Torlonia Banking Mafia

The House of Torlonia are the top bankers on the planet and are the Vatican’s treasurers. The Torlonia family are overseeing the United States Treasury through Rome’s network of power and also oversee private Swiss bank accounts of the Italian nobility. The French word “Tor” means tower and the Torlonia family have French ancestry. Lonia is like loan. The Torlonia name represents loan tower. The family is overseeing the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland which is designed as a tower and is stealing wealth from the central banks around the world through fraudulent tax contracts. The BIS is also financing criminals with pay offs disguised as investments and loans. The Vatican and Swiss Cantons have been in contract for centuries and this is why the Swiss Guard protects the Vatican City State today. The Geneva flag uses a key symbol similar to the papal keys on its coat of arms along with the Jesuit logo. The UBS Bank which was partly created by the Warburg family also uses these keys for its logo. M.M. Warburg & Company has operations in Switzerland. Switzerland and Vatican City are the only two nations on the planet that use the square shaped flag. Switzerland is like a Papal State. The Torlonia family hold titles of Princes of Fucino and they are the founders and owners of Banca Fucino with Prince Giulio Torlonia as a board member and the recently deceased Prince Allesandro Torlonia as the former president of the bank. One of the Fucino Bank branches operates out of the Palazzo Borghese. The Torlonia family which are the Princes of Civitella-Cesi are the covert owners of the Civella crime family of Kansas City and co-owners of the LaRocca crime family of Pittsburg along with the Borghese and Rocco di Torrepadula families. The La Torre Camorra mafia clan of Mondragone is operating in the UK and is owned by the Borghese and Torlonia families. Johnny Torrio was a mafia agent of the Torlonia family and took over the Chicago Mob for a period of time. Johnny Torrio created the Big Seven a name of an old mafia alliance. The Torlonia family have a seven pointed star on their coat of arms. The Torlonia family are married with the Spanish House of Bourbon and have part ownership of the Juarez Cartel which have a network with the Civella crime family and are covertly operating in Texas. Prince Marino Torlonia’s grandfather was King Alfonso XIII of Spain.

The House of Torlonia of Fucino intermarried with the Borghese banking family of Rome. Princess Marcella Borghese who died in 2002 lived in Switzerland and was in business with Revlon which produced her Borghese line of cosmetics. The Borghese family have established a branch in the United States with Don Giovanni Borghese, Don Ferdinando Borghese, and Allegra Borghese and they own the Castello di Borghese Vineyards in Long Island. Prince Francesco Borghese and his son Prince Lorenzo Borghese who was on the show the Bachelor also have a residence in the United States. Prince Lorenzo Borghese acts as their public relations. Duke Leopold Torlonia is a Knight of Malta. Pope Paul V or Camillo Borghese founded the Bank of the Holy Spirit in 1605 and it more recently merged with Banca di Roma which merged with Capitalia and then merged with Unicredit and went into contract with Santander, Warburg Pincus, and General Atlantic. These contracts ended in July 2016 right after it was exposed. Unicredit is a popular bank in Europe and its headquarters is located in Rome. The House of Torlonia is also intermarried with the Javal banking family of France and the royal family of Luxembourg which are heavily involved in banking. The Torlonia family were a branch of the Conti di Siegni family of Italy that moved to France and intermarried with French Alsacien bankers before returning to Italy as the House of Torlonia. The Conti family had a family branch in Venice where the Warburg or Del Banco family originated just as their Unicredit proxy was in contract with Warburg Pincus. Max Warburg is a top banker in Germany today and works as Managing Director of M.M. Warburg & Company. The Torlonia family have deep connections with French bankers and recently married into the royal family of Luxembourg. Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg’s wife is Princess Sibilla Torlonia and Prince Guillaume has also worked for the International Monetary Fund. Luxembourg’s former Minister of Finance Luc Frieden was Chairman for the Board of Governors of the IMF and World Bank Group. Banking in Luxembourg is private just like in Switzerland. The ancient House of Luxembourg were the Kings of Bohemia. The Torlonia family are the Princes of Civitella-Cesi. Civetta is the Italian word for owl. Top Conservative politicians have a yearly gathering at Bohemian Grove in California where they make mock human sacrifices to a giant owl.

The name Borghese or Bourgeoisie refers to a walled city and the people of these cities were usually bankers and merchants rather than farmers. The House of Borghese have a dragon on their coat of arms and they live in Rome and had dozens of fiefdoms in the Papal States. They are patricians of Venice as well. The Torlonia-Borghese family of Fucino married with the Del Drago family and their name means “of the dragon.” The Del Drago family are a Black Nobility of Viterbo. Anna Del Drago married Prince Alessandro Torlonia of Fucino and his grandfather was a Borghese. Marquis Ferdinando Filippo Del Drago is the current head of this family along with Prince Filippo del Drago-Marescotti and Princess Alessandra del Drago-Marescotti. Drago is similar to the name Draghi. Mario Draghi was born in Rome, was Jesuit educated from the Massimo Institute, and he is one of the most powerful bankers in society as President of the European Central Bank. Mario Draghi is also on the board of directors for the BIS and a member of the Group of Thirty. Mario Draghi, Fabio Panetta, and Ignazio Visco are all from Italy and all directly tied to Rome and board directors for the Bank for International Settlements. Benito Mussolini rented the Torlonia Villa in Rome from the Torlonia family. Prince Junio Valerio Borghese was a naval commander under Mussolini. These banking families are financing and directing fascist secret societies in the United States. The Torlonia family also hold the continual position of Prince Assistant to the Papal Throne at the Vatican City. The Borghese family have part ownership of the Philly Mob and share ownership of the Pittsburg crime family with the Torlonia family. The Borghese are princes in Sicily through a marriage with the Paterno-Manganelli family. Today the Borghese family own the Palazzo Manganelli in Sperlinga, Sicily. The Borghese family are also part owners of the Magliana Mafia in Rome. Members of the Torlonia crime family include Prince Giovanni Torlonia the VII Prince of Civitella-Cesi, Prince Marino Torlonia, Prince Giulio Torlonia, Duke Leopoldo Torlonia, Prince Guido Torlonia, Princess Ines Theodoli-Torlonia, Count Alessandro Lequio-Torlonia, Count Alex Lequio-Torlonia and of the Borghese crime family is Prince Francesco Borghese, Prince Lorenzo Borghese, Prince Scipione Borghese, Princess Alessandra Borghese, Don Fabio Borghese, Don Giovanni Borghese, Don Ferdinando Borghese, and Allegra Borghese.



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