Skull and Bones and he is an Islamic terrorist involved in assassinations, threats, and human trafficking. MI6 commands CIA agents through British Crown universities like Yale and Harvard. Former CIA director Mike Pompeo serves Alex Younger through his Harvard education. Former CIA director Porter Goss, former deputy director David Cohen, and General Counsel for the CIA Courtney Simmons Elwood serve MI6 through their education from Yale.


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