Pallavicini Crime Syndicate

The Pallavicini family is a top bloodline in the global crime syndicate and they govern Palatine Hill in Rome. They had multiple family branches in Italy and Austria and ancestry that ruled around Athens Greece. They have ruled as princes in Genoa, Milan, Rome, Budapest, and Vienna. They recently married in with the German House of Wurttemberg with Duchess Helene of Wurttemberg married to Marquess Federico Pallavicini. The Pallavicini family married with the Rospigliosi Papal Nobility and also have a branch in London through the Cromwell family. Horatio Pallavicino was a financier for the British Crown and his family merged with the Cromwells through several marriages creating the variant name Paravicini. Charles Vincent Somerset Paravicini is a current member of the British aristocracy. The Pallavicini family ruled over ancient Parthia or Iran and the Pahlavi dynasty that ruled Iran more recently are an ancestral branch of the Pallavicini family. Pahlavi is a term for the ancient Parthian language and where the Pallavicini named derives from. Prince Reza Pahlavi is the head of the Iranian royal family today. Giancarlo Pallavicini from Milan is an economist and worked as an adviser for the Soviet government. Giancarlo Pallavicini specializes in economic globalism. Prince Filippo Rospigliosi is the Earl of Newburgh Scotland and also holds Pallavicini titles in Venice and Genoa while residing in Milan. The Pallavicini coat of arms uses the double headed eagle like Scottish Rite Freemasonry along with a masonic checkerboard pattern. Prince Filippo is a high level Scottish Rite Freemason.

The Prince-Imam Yahya Sergio Yahe Pallavicini of Milan runs ISESCO or Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and he is also the Advisor for Islamic Affairs in Italy. Nasser David Khalili is a Jewish British-Iranian billionaire and Vatican Knight of the Order of St. Sylvester and a Trustee of the City of Jerusalem and he serves the Pallavicini family. There are many international Jewish-Iranian businessmen like the Manocherian, Ghermezian, and Merage families. Mahmoud Khayami is a French-Iranian millionaire residing in London who co-founded the Iran National company and he is also a Knight of the Order of St Sylvester and serving the Pallavicinis. Elvina Pallavicini was known for supporting the United States war on Iraq. Iran and Iraq have been rivals and enemies. This family were the top architects of the US war on Iraq. Prince Moroello Diaz Della Vittoria-Pallavicini and Prince Sigieri Diaz Della Vittoria-Pallavicini are top powers in Rome and the world. The statue on the Palais Pallavicini is holding a harp which refers to their authority over the USAF’s HAARP system used for mass mind manipulation and weather modification. Today Marco Pallavicini is a physics professor at the University of Geneva. The Pallavicini family specialize in radiating the feeling of desolation or abyss through HAARP and other electronic systems. The Pallavicini and Medici families are architects of gang stalking and call their isolate and torture program the “Abomination of Desolation.” The Pallavicini family were originally Genoese bankers and likely have a large amount of shares in the Genoese Banca Carige which was founded in 1482. Banca Carige has about 26 billion in assets.

The Pallavicini family are the owners of Pallavicini-Immobillairie a multi billion dollar real estate development company, Global Wealth Management (GWM) an international finance firm, Armonia which is an investment firm, and they are invested in Greentech through GWM which is involved in renewable energies. GWM is located in Milan, Rome, London, Malta, Geneva, and Luxembourg. Banking is private in Switzerland and Luxembourg. The Pallavicini family have also managed Rottapharm pharmaceuticals and Prelios asset management. Marquis Alfonso Pallavicini of Austria was a top executive for BNP Paribas an international banking group with assets worth nearly 2 trillion. Prince Dominic Pallavicino is a Genoese noble and works with the House of Grimaldi in Monaco. Farhad Moshiri is an Iranian billionaire that lives in Monaco. The Pallavicini family is intermarried with the very wealthy Medici family with Don Guglielmo Pallavicini married to Donna Elvina de Medici del Vascello who was nicknamed the “Queen of the Black Nobility” and her grandchildren are Morello and Sigieri. They also has a large family branch in Budapest called the Csaky-Pallavicini family with various unnamed members. Members of the Pallavicini crime family include Princess Maria Camilla Pallavicini, Prince Sigieri Pallavicini, Prince Moroello Pallavicini, Prince Domenico Pallavicino, Margraf Edouardo Pallavicini, Margraf Alfonso Pallavicini, Margravine Elisabeth Pallavicini, Count Roger Csaky-Pallavicini, Count Thomas Csaky-Pallavicini, Don Diego Pallavicini, Prince Yahya Sergio Yahe Pallavicini, Charles Vincent Somerset Paravicini, Giancarlo Pallavicini, Marco Pallavicini, and Prince Filippo Rospigliosi.




    Mr. Moroello Diaz Della Vittoria Pallavicini serves as a Director at Sodali Ltd., and Immobiliare Toscana Agricola. Mr. Pallavicini serves as a Board Member of GWM and GWM Renewable with interests in the asset management and renewable energy field. He served as a Director of Prelios S.p.A. since October 16, 2015. He is also Chairman of the Italian Historic Property Association (ADSI), institution that preserve private historic properties in Italy.

    Mr. Sigieri Diaz Della Vittoria Pallavicini is the Founder of Armonia Sim. He also serves as the Founder and Managing Partner at GWM Group. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and Member of Management Board at Greentech Energy Systems A/S since November 2010 until October 29, 2014. Mr. Pallavicini served as the Chief Investment Officer of Rottapharm S.p.A. He serves as Vice Chairman of Rottapharm S.p.A. and has been its Director since 2004. He served as a Director of Sodali Ltd. He served as a Director of Banca Finnat Euramerica S.p.A. until April 29, 2009. He graduated in Economics at the University of Rome, he is specialized in International Finance.

    Mr. Alfonso Pallavicini served as Head of Europe at BNP Paribas Corporate & Investment Bank. From 1992 to 2011, Mr. Pallavincini worked for BNP Paribas where he held various management positions in the Corporate Finance and Coverage departments. He served as Head of Coverage and Territories Europe at BNP Paribas SA since January 2006. Mr. Pallavicini served as the Head of the corporate group within CTE where he joined in 1992. He was an Investment Professional at Cobepa S.A. He started his career with Deutsche Bank in the M&A sector. Mr. Pallavicini serves as a Non-Executive Director of HOLDING SOCOTEC – S.A.S., Princess Yachts, Socotec, International SOS, and BNP Paribas ZAO Russia.

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  2. I don’t understand the Palavicini’s position on the Reformation as well as Oliver Cromwell’s. If the Pallavicinis had Popes in their bloodlines, who were the Popes? Why did they change sides? And how is it that the Cromwells have chosen to intermarry them?


    • I never said they had Popes. They married in with the Rospigliosi and Medici families which did have Popes and through these marriages inherited princely titles in Rome or Lazio.


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